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Twisted Star

Novel By: LilLoCksea

This is the story of a star that had fallen a 100 years ago with enormous power.A very powerful White magic Witch had seen the star falling from the sky and had rushed towards it...she could sense the magic in it and instantly cast a spell to absorb the power of the star into her very soul, but there were negative effects of the star. If it should fall into the wrong hands the power could be used to destroy all human kind. The stars power could only be reincarnated into a direct decendend of the white Witch within another 100 years after the white witch had passed on... Now It is up to Hillary to figure out why she was able to predict the future and move objects whilst batteling the fewd between 2 brothers that are both desparately in love with her. She is confronted with a past that she never could have dreamed of in her future as Jesse teaches her of her power. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1

6 Months Before...


I am nothing but a spectacle in the universe...Okay maybe with my '16' sized figure I was more like Mount Everest in the universe. Yes, I know I'm over reacting but I've never felt more than that...Hilary thought to herself as she walked down one of the many streets of East London looking for her best friend Courtney's house. She wanted to surprise her with a visit at her house since she hasn't seen her in a while or rather she couldn't see her she was busy studying for exams, hell she couldn't even see Mark.

Gosh she missed him, He was the best Boyfriend ever and well her first. She loved him-she thought. She had never been with anyone before but she was so happy to be with him-to have someone in her life that hopefully wouldn't abandon her like everyone else.

Approaching Courtney's house she could already hear the banging of Courtney's Rock and Roll music, she smiled at the thought of Courtney dancing on her own in her room and started walking up the stairway to knock on the door which with no surprise held no answer. So she opened the door as silently as she could and headed up the stairs. As she reached for the door knob she heard something that made her freeze in her footsteps, she pressed her ears closer to the door and felt her heart fall into her shoes;"O, Yes Mark! Just a little further...O yeah there you go dammn...You're a god!" she heard Courtney pant, "Baby I can do this all day long! " Hilary burst through the door and the room went silent with only the hard Rock and Roll music thumping in the background.

Courtney tried to cover herself up with the bed sheet and jumped up to switch of the stereo, Mark on the other hand just laid there in bed with no regret without any sign of fear or emotion present in his face. "What the Fuck! I can't believe I called you a friend Courtney! You're a fucking slut! That's what you are and I was blind enough to see through it!" rage was pouring through Hillary as never before, "Haha, O hi there Hill! I was just doin him a favour you know, he's kind of bored with YOU and besides you never gave him anything satisfying..." she said with the cruelest tone imaginable and a sneer that made Hillary shiver on the spot.

Mark smiled a sexy smile at Courtney and stood up - butt naked and headed to were Courtney was standing; "You're so naive you know Hillary, I'm sorry but being with you is a pain! I can't do anything with you cause your to stuck up and besides that I don't want to do anything, not with that body of yours..." he said with utter disgust and Hillary found herself wiping more and more tears from her eyes, but she couldn't let them see it-No they would love that so instead she put up her brave face even though she was dying inside.

"Fuck you, you son of a bitch! You'll be sorry one day! And for you Courtney you can just go fucking burn in Hell!!! I don't even care what happens to you anymore, I don't care about your pregnancy hell it could be Lucifer's baby for all I care!" Courtney's eyes went wide with surprise and Marks went directly towards her stomach; "Your Pregnant!!!" he said with so much remorse while the blood drained from his face "yeah...I was going to tell you baby...really!"Courtney tried to say without seeming too freaked out. At this point Hilary had, had enough and strutted down the stairs, only hearing faintly the argument between them. Today-Today I'm going to change, I won't be pathetic anymore and I'm going to be the most beautiful girl in the school after this summer! Hillary vowed to herself.

Present day...

All my life I've been known as the pathetic fat looser with no future... until today, Hillary thought. She was different she had finally grown up and everyone with a right sense of mind would be able to see it. Power and pure confidence radiated from her as she started towards her last year in High school.

Yes it had taken a whole lot of effort to lose 30kg over a summer holiday especially with all the temptations there were, but she pulled through and hell if anything she was proud of herself! As she walked up the stairs of Elton High school she could feel eyes gawking and lingering on her new petite body including her better obtained style- all thanks to her fresh foster parents.

These stares were different, in a good way though! Today was going to be her day to shine for the first time in her life and she was excited as only a man could be with his first time with a woman.

She stopped at the schools fountain that with held a statue of the selfish principle and waited...she started feeling shy, she was certainly not used to being looked at in that way...or even whistled at. How she wished that Jesse would just hurry the fuck up!

Her best friend for life, the only person who had ever been kind to her and accepted her for who she was, he had a special place in her heart. Damn! She couldn't stop thinking about him, god she hated herself for that! He was entirely out of her league, yet he always seemed to be more interested in her than in anyone else for some crazy ass reason.

She hadn't seen him the entire vacation, yes they had Skyped each other but that didn't count she missed him, missed his lovely compliments, his funny jokes, his smiles and most of all his hugs...

Her phone buzzed and jesses name was lighted up on her screen- butterflies took over her stomach as she read the message "Hillary where are you??? I'm standing at the fountain? Are you late AGAIN?" As she read the message she found herself smiling and just as she looked up she saw him on the other side of the fountain, looking gorgeous as always, he seemed to have grown his sun streakedhair that now fell delicately just in front of his forehead exposing his magnificent blue-green eye, he seemed stronger, more build and the sexy white long surfer t-shirt showed every line of his perfect torso...Noticing that she had been day dreaming again she gave herself a slap on the forehead and started to where he was sitting casually on the statue wall, hand in his hair and mp3 in his ears.

She lightly tapped him on the shoulder, he seemed quite annoyed when he responded; "what do you want?" he said without even lifting his head, Hillary, shrugged and pulled out the earphones from his ears "God dammit! What th..." his voice trailed off as he took in Hillarys every feature, Hillary just stood still and smiled "Hillary?! Fuck look at you! So you wana catch a movie Friday?" he said in a flirty yet joking way while he stricked a pose of i want you so bad and Hillary felt her cheeks bloom like the summer roses, "O ha-ha, whatever! Now give me a hug you fool!" She said with an English accent taking in his deep earthy scent as he embraced her and swept her off her feet "I'm so happy to see you again Hill! You have no idea how I've missed you...and dammit! Just look at you! You must have missed me that you started to starve yourself!" If only he knew how true those words were she thought and shifted at his words "yeah, yeah don't flatter yourself I'm still 'lil ' ol me, I mean see? Same jeans and tank top girl" she smiled and he grimaced answering arguingly "Sure but, the torn baggy jeans have turned to skinny torn jeans and more colourful tops plus not to mention the Non-boy sneakers, which I may add look awesome! O and before i forget the absence of the glasses and your hair...jeez its gotten long" Damn...she felt herself go numb as he pretended to check her out again. "O come on Jess, we're gonna be late...coming?"

"Yeah yeah, I'm coming hot stuff!" she shook her head: "You're not gonna let this go, are ya?" he pretended not to hear her "What? Sorry cant here anything through your screaming sexiness" rolling her eyes she smiled at his playful gesture of his hand "very mature" her laugh was the most charming thing in the world and Jesse felt himself stiffen as her soft, gentle , small hands grabbed his and pulled him towards first period.

The rest of the day flew by as the first drops of summer rain. It was a good first day Hillary admitted to herself, besides Jesse acting goofy the entire day she actually had fun and made a new friend-that is a girl. Stephanie was entirely new to the school; Hillary had run into her during drama class, as they had to warm up together. She was so hilarious that she got Hillary and herself in detention! Not that Hillary minded, she didn't have anything better to do. Stephanie was a cream coloured girl with the most gorgeous blond locks, her style was rather edgy and very different yet comfortable and she was definitely hard to place in any category-a true free spirit!

I'm sure this day can't get any better she thought to herself, just as the thought crossed her mind she found herself jump in surprise as someone grabbed her ass, Turning around she threw a punch. "Ow, damnit Hillary!" Mark cringed at the pain and rubbed his strong jaw line...she found herself smiling "O, shit! Sorry Mark didn't see you there" she said sarcastically. "Just cause your skinny now doesn't mean you can treat your everyone else like shit!" He turned around abruptly and stalked towards his car, she felt her heart sink....as he stalked of, but hell she shouldn't feel anything for him! He was the worst thing that had ever happened to her, though she didn't mean to be mean even though he sure deserves it after dumping her for her now Ex-BFF.

The memory shot another bolt of pain through her spine and she tried her best to bury it deep down so that no one could notice- not that anyone would, they couldn't care less. "Hay! Day-dreamer! Car's this way" Jesse pointed out, He drove a new Jaguar XKR 2012 addtion, his parents spoiled him and Mark all the time with new things since they are never around, so they think that they can make it all better with money, but she knew they couldn't because Hillary has heard every single story that Jesse told her and he hated them for sending their love in small packages filled with cash instead of their real love. Walking to the car it was hard to keep her eyes of the Bright red new car AGAIN.

"New car?! Seriously Jesse? What happened to the old one?" He smiled an evil smile and winked-He pointed at a scar on his arm that looked like a large piece of glass that had pierced him. Gawking at it he quickly felt uncomfortable and let his sleeve fall down his arm again. "Jesse? What did you do?!" He pulled up his shoulders-clearly not in the mood to talk about it, but the curiosity was killing her. Finally he rolled his eyes and replied after a few minutes of a stare down; "Ogg, Woman why do you gotta be so curious all the time? I wrote the car off...Crashed into a buck at night." Shock showed in every line of her face and Jesse immediately regretted telling her that; "Look, I was going to tell you, but I just didn't want you to worry about me. I'm fine that's all that matters, right? So come on get in and let's change the topic please?" He begged her with his eyes and Hilary gave a strained nod.

"So I heard you gave Mark a nice Punch today!" Jesse said laughing his dark mischievous laugh and punched Hillary playfully on her arm, she smiled from ear to ear "Well he was rude! And he bloody well deserved it!" Jesse pretended to be shocked "Mark, rude? Nooooo...." Now it was her turn to punch him and so she did only to pull her hand back fast as she hit one of his buttons. He pulled up in front of her house and gave her n tight hug as she climbed out of the car only to trip and hug the pavement instead. "Ouch!!! Damn my 2 left feet!" before she even looked up she knew Jesse was by her side "Hillary! Are you okay?!" he asked as he searched her body for any sign of a scratch which made her forget about the horrid pain extenuating in her leg " umm, I'm alright" she said trying to stand up and found that her feet betrayed her again, but before she lost herself in the pavement again she was lost in Jesse's biceps as he picked her up in one swift movement and made for the house, moving as if she weighed nothing more than a baby and hell that's exactly how she felt as he cradled her in his arms until he laid her down on the living room couch. "Just hold on a moment okay? I'm quickly going to get some bandages and antiseptic" His voice rid of any humour- completely sincere and worried as he swept a lazy hair out of her eyes and rushed towards the bathroom.


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