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Sixteen-year-old Hex knows exactly what she wants... a family, a life, and... the whole world in ruins. A villain since the day she recognized her "bad luck" giving powers, she's been wreaking havoc with a band of teenagers called the Clan.
But one day, after the Clan decides to move to a place where the targets were easier, Hex meets a stranger unlike any others she's met before. And when secrets unravel and the truth comes to light, two paths will lay before her and she has no other choice but to decide which way her life will go next... View table of contents...


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Bad luck-it's always been with me. Not saying I always had bad luck, no. I mean, I could direct it to something else. Like, I could cause a billboard to fall, pipes to explode, ground to slicken, glass to shatter, etcetera. And it wasn't like I couldn't control it, because I could. Someone with a power like this, someone like me, can never be a hero. Can never be a good guy. Can never be… nice, even if I wanted to.
I was lost in a place I didn't understand, different from everyone else. Of course, there were others like me. Not the same power, but, you know. Like the heroes I saw, who ranged from speed, to heat, to power, to flight. And then the evil ones, like mind controlling, destruction causing, explosions, braniacs and mad scientists, and more. But unlike all of us, I was afraid to show my true power, to show what a freak I was. At least, until I tried it.
And so it became that I was evil, and I quit high school. Now, at age sixteen, I robbed banks and stores and even teamed up with other teens in my group; there was Cross, who could teleport himself anywhere at any time if he can see it, if he's been there, and if he's seen a picture of it and was seventeen. Next was Sonic Bomb, a.k.a. Sonic-his voice was really loud when he wanted it to be and it could shatter metal, explode your head, and more of the such, and was only fifteen. Addition, or Add, could create thousands of multiples of himself within a second and was sixteen. And then, last but not least, Dark, who had dark energy power, much like mine, but he could control minds, was a super genius, and he could control weather to a mile radius of himself at only the age of seventeen. He was the leader of this group.
Plus our pet, Momo, the animal shape-shifter-he could change himself into any kind of animal. The way we knew it was him was because he had a strange, brilliant white, skull-shaped mark on his left side. He completed the group with his healing powers that make any wound weeks older then it was with just his saliva.
Together, we called ourselves the Clan. Of course, I had a name as well. It was unique and interesting, and it sort of described what I did to people… Hex.
Chapter one: when it all began
Palms open, I thrust my arm towards the door. It broke off its hinges and dropped to the ground with a loud "thud" at my feet. I nodded at Add to go in. In an instant he had five clones and we rushed inside. It still shocked me every time he did that-you could never tell which one was the real one. You kill a clone and it disappears in a puff of smoke, but it was nearly impossible to guess the right one.
"Clear!" he yelled, and Cross teleported himself inside while Sonic, Dark, and I rushed inside. We had to take everything we could before-
"Stop, if you know what's good for you!" someone yelled.We turned our heads to see another group of people, except there were seven of them. My eyes narrowed.
It was the group of heroes, no older or younger than our Clan. They were the Justice of Francisco, a.k.a. the Justice. The leader was Flash, the fastest person on the block, and then there was Rubberband, the stretchy kid, Windy, the girl who could control the wind, Dexter, the brainy kid with a rather large head, Gassy, the boy who had really toxic gas, Rex, the boy who had the power to change into some kind of animal that had no name, and Rayne, the water girl.
It always bothered me that I was the only girl in the Clan. I was jealous that Windy and Rayne had each other to hang around with and just be girls. But I was stronger than they were, so they always fought me together. The number of wins and losses were equal between the Clan and the Justice (the Clan always managed to escape whenever we lost), but unfortunately, in the end, the Justice always somehow made up for their losses against the Clan, so that was pointless. It was obvious to me that sooner or later, the Justice would take down the Clan and would send us all to prison. And I knew that Dark knew it too. I looked over at him and he looked back. An understanding passed. This would be our last fight here. We were going to have to go to a place where there weren't many heroes.
Dark took on Flash, Sonic took on Rubberband, Add took on Rex, Cross took on Dexter, and then me against Windy and Rayne. And so the fight went on. It seemed obvious that neither team was exactly winning, what with Sonic and Cross down, as well as Rex, Windy, and Rayne. All those who were left and not knocked out were Dark, Add, Flash, Rubberband, Dexter, and me. Three on three. Suddenly, Dexter took a shot at Dark, and Dark managed to rebound it, surprised, and both of them shot away from each other and slammed through a couple of buildings. Neither of them came out again. While Add and Rubberband were going at it, Flash and I stared at each other.
"What is so good about being bad?" he asked. I shrugged, fake lunging towards him. He caught the bait and he disappeared, appearing behind me, just like I'd figured, and I slicked the ground with a thrust of my hand. As soon as he fell, I broke the road open and he fell through the crack. He grabbed the edge with one hand, holding on for dear life. I began to crush him in between the crack by bringing the split road together again.
"So I could do this." I replied, stepping on his hand. He grabbed my ankle with the other one and managed to pull himself up, throwing a punch at me. I put up my shield with both hands, as fast as I could, but Flash was too fast and managed to get me in the stomach. I shot towards a building, crashing through a window. Both of us were gasping, covered in cuts and blood.
I got up, shaky, and looking around for Add. It seemed that Add and Rubberband were still going at it, but were no longer in sight. The streets were deserted of people since no one wanted to be around a fight like this. They needed to stay out of the way of their heroes so they could bust the bad guys. Something stung me in my heart, and I clutched my chest and doubled over.
Shit, I thought, I'm fighting Flash here-no time for weakness! I stood up, steadying myself and ignoring the pain in my heart, knowing that I needed to disinfect my cuts as soon as I was done fighting. I look at Flash, who was ready, and shuddered-if I ever get done fighting. With one arm, I cause a car to float up into the air and moved my arm in a throwing motion, launching empty cars on the street towards Flash. I threw them a little off target to where I thought Flash was going to be in the next second as he continuously got closer and closer, like a game of Red Light, Green Light. I finally managed to launch a bus at him.
"Fuck!" he shouted when it reached him and crushed him under its weight. I rushed towards him, a few cars floating around, and I continued to pile us on top of him, over and over and over till all was quiet. I couldn't even hear Add and Ruberband anymore. I dropped to my knees in exhaustion, laughing a little. I won. I'd beaten Flash.
Gasping for breath, I stood up and ran to the building I'd seen Dark being pushed into. He wasn't in a good condition, but then again, neither was I. Finding water, I soaked my skirt in it and rushed over to him, squeezing the water into his face. He stirred a little. When I nudged him, he groaned quietly, but his eyes opened anyway. Then, with sudden realization, he sat up quickly, wincing when he felt pain. I was no doctor-Cross was, and god knows where he could be. Dark could track people easily, so I'd found him first. Plus he was the leader. He always knew what to do.
"Where are we? Where is the rest of the Clan? Why are you here, shouldn't you be fighting?" he asks, starting to get up. I rest my hand on his shoulder, gently pushing him back down.
"Dark," I whispered calmly, steadying him. "I think we've won. I've defeated Flash. I don't know where the others were, so I found you." He takes a deep breath, closing his eyes. Then he smiles, looking at me with the black darkness glowing slightly in his eyes.
"Let's find them, then. We're going to have to head east somewhere. You got any preferences?" he asks as he gets up. I think a little. Then my eyes brighten up.
"How about we go to someplace in New York? I've always wanted to go there. I never heard of any heroes or trouble that happens there, you know?" I say. "I especially want to go to Manhattan!"

"Manhattan it is." Dark replies. "Let's go find the others, head back to the lair, plan out our move, reach Manhattan, find a new place, and then let's begin WISHing. I smirked, my eyes sparking with dark thoughts. WISH. WreakIng Some Havoc-my favorite pastime.


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