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One Foot Into The Hole

Novel By: Leah Marie P

Lilith Clorvan was sent out to live with her grandparents in Catalina. Little did she know that a serial killer was loose on the island. Her grandparents are Lilith's only surviving relatives. Lilith soon gets a job working for her grandpa as a cop's assistant. Soon, she's pegged as the serial killer's fifteenth and final victim. Can Lilith manage to keep her family safe while trying to find her potential murderer? View table of contents...


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I looked back over at him. His shaggy blonde hair ran over his face. I moved to brush it back. He stirred and I quickly brought my hand back to my side. I shut my eyes and pretended to be asleep.

"Lilith?" I was still pretending to be asleep. "You up?" I inhaled and exhaled heavily to try to trick him into thinking I was asleep. I felt his body turn towards mine and he put his hand on my waist. "Good morning, faker!" He whispered. I couldn't help, but smile

"How'd you know?" I still had my eyes closed.

"I'm not stupid and I've know you since we were two, Lith." He chuckled. "We've also slept in the same bed many times before. You're not the only one who watches the other sleep you know." I opened my eyes at that. He was smiling and gazing right into my yellow eyes.

"I wasn't watching you sleep. I was seeing if you were up." His smile grew. He moved a little closer to me and I slightly moved back as well. I kept moving until my back hit the cold wall. He laughed when my last remaining book fell off the shelf and hit me right on the head. I yelped in pain.

"You alright there? Seems you've got a pretty hard head on your shoulders." I laughed along with him. It was the last time I was going to see him. I was moving away to live with my grandparents in California.

"I'm fine, Jake." He moved closer.

"I can't believe this is your last night." He was frowning now and my smile faded.

"I know, but I can't live here on my own."

"Then move in with me and my older brother. He likes you, he'd be more than happy to let you move in. You can sleep with me in my bed," he gave a devilish smile. I hit his arm lightly.

"You know I'm a minor. Meaning I can't live with anyone, but a guardian…or parent." I turned around to face the wall. I felt Jake move closer. He was pushing up against my body and had his arm around my waist again.

"I know it just happened, but you need to let it go, Lith." I sat up and looked at him with disbelief. He was always the most caring person I knew and he picked now to tell me to get over my parents death? It had happened only two weeks ago.

I felt his arm wriggle slightly and saw where it had fallen when I had sat up. He looked and moved his arm when he saw his hand was farther up between my legs.

"Sorry," he whispered. He shut his eyes again. I sighed and got out of the bed. I walked into my bathroom and sat on the counter with my legs over the sink. I looked at myself in the mirror. I had bags under my dark yellow eyes. I had barely slept in over a month. My thick brown hair was messed up and I started to run my fingers through it to untangle it. I heard Jake get out of the bed and grunt. I leaned my head against the mirror and shut my eyes again.

"So…tired." I whispered to myself.

"Then go to sleep," Jake whispered into my ear. I hadn't heard him walk into the bathroom.

"I can't." I opened my eyes. I looked over at Jake who was taking his shirt off. "What are you doing?"

"It's two in the morning. I'm tired and you're tired. I'm going to take a cold shower to wake up. Then I'm going to shove your head under warm water to get you sleepy." He smirked. I just shook my head and leaned against the mirror again. "Uh, unless you want a full view of my obvious slamming body," he laughed, "I suggest you get out."

"My bathroom."

"My almost naked body!" I smiled and got up. I walked over to him. He had only taken off his shirt, so his pants and boxers were still on. I grabbed the rim of his jeans by the belt loop and unzipped them. I pulled them down to reveal his blue plaid boxers. I looked up and smiled seductively at him. He blushed and smiled back in a confused way.

I turned and walked out of the bathroom. Before I shut the door I yelled back, "I think you can handle it from there, hotshot." I left him standing in the bathroom and went downstairs for a glass of water. I heard the shower turn off. I was drinking my water when I heard footsteps on the stairs. I continued to just sit there.

Jake came up behind me and picked me up, making me drop my water onto the counter.

"Jake! What are you doing?" I felt myself slipping and put my arms around his neck. "Aw, you made me drop my water," I whined like a four year old who wanted candy.

"I warned you that I was putting your head under warm water!" My mouth dropped as he ran up the stairs with me. He walked into the bathroom and locked the doors. He put me down and I tried to get by him. He's a lot taller than me, so he blocked my way. He's 6'5, while I sit at a mere 5'8.

"Bath time for the little ones!" I stared at him. He looked at me then nodded towards the tub. I turned around and saw it was filled with water. When I turned my head back he had stepped closer and was going to pick me up.

"Wait! Jake no!" I screamed. He picked me up anyways and moved to dunk my head under the water. I held my breath as he did. All I could hear under the water was Jake's laughter. I let the air out of my body and felt the bubbles rise over my skin. I almost ran out of breath before Jake brought me back up. My entire head was soaking wet. I wiped the water from my face as he handed me a towel. "I could have drowned!" I dried my face and could already tell that Jake was right. My eyelids where heavy and I felt more tired.

"I wouldn't have let you drown. I love you too much." He frowned slightly as he said that. I just smiled at him as I continued to dry my hair.

"Yeah, I love you, too, Jake. You were right though, I feel a lot more tired now." He chuckled. I felt as if I would pass out right there. Apparently Jake saw that as well and picked me up again. "So….damn….tired."

"I know, Lilith. I know."

"Want.…to….sleep." He chuckled again.

"Here you go. Bed means sleep." I smiled up at him. Suddenly thunder cracked outside the window and soon after we could see the light from lightning shine through the window. I squealed a little and brought the covers up over my chin. I hate thunder storms. I'm perfectly fine when it's just rain, but lightning and thunder scare the crap out of me.

Jake moved me over gently and laid down next to me. He stroked my hair and I cuddled up beside him. He was my best friend and I was going to lose him. I buried my head into his chest and he put his head on top of mine. I soon fell asleep.


The next morning I woke up. I sat up and pushed the air next to me. I had intended to push Jake to wake up, but instead fell off my bed. I scrambled to my feet and studied the bed. Jake wasn't in the room at all. I got up and looked down. I saw a piece of paper with Jakes handwriting.

Sorry Lilith, I had to leave before you woke up. I hope you have a safe flight. -Jake

"Lousy, stupid, inconsiderate note!" I mumble. As soon as I'm downstairs I grab the sticky note that's stuck to the walk way table and call the cab company. I grab my boots and slip them over my jeans and sit to wait on the couch. "Shouldn't have even asked him to spend the night. I'm leaving for Catalina Island in less than two hours and he doesn't want to say goodbye in person? Hell, he didn't even say it in that crappy note. Less then twenty words!" I got up and started to pace until I heard a car honk outside. I looked through the window and saw the cab. I opened the door and started walking towards the cab with my carry on bag. I had already shipped out all of my belonging to my grandparents in Catalina.

"You all set, ma'am?" The driver asked me. I took one more look at my house. I nodded and got into the cab. He started the car and pulled out. He made his way out of the neighborhood. While waiting for traffic to clear so he could actually leave the neighborhood, I looked at Jake's house. I looked up at his window and he was staring down at me. All I could do was mouth the word 'why.' He didn't do anything but leave the window. I half expected him to come racing out of the house through the front door. No such luck.

"So where are you headed to from the airport?" I snapped back to reality.

"California." I had obviously expected too much from Jake. I shook that thought from my head. Jake and I have been best friends since I was one and he was two. I expected so much because he always rose to whatever occasion was present at the time. He never gave less then 150 percent. And yet he was letting me down now.

"Ah, horrible weather that's supposed to come in next week. Many, many thunderstorms."

"Great, just great." I muttered to myself.

"That's it?" I said turning the paper over in my hands to see if there was any writing on the back. "That's all? I'm moving away and all my best friend can say it 'I hope you have a safe flight?' What the hell?" I crumpled up the paper and threw it into the trashcan. I grabbed the clothes laying on my dresser and went to change. When I looked myself over in the mirror, I could still see the bags under my eyes. I put on my eyeliner and eye shadow, then wash my hands. I looked myself over one last time. I was wearing my favorite outfit. My blue, knee length, dress with straight legged jeans underneath, with a black denim jacket. I go back into my room and grab my keys.


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