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Fighting Fate

Novel By: lala1

Victoria Jacobs was the perfect person everyone enjoyed being around but no one bothered to remember. But no one knows that Victoria is not as perfect as she seems. Hiding a very dangerous secret, she has everyone fooled. Mark Stenworth always had a dream until life events led him another way. Now in a small town, he settles down to a life he is sure will be dreary like his past one, the way he wants it. But maybe there is more than meets the eye. When events bring these two together, will they change each other’s lives and tell the hidden sides? Will their pasts keep them apart? Could one note change everything? And if so, is it for the better? View table of contents...

Submitted:Feb 14, 2012    Reads: 1,645    Comments: 42    Likes: 22   

Hi Everyone! Before I begin, I would like to thank you for checking out my first novel. Please feel free to leave any comments or criticism, positive or negative. Though I do ask if there are negative comments for a bit of explanation more than this sucks so I can make changes. Otherwise, this will be an interesting journey. Thank you for reading my work and please enjoy. : )


"Marissa you cannot possibly be serious about this! Just think logically about it. If you take off where are you going to go? Who is going to protect you? Here we can at least do something, we can watch out for you…hire a million body guards if we have to…" Connor was emphatic trying to convince his mother-in-law as he paced the room.

She smiled sympathetically. "You know you and Victoria mean the world to me, especially after everything with Lauren. But this has to be done now. The time has come. I cannot put it off."

He sat down thinking hard. Even though she was his mother-in-law, she had cared and treated him better than his own mother. And he knew the time would come eventually. He just wished it wasn't now.

He looked up at her. "Isn't there something I can do?"

She stood up walking over the cradle. "Yes, there is and you have an important responsibility." She picked up a lock of the baby's hair and gently stroked her cheek, the caress causing her to suck her thumb. She would miss this little one so much. There was so much of her growing up she wanted to see but couldn't.

She looked back seriously at him. It had taken him years to get used to that look. The woman could probably scare the Grim Reaper with that glance. "Watch out for her and protect her. People will know but hide as long as you can. Help her and love her." As she moved to her bag "And don't let her forget me."

"Never Marissa never." She did not look at him but nodded her head. She was rifling through her things for her last gift to her granddaughter. She wished she didn't have to pass on the burden and could let her be free but it wasn't a choice. It was not her decision to make.

She pulled out a beautifully wrapped silk red package and gently handed it to Connor."When she reaches the age, she must be given these. From there she will have great responsibilities and many things to face. Be by her side for as long as you can. Keep them safe until then."

She looked back at Victoria one last time, memorizing her perfect face. "I am sorry I have to leave my love. But I will always be with you. Trust me."

She pulled up her hood and picked up her bags, heading out the door. "I'm sorry" she whispered over her shoulder before disappearing into the night, never looking back.


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