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Killer or Lover?: Killer Love

Novel By: Lincarsou

What happens when, you fall for the guy who was sent to kill your own father? He is an assasin, at first sent to kill the mafia boss (blake), but was seen by Blake's brother (her father). What he failed to notice is that, Blake's brother has a beautiful daughter. So what happens, when the guy with no emotion/feelings and intentions only to kill, starts having feelings and intentions to love instead? View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 22, 2011    Reads: 451    Comments: 14    Likes: 2   

Chapter one:

My knife gleamed in the pale light, and I smiled down at him. The Mafia Boss, Blake, was pinned to the table, gasping for breath, with blood trailing down his tanned cheek. "Pl-please, d-d-don't do this. I don't even know y-you!" With each breath I could tell he was getting weaker, one step closer to dying. This made me grin.

"But I know who YOU are. Killing the innocent teens, killing for money, illegal trading. You've been a baddd boy" I said, my knife trailing around his face as he gritted his teeth. I pushed his chin back, feeling the stubbles on his chin. I grabbed his neck and slammed it on the desk, making his already messy brown hair fly on to his bloodstained face. He groaned in pain and closed his tired brown eyes but refused to cry. His breath was shaking and his body trembled against my arm, and his blood stained polo shirt stained my black leather jacket.

"Not so strong now are we? Hm..." I grinned, slowly taking pleasure in watching him tremble with fear. When the timing felt right, I lifted my right hand up to give the final blow.

"Nightie night, Blake boy," and with that I plunged the knife down. Blood splattered all over the place, and I grimaced. "You stupid boy, you got my jacket dirty, asshole" I said while taking my knife out and wiped it on his no longer white shirt. I looked around the room, assessing the mess and the time needed to clean all this up. Blood was dripping on his newly waxed floor, his black wheelie chair was flipped over on the floor from his struggling, and all his things were spilled on the floor. His white walls were streaked with bloody handprints; it wasn't a pretty sight. "No time to clean up, meh, whatever. I'm just gonna burn it" I said to myself as I opened the gasoline can and started pouring it over everything to destroy my tracks and this mess. As I walked out, I lit a match, and set his so called "office" on fire.

The moment I stepped outside, an unmistakable gasp was heard. I narrowed my cold blue eyes. I snapped my head around just in time to see a guy in a tux running 'round the corner. I growled and followed in pursuit. "You bastard, get back here!" I growled dangerously. We rounded another corner, and I started to sprint. In the process of chasing the witness, I started pulling out a gun and screwing the silencer on. The silencer dropped due to all the blood on my gloves, causing me to step on it and slip.

"Shit!" I grimaced as my tailbone made contact with the hard marble floor. I quickly jumped up, grabbed the silencer and started to run again. I made it to the glass door I originally came in from, but instead, it was closed. That bastard. I was running too fast to stop. My momentum carried me into the door, and through it. The glass rained on me as I rolled onto the cold concrete. I quickly stood up, shook it off, and looked up. Great. Just in time to eat dust. That fucker. 'I will find you,' I swore silently in my mind.

~~um hey!~~ my new novel... like it so far?! :)comment or like? hahahaha thanks! :P


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