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The Devil Herself

Novel By: Lincarsou

Written for Forbidden's Tag Team Novel Challenge; We each choose a parnter (Zadudet1) and choose a number & we get a picture. We got the picture above (obviously). My partner and I take turns writing a chapter and we are not allowed to discuss the plot.

'But here's the plot so far. ~_^
Skylar is madly in love with Jonas, her fiance, but when he disappears her whole world goes with him. She sees him at her birthday party and he mouths "I love you," then, "You lied." With these words her whole world is turned upside down...' View table of contents...


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Chapter One (Lincarsou)

A/N: Next chapter will be written by zadudet1who is my partner for the 'competition!'

I woke with a pounding in my head, but hearing the sound of waves lapping at the shore soon put it to rest. The sound of seagulls calling in distance brought a relaxing smile to my tense face. I slowly breathed in the salty ocean air. Wait. Waves? Seagulls? Where in the world was I? Well, obviously near a beach, but a beach where? I reluctantly opened my heavy eyelids. As my eyes slowly adjusted to the light, I took in my surroundings. Two things became obvious to me. One; I was lying in some kind of dent in a cave. Two; the only thing I could move right now, is my eyes.

Panic started to infiltrate me like a unwanted disease.The last thing I rememberd, was that I was in some kind of party. My party. At least that explains the uncomfortable black dress I was currently wearing. As I began to rack my poor brains for an answer, the wheels in my head slowly began to turn, and a memory surfaced.


"Hey you!" My best friend Tracy hollered over the deafening music. Even with the cheery face, her eyes still contained sympathy for me. I despised it. "It's your birthday! Lighten up a bit! I promise we will find that oh-so-handsome Jonas of yours!" she said with optimism. I gave her a warning look.

"Don't make promises you can't keep Tracy." I simply lived by that one simple rule. She sighed and sauntered off into the crowd. Soon, many others rushed over to wish me a happy birthday, and how they hoped with all their hearts that my fiance Jonas, will be found soon. He has been missing for a few weeks now, and there was no traces of where he could've went. No one has seen him and my hope was dispersing day by day.

I sighed and slowly made my way towards the mini bar. I was about to sit down when I saw Jonas near one of the back exits. His blue piercing eyes held mine for a bit as he mouthed the words ' I love you.' He dropped his gaze and pulled his leather jacket closer to him as if he was cold.

"Jonas!" He looked back at me and mouthed one last thing before he turned around to leave. 'You lied.' I made a beeline for the doors while apologizing to others as I pushed them away. My gaze never left his back. He pushed open one of the doors.

"Jonas PLEASE!" By the time I pushed past everyone, it was just in time to see the metal doors swing close. As I ran to push the door open, there was one thing I kept thinking about. What did he mean by 'you lied?' My brows furrowed together in confusion. I pushed the door open, just to be greeted by a dark, empty, alley.

"Jonas?" I said quietly, as if I might scare him off, flinching as the door slammed shut behind me. "Jonas?" I said louder this time. I turned my head to look both ways when I was striked from behind. I blacked out instantly and started to fall. I waited for my head to hit the ground but it never did. That's when I lost consciousness.

*End of Flashback*

But how did I end up here after that incident? And in a freaking cave?! My head started to hurt from all the thinking, but I instantly snapped out of thinking mode when a sudden movement could be seen from my peripheral vision. That's also about the time when I found out I could move my head. I could see an old man was walking along the beach with a little girl by his side, about four years old.

"Help!" I managed to yell. My coarse voice never made it that far. They couldn't hear me. I cleared my throat and attempted to try again. "HELP!"

They showed no signs of hearing me at all. That's when the truth hit me. They couldn't see or hear me. The wind was carrying my voice away from them. It felt like a slap to the face when my final hopes of getting away were crushed.

A stray tear made it's way down my cheeks, and my hand instinctively reached to wipe it away. My hands! I could move my hands! The hope re-ignited like a flame in the dark. I sniffed loudly and wiped away another tear as I watched the two walk away. I wanted to walk towards them but I couldn't. Screw my legs! Tears of frustration poured out now, and I grabbed my hair in irritated with my helplessness.

"Devils aren't supposed to cry" a low, smooth voice said. It was a familiar yet unfamiliar voice at the same time. I snapped my head back around. As what was standing in front of me slowly entered my brain, fear was instantly triggered and I let out a ear-splitting scream. The work of god himself swiftly move towards me and covered my mouth with his hands. His dark blue eyes stared intensely into my chocolate brown ones. Suddenly I calmed down as I was lost in his familiar yet endless eyes, and one word came to mind. Jonas.


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