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Broken Summer

Novel By: lehi girl72509

For a long time, Summer had been in love with her next door neighbor, Hunter. But now, her family is moving to California, and she doesn't know what to do. Will she be able to love Hunter from a distance? How is she supposed to finally tell him of her love for him if she is too far away to do anything about it?

Hunter has lived next door to Summer since they were in third grade, and ever since, he has thought she was an angel. For all this time, he has only been her best friend, but he doesn't know how to make things work between them if she is moving away...and he is too scared to tell her that he loves her, especially with her impending move. What is there that he can do? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 10, 2010    Reads: 245    Comments: 27    Likes: 5   

Tears started to roll down Summer's eyes as she thought of the dismal prospect of leaving Colorado and leaving all her friends...and most of all, her biggest crush ever-a hottie by the name of Hunter. Oh what a perfect name...to fit such a perfect person. Not exactly the quarterback of the football team or anything, but he was simply...amazing. He was kind in every sense of the word, he was perceptive-for example, one day when she walked into school with only a slightly downcast expression on her face, he took her into his arms, and said, "Hey what's wrong?" and with those three words, got her to spill out her entire story about how sad she was about her cat dying the night before. Some people might not have seen this to be that sad of an occurrence, not nearly enough to cry about or truly worry about. . . but Hunter saw right through it all, and comforted her. He held her while she cried, he got her laughing about something else, and got her thinking about something else entirely. No matter what, he was always around to get her feeling better. Hunter was Summer's very best friend, and she was half in love with him since she had met him. But now Summer felt she would have no chance of being with him-Summer was moving away to sunny California to live, since her dad had gotten a job out in that area. Why did this have to happen now? Of all times, couldn't this kind of thing happen after she moved out of the house at least? Honestly! Summer couldn't stop asking herself these questions as she cried silently to herself sitting on the wooden porch steps.

"Summer!" Hunter called, as he saw her walking up her porch steps. He frowned, as he tried to figure out what was wrong this time. Having been her next door neighbor for as long as she had lived there had paid off, as it gave him the chance to see the prettiest angel in the world. That was the only way to describe her. With her flowing long straight dark brown hair with slight blonde highlights that were totally natural, and with her deep blue eyes that you could lose yourself in...she was the prettiest girl he had ever seen. He blessed the day that she moved into that house next door. Even more, he was grateful that she took the time to be friends with him, when she could have been friends with any person in the entire high school. What was he but a random kid who generally was a loner? He had friends, sure, but none matched the sweet personality of kind, gentle Summer. He had seen her once caring for a tiny chick who had been hurt, and he had seen her cry when that one chick had died, even though there were many other chicks to look at. When her cat had died, he had held her in his arms, and wished he could have found the person who had hit her poor cat as he tried to cross the road. What a horrible fate, to die having been hit by a car. But now, Summer was crying again, and it was up to him to find out what exactly was wrong this time.

Summer looked up to see Hunter walking over, and cursed the fact that her eyes were tell-tale red, and it was obvious that she had been crying. What was she supposed to tell Hunter? She sniffled, and tried to wipe away the evidence of her tears. It was too late however, as Hunter raised his eyebrows in surprise, seeing her reddened eyes. "What's wrong?" Hunter asked, concern evident in his voice. Summer sniffled again, saying

"My parents just told me that we're moving. Dad got a job in California and so we are selling the house and we are moving out there. I don't want to go!" Summer edited out the fact that she really didn't want to go, because she wanted to stay with him, and she couldn't bear to leave him.

What hold did she have over him anyways? All she was to him was just another one of his friends. He had more friends than her to look after, but yet he took the time to watch over her, just one of his many friends. Some days it didn't make a whit of sense to her why he might want to be friends with some one as boring as her. She didn't have a very interesting life, she thought, so why would any one as amazing and kind and smart as Hunter want to befriend her or take care of her? Sure she lived on a farm, and raised chickens, but that wasn't very interesting. Yes their parents had been friends ever since her family had moved there-but could that be the reason why Hunter might feel some kind of responsibility towards her? It would make sense, that he might feel some kind of brotherly friendship as a result of their parents' closeness to one another, and so it might stand to reason that he would want to be friends with her.

Hunter's mouth dropped as she told him the story of how her dad had gotten a job. He started to shake his head, and he burst out saying, "No! That is awful! Is there anything we can do about it?"

Summer cried all the harder, saying "I wish we could, but the house is already in the newspapers and on the market to be sold. I'm going to miss this place, and my friends..." and with this she looked up at Hunter, looking to see what his reaction might be. His expression of shock at the helplessness of the situation sent her into more fits of tears, and her shoulders shook with the effort of the tears which poured from her eyes. Why did it have to be this way? She wished there was something she could do, but she could think of nothing, and it was obvious from Hunter's expression that he had no forthcoming ideas either.

What else could he do? What could she do? It was a frustrating situation, and neither of them knew what to do. Hunter put his arms around her, and they sat down on the porch steps together, her crying still, and him trying to give whatever comfort he could think of to give. Frustrated, he felt like crying too. Why did his angel have to cry? And why did it have to be his best friend that had to leave?


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