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Fighting Fate

Novel By: lala1

Victoria Jacobs was the perfect person everyone enjoyed being around but no one bothered to remember. But no one knows that Victoria is not as perfect as she seems. Hiding a very dangerous secret, she has everyone fooled. Mark Stenworth always had a dream until life events led him another way. Now in a small town, he settles down to a life he is sure will be dreary like his past one, the way he wants it. But maybe there is more than meets the eye. When events bring these two together, will they change each other’s lives and tell the hidden sides? Will their pasts keep them apart? Could one note change everything? And if so, is it for the better? View table of contents...

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"Omg the cake is slightly tilted. And the decorations are still not completely done - only the things that we did yesterday. What the hell am I supposed to do? My life is falling to shambles."

Victoria bit her lip trying not to smile. She patted Mackenzie's shoulder. "Okay you need to calm down. I can't believe I, of all people, am trying to calm someone down. But, nevertheless, you need to chill. This is supposed to be a party and you are supposed to be having a good time today, not stressing out this bad."

Mackenzie sighed. "I know, it's just that there are a lot of important clients coming which means I actually have to act properly and can't be a complete goof ball at my own party. And then there is the fact that my parents are coming. How am I supposed to stop being a klutz?"

Victoria looked up at her quickly. "Your parents? You never mentioned them?"

Mackenzie smiled fondly. "Yea, they are one of the big stressors of the party, more than the clients. My parents and I are very close and growing up, we were the ideal family, right off a family sit-com. Dad was always teaching us to play sports, and mom listened to our heartaches and life problems. As we started getting older, everyone had their own things to do and it seems that we have drifted apart more. I haven't seen them in a while but they promised to be here for this and that's a big deal to me. That's why I am so worried about everything being right."

She fiddled with a flower on the table. "I want them to see how well things are going and yet how important they are in my life." She let out a giggle. "Plus, I am sure they will not miss it just so they can get a chance to congratulate Jason. Goodness knows my mother will gibbs slap him for not telling her."

"Oh right, you did tell me that you and Jason grew up together. I forgot all about that."

Mackenzie rolled her eyes. "Yea we did. He basically lived at my house since he was there all the time, for various reasons." The end had a slight mysterious note to it, but Victoria figured it was her being nostalgic. "Anyways, I think he might be even closer to my parents than I am and they adore seeing him. They are glad that he has been able to accomplish so much in life. And to tell you the truth, I think they are still holding out for us to get back together. Which is why I had to invite the new guy, so that they can see there is a potentially serious relationship with someone else."

Victoria smiled. "Finally! So this means that I get to meet this hot mystery man?"

Mackenzie tilter her head, "How do you know he's hot?"

Victoria gave her a pointed look. "Because this is you we are talking about. You wouldn't date him if he wasn't. And don't even say it's not true, we both know it."

She shrugged. "I'm not denying it."

Victoria folded a paper plate twice and stuck it under the base of the cake, straightening it. "Look you know everything will be fine. Just relax and have a good time. You spent a lot of time planning this to make it perfect on a personal and business level. Now just enjoy it."

Mackenzie smiled. "I guess you are right. And it's going to be a blast with the outfits we got."

"You mean the one you said I had to get or I would manage to ruin your entire birthday party?"

Mackenzie pouted. "Hey, it's my party and I could cry if I wanted to, but I prefer to throw tantrums and use it for guilt power. You know that is the true reason behind celebrating a birthday."

"Yea yea, you know you have sunk to a new level when you are rephrasing the oldies." Victoria showed Mackenzie lightly to get her moving in the right direction. "Sure, whatever you say. Now let's get you ready for this party."

"It's about time we show people how one really celebrates a birthday. It will be a night to never forget."


Mackenzie let her face fall from her business smile to a real one as Victoria walked up to her. Mackenzie continued to wave as more people passed them by while pretending to talk business with Victoria so she would not get interrupted again.

"I love my job, really I do. It's just some days it's so hard to be nice all the time. One guy was just going on and on about how a flower is a flower is a flower and how they are all going to die anyways. I swear people like him make me want to be the only one allowed to drink at my own party." Both girls giggled at that.

Victoria leaned on the table next to her. "Yea well let us just say your Aunt Agnes still hates me as much as ever. She says she can sense the weirdness from me. I made a joke about us all being weird and she said she doesn't associate with the odd types like me." Victoria shrugged. "She always 'senses' something different about me."

Mackenzie laughed. "Don't let it get to you. She was pretty sure I was an alien for the longest time. I am sure she comes so I don't abduct her. Made the mistake of making that joke on year and she still hasn't gotten over it."

Victoria sipped her drink thoughtfully as Mackenzie was looking at her. As she was about to take another sip, Mackenzie interrupted her. "So I decided to invite Mark to my party."

Victoria spat out the mouthful, glad none of it managed to get on her dress. Thank goodness for white wine and not red yet.

Victoria looked up and realized that Mackenzie was still watching her closely, as she tried to be nonchalant about the whole conversation. Oh goodness, what is she up to now?

"Well, why did you do that? I know that you don't know him well and you and Jas had mixed feelings about him the other day…"

Mackenzie looked away from her. "You know, it's not that I dislike him. There is just an edge about him that makes me want to place a caution sign on his head. But it could just be the rocking bod." She pretended to fan herself. "But in reality, anyone could see he was intrigued to see you again, and I thought now would be a good time. Plus, if he is a friend of yours then he should be a friend of ours too."

Victoria shrugged, trying to not thinking about it. I can't change the way things went with him but the question is, do I really want to and why would I even care?

Victoria looked away. "Yea I guess so. He's an interesting person. And would make a good friend. I think. People change so much, you never can really tell."

Mackenzie waved at another client. "Well, maybe that's why it is good to take a chance on people. You will be surprised who is there when you need them most."


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