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Enveloping darkness.

Novel By: Life is an adventure

Evelyn Sinclair, is a strong woman, however when she is taken hostage and her pregnancy threatened, she simply breaks. The men holding her are doing so for ransom, however no one plans for the unexpected arrival. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 16, 2013    Reads: 309    Comments: 14    Likes: 4   

Evelyn whimpered as she gently rolled onto her side, ebbing in and out of consciousness. The pressure of the baby she carried became evident on her aching frame as she twisted postion with a harsh groan. Hazily, her bruised eyelids began to flicker open, and what she saw was enough to make her sob. The room in which she was contained was nothing more than a blackened shell, containing only the sofa in which she lay and a rusty old chair situated in the centre of the room. Where was she? she mulled groggily as her reddened eyes focused onto an evident slit in the furthest wall, a small shaft of sunlight was given passage into the darkness, and fear crept up her spine. She recognized nothing, except her green coat strewn carelessly across the floor.

Evelyn's first instinct was to protect her unborn child; she instinctively reached a protective hand down to her swollen abdomen and breathed a sigh of relief when the baby began to kick.

"Thank God," she whispered into the darkness "Mummy will get us out of here." She promised as she closed her eyes wearily, only to feel the damp trail of tears against her cheeks. Evelyn gasped suddenly as she tried to sit up but was simply unable, she solemnly peered at her feet to the shocking realization they had been bound. She buried her face in her hands and began to sob, deep and powerful wails as she realized she was completely and hopelessly trapped. Evelyn was paralyzed with fear, not only for herself but for the baby she carried. The thought of what was to come consumed her and she made no attempt of escape.

Suddenly, an echoing of a heavy door being thrust on its hinges stopped her train of thought abruptly. Sharp footsteps could be heard as Evelyn cowered in fear. They seemed to get progressively louder, before stopping harshly at the door. Oh god no.

Before Evelyn knew it two large men had locked their arms around hers and were pulling her to her feet. Before they exited the room, they roughly pulled a bag securely over her head, blackening her world once more.

"Get off me!" Evelyn screamed "My baby."

Her screams were ignored and she was placed heavily onto her feet after being dragged carelessly around a warren of corridors, the movement had left her nauseous. The hood that was wrapped around her tear stained face was removed, along with the rope binding her legs. She backed away from the men, her hands protectively clutched around her stomach. She stumbled to a halt as her shoulder blades pressed against the back of room and vaguely wondered why, if they wanted to keep her in ignorance of who they were, they had removed the hood. She was not to know that Alexander, despite the danger to himself and his brother, needed to see the fear in her eyes, the dread in her face to ensure she knew who was in charge, so threw all caution to the wind. Her face was white, drained of all colour and her eyes, enormous in her face, were wide and unfocused. Tears descended down her pallid cheeks to her maternity clothes as the men watched her with intent. The two men were huge by any account, and Evelyn gulped as she took in their statures. Evelyn thought one of the men had softened his green eyes at her and began to well up, but when she looked again there was nothing, not a hint of emotion. Both the men's complexions were almost identical, they both wore a heavy matte of chocolate curls upon their heads, and possessed a heavy build, however their enormous frames were softened by the expensive suits they wore. What did they want with her?

"Who are you both?" Evelyn begged.

"I'm Alexander," he placed a gentle hand to his chest "And this is Elliot, my brother."

The two men stared at her transfixed. She was a beautiful woman, that couldn't be denied even in her present wimping state she still possessed such beauty. Elliot, softened his heart as he took her in, she looked so vulnerable with her arms caressing her stomach, but he had a job to do, so nothing mattered. Alexander didn't want to keep her but he also had no choice, his hatred for Evelyn's husband was enough to drive a man insane, the wealth Blake Sinclair had at his disposal was nauseating. He was a careless man however, forgetting that when a deal was made, it must always be honoured. He hadn't paid his end of the deal, so now Alexander had no choice but to deal with the matter himself.

"What do you want with me?" Evelyn stuttered.

"We're not here to hurt you, Mrs Sinclair." Elliot replied.

"But we do need you Evelyn. I'm a very tolerant man, but when it comes to money I am not. Your husband owes me a great deal of money, and has ignored my messages in concern with getting it back. You're simply a means to achieve what I want. Once, Blake knows you're here he will pay up, or-" Alexander spoke.

Elliot instinctively knowing what he was to say next cut in "We will deal with it if it comes to that Alexander." Elliot rasped as he took Alexander's arm viciously.

"What-what will happen if Blake doesn't pay?" Evelyn asked, dreading the answer.

"It doesn't matter." Elliot muttered, his eyes hot with anger bore into Alexander's.

"I will kill you." Alexander spoke, before Elliot could stop him.

"No!" Evelyn cried as she stepped further back into the cold wall "My baby." She added.

"Well as long as Blake pays up, you and your baby will be safe." Alexander muttered.

The blood in Evelyn's veins was hot and volatile as she clenched her teeth "I swear if anything happens to my baby, I will kill you myself, never mind when Blake gets his hands on you." Evelyn snarled.

"A born mother." Alexander mocked.




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