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One Girl's Fight.

Novel By: ladygothicka

Tamara Wakefield is an eighteen-year-old girl who just wants to be loved. But when she moves to The Glades to house-sit for a couple of months, will love finally show itself? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 5, 2010    Reads: 313    Comments: 7    Likes: 10   

"Dahling, I'm so excited!" Jez squealed at me down the phone. "You will love it here. There's so many cute boys here, and more than a few that are potential Mr Right material for you!"

"Jez, I don't want a man in my life. They're way more trouble than they're worth." I sighed back. Jez never seemed to understand that guys just got scared off after a while. Relationships always became intense when I started dating, mostly due to my unswerving faith in happy-ever-after endings. Naturally, all of them ended and I kept vowing never to date again … until the next guy asked me out. Call me a glutton for punishment, but I just kept getting involved with jerks. One major reason for me to move to The Glades, a boys' grammar school with mixed sixth form. The other reason I was moving was because of my Aunt Jane.

Six months ago, Aunt Jane had met - and married - Scott Wainwright, a local plumber. They were off to the Seychelles for a two month honeymoon, and - being the loving niece that I am - I'd offered to house-sit for her. Now, all I needed to do was pack …

Jez was still squealing down my ear. "… and there's this guy called Nate who I swear could be The One for you. Come on, sweetie, let me set you up at least once in your lifetime! You know I'll pout if you don't …"

"Oh, all right, Jez." I grinned. "Now please let me pack or I'll never get to Aunt Jane's."

"Oh! Don't forget that gorgeous LBD from Miss Selfridge, oh - and the foxy lingerie from Agent Provocateur that I got you last year. I don't want you looking 'blah', darling." Jez reminded me. I hung up, laughing. Jez always did that - made me wear stuff I'd never otherwise wear.

Six hours later, I'd parked on Aunt Jane's driveway. Her Corvette had gone, but she'd left the key under the flowerpot as usual. I let myself in and saw a Post-It stuck to the wall. Good old Aunt Jane, I thought, wandering over to read it.

Hey sweetie, it read. Scott and I have jetted off or we'd have missed the flight. Sorry we missed you, but we left you enough food for the week and there's enough money for you to buy stuff the rest of the time you're here. Nate and Jamie promised to show you 'round the school, so you won't get lost, and Randi's across the road so you won't get lonely. Love you lots, honey, Jane and Scott xxx

I smiled at her forward planning, then heard a knock on the door. I turned around and saw Jez and Randi standing there, grinning at me. Squealing, I hugged the pair of them tight. Randi was taller than I remembered, with her blonde hair now in a pixie crop. Jez, of course, hadn't changed a bit. Almost as soon as I released him, he was striding off to retrieve my case from the pick-up.

"You only brought one case?" Randi asked me incredulously.

"And my ruckie, but I got that in already." I added. "I'm only here for 2 months, hon! Oh, yeah, who are Nate and Jamie? Jane said they'd be showing me 'round tomorrow."

"Nate is divine, darling. Your perfect match, in fact. Tall, dark and handsome." Jez gushed, dumping my case in the hall. "And I bet he's a 6-incher, as well." he added triumphantly. "As for Jamie, I haven't a clue other than he's blonde."

"Neither of them sound good, Jez." I told him as we dragged my case up to my room. "Anyway, I already said I don't want a guy in my life right now. If you're gonna set me up with someone, don't set me up with them."

"OK." Jez said, pouting a little. "Oh! What about -" and here he mouthed something at Randi, who grinned and nodded. I shook my head at the pair of them, then started to unpack.

"Tell you what, how about we drag you out for dinner and a partay? Show you the residents, kinda thing?" Jez suggested after a while.

"Sure thing! Foxy, glam, sexy … how should I dress?" I asked. Jez thought for a bit, then grinned.

"Sexy. Definitely sexy."

"You're on! And Jez, you're doing my hair and makeup. I've forgotten how to." I grinned, blowing him a kiss as I sidled to the bathroom. "Randi, can you be a real sweetie and pick out a sexy outfit for me?"

"Certainly will do!" she called back as I closed the bathroom door and switched on the shower. I grinned to myself. Tonight was gonna be good.


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