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Road To Love

Novel By: Lannie

Teaghen and Ryan, are a happy couple, until Ryan's lie catches up with him, a tragic accident, and a lack of hope, may be the end of their relationship or the one thing for them to finally fall in love. View table of contents...


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"Mom this is Teaghen," Ryan said, introducing me to his mother. It was the first time I met her since starting to date Ryan.

"Hello, Teaghen. It is nice to meet you." Sharon said, with a smile on her face. I already was starting to feel a little more comfortable being around his mother. I had been nervous the whole drive out here. I didn't know what was going to happen and it appeared she liked me already.

"Hello, Mrs. Syers."

'Please call me Sharon. So why don't you come sit down and make yourself feel at home."

"Thank you,"

"Ryan, aren't you going to show her around." Sharon asked her son.

"Yes I was going to right away," he said. Ryan led me out of the room and into the hallway. He showed me where his old bedroom, the one he shared with his younger brother Brett. The room was no occupied by his brother. After he gave me a quick tour of his parents house, he took me into the living room where we sat down.

"Your mom seems pretty nice? Do you think she likes me?" I asked Ryan.

"I think she likes you. She usually gets along with everyone. She is a very caring person."

"Why didn't you introduce me to your family before?"

"I just wanted to wait until I got to know you real well," he explained. I nodded hinting I understood his answer. He paused; I assumed it was because he was waiting for me to answer until he broke the silence. "Do you want anything to drink?"

"No, I'm okay,"

"Are you sure? You don't need to be shy."

"I'll let you know if I want something."

Ryan and I proceeded to lie back on the couch to watch some television. He wrapped his arm around me. I felt a lot better inside; he always made me feel comfortable when I was feeling weird or out of place. The comfortable moment was interrupted when a man walked in. I knew right away it had to be Ryan's dad. He looked a lot older then his mother so I could be wrong.

"Ryan, supper will ready in a few minutes," he told him.

"Okay dad, we will be in there in a few," he replied. "My mom likes to eat at the same time everyday."

When we returned to the kitchen, I was surprised at the neatly set table. There was a shiny blue table cloth with six plates, and two sets of forks, knife and spoon. Their was a little bowl off to the side with some kind of liquid in it. Ryan's brother and little sister came into the room moments later. I was introduced to each of them before the rest of the family was settled in. Everything was going alright until everyone started to prey. I stood there, never praying in my life, and never believing in the purpose of saying grace. I pretended I was into it. A few minutes went past before everyone began to eat.

"Teaghen, why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself," she said. I looked at her, getting ready to speak. I thought for sure Ryan would have mentioned something about me to his family, but it appeared that they didn't even know I existed until just recently.

"Well, I'm currently enrolled at college, I work part time. I'm in the process of looking for my own place."

"What are you taking in school?"

"I'm in my second year in human recourses" I replied to her question.

"So what did you do before you attended college?"

" I graduated from high school, and I worked a bit during the summer."

" Ryan!" Dennis interrupted the conversation, I was having with Sharon. " I need your help out in the shed for a second."

"Can't we do it after desert?" Ryan asked his father.

"I want to do it now," he said proceeding to get up.

"I'll be right back!" Ryan told me as he got up to leave the house with his father. After a few minutes Ryan's brother and sister excused themselves from the table.

"So," Sharon stated. "You must have troubles in high school, but it is good you finished." I looked at her funny. I didn't know what she meant by having troubles. I didn't tell her anything that would make her think that I had any problems during high school.

" What do you mean? I graduated last year and with no problems." I explained

"Wait, how old are you anyway?" Sharon asked. It appeared to me that she was really offended or worried by something.


" So why are you dating Ryan?". That question caught me off guard. I didn't know why she would ask me why I'd date her son. From the way she talked it seemed that she was ashamed of her son or something. I was trying to scramble to say something to her very awkward question.

" He is a very mature, interesting person," was my very stupid response. I felt really dumb at this moment and thought by now Sharon must of though I was really nuts.

"So the age difference doesn't bother you?" she asked. "I'm sorry I'm just interested in getting to know about my son's girlfriend."

"Age difference, I didn't think there was that much of an age difference. " I said. He was only seven years older then me and I didn't think that was that big of a difference.

" He will be turning thirty one in April."

"Thirty one," I said not knowing what to think. I didn't know what to think; there was no way his mother would make up the age of her son. I couldn't believe what was going through my mind. How could he lie to me? The past six months were a lie, and all this time I thought he was younger then that.

"You sound surprised," she said.

"He told me he was only twenty five."

"No, he is thirty my dear. Maybe you should talk to Ryan about that one,"

I noticed Ryan coming inside from the side of my eyes. I was so hurt and angry that I didn't want to see him. So in a desperate move to make this situation more bearable I prayed that Sharon could get my mind off of him.

"Do you need some help with anything?" I asked Sharon.

"If you wouldn't mind cleaning off the table," she said just as Ryan came through the door. "Never mind, I can handle it why don't you and Ryan go into the living room."


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