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Novel By: LitelGem

Lizzie is in an abusive relationship, and too afraid and weak to get out. View table of contents...



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CHAPTER 1: Violence

I stood helpless as his arm wrapped around my waist. Stephen wasn't supposed to know I was there. I knew what was next. My face fell when I felt the warmth of his body press against mine. Kristen stood in front of me watching as my face fell, and looked concerned. Stephen saw her concern, and pinched my side. I forced out a fake pathetic smile, and said

"Sorry, but he's my ride". Kristen smiled

"Sure Lizzie, see ya tomorrow in Biology" She waved, and started towards Gea Reynolds, already starting a new conversation.

Stephen pulled me close wrapping his warm hands around my ass, and squeezing it as he bent down to kiss me. I didn't want my ass to be squeezed, and I didn't want to be kissed. But I didn't say anything. Never do, never will. I just go along with it. Stephen bit my lip, sucking it hard, and pulling at it. Then he stabbed his toungue into my mouth, feeling around with it, and sucking on mine. I waited while he consumed me. When he was done, and made sure everyone had seen the big show, he led me to his car. Stephen had a beat up red chevy truck that looked like it had just come from the dump. I was still surprised it ran. We backed out of Kevins driveway, and into the street. Stephen and I drove in silence. As we approached the ends of town, he pulled up behind a little gas station where no one was around. I braced myself for what eruptions were to soon appear into my very near future. Putting the vehicle into park, Stephen turned around to face me.

"What the fuck was that?". Silence, I didn't know what to say. "Lizzie, WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU DOING?"

I managed to squeak out a "nothing, Stephen. I was just talking to some friends thats all." I said trying to calm him down. I could see him getting madder. I lowered my head shielding my face from his view.

"Well" He said sarcastically "I'm glad you had fun bitch, because now you have to make up for it. I assume you talked to a few boys too, right?" He added.

He had assumed right. I wasn't flirting, had no intention of anything of the sorts. But I did talk to a few boys.

"Just about school-" I attempted a defense, but was interupted by a loud SMACK. For a moment I tried to conjure up what could of made such a loud noise, but soon enough, I felt it in my cheek, and the answer to my question came all to soon. I cried out, my face on fire. I put my ice cold hand up to my cheek trying to soothe it. It helped a little.

"You're mine Lizzie, and nobody else's. You never will be. Mine forever" He said, the scary truth opening up.

Quickely, before I noticed, or could create any defense, I was on the ground, and his hand was in my shirt, unhooking my bra. He lifted my shirt off my head, and ripped my bra from my arms. I cried.

"Stephen, please, n-no. D-don't do this t-to m-me-e" I stuttered between sobs.

Silent, and weak, i lay there waiting. He was on me, and there was nothing I could do about it. Stephen pulled out his pocketknife, and I screamed, only to have it quickely smothered by his hot sweaty hand. I tossed and turned, against him. He leaned forward

"Don't move, or make a noise" He said stearnly removing his hand. I did as told. I stayed still, and didn't make a sound, afraid that if I did he would kill me. He was crazy. I was so scared. I saw his hand with the knife lower, his free hand grab my right breast, and push up hard until I moaned, and he chuckled. I felt the coolness of the blade press up against my skin directly under my breast.

"please" I whispered.

I felt a sharp pain go through me, and I felt his hand again over my mouth. He dug the knife into me, and drew a small line. I cried, screamed against his hand. He turned the blade, and made another line turning it into an x. I sobbed, and he smiled in deep satisfaction. Slowly I calmed down, my sobs turning into silent heaves. Everytime I took a breath, my chest rose, and the gash stretched, making me moan. Stephen walked over to his car, and pulled out a towel wrapping it around my ribs, covering the gash.

"I'm sorry Lizzie, I had to do it. I had to make sure you will always be mine"

X for Xian. Stephen Xian. Lifting me up, he led me back to the car, and set my bra and shirt in my lap, and shut the door. He walked around to the drivers side, and buckled up. I tilted my seat back, and closed my eyes, holding my hand to my ribs, still topless."I love you Lizzie" He said placing one hand on my knee as we drove away.


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