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Hawaii's Chain Reaction

Novel By: LittleMizOz

The following story is not based on true events…

Nearly all of the Sea Turtles around the chain island of Hawaii are threatened or on the brink of endangerment. Former Veterinarian, Maya Neal, has never worked with any sort of aquatic species before. Living in the bustling city of New York, working with small animals of the sorts, Maya seems content. Then a letter from the University of Hawaii shows up on her door step. That letter will be the beginning of something new, but Maya isn’t quite sure she’s up for it…
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My hands rested on the cool medical table. A dis-infecting wipe was frozen in my grip. I had just finished washing down the table that the vet techs and I had used to put down a woman's dying Golden Retriever. The operation did not go too well, which did not help the crying woman who was now in the waiting room, paying her bill. I told Lisa to just mail the check to her but the woman insisted she pay now.

I was frustrated with the fact that one of the vet techs forgot the sedative. Instead she handed me the needle for the dirty work. Once the medication started to spread through the dog's veins, I could see his legs twitching, which was one of things I was not supposed to see happening.

"Alice, you did hand me the sedative. Did you not?" Panic was starting to overwhelm me. The dog's legs were twitching terribly. The woman seemed terrified, she had no clue what was going on with her almost dead dog.

"I grabbed the…" I heard her trail off behind me. I turned to see the first syringe was still sitting on the counter. I wanted to scream and tell her to go home but instead I looked to the woman who was watching her dog die in the worst way ever.

"Mrs. Miller, please come with me!" I grabbed her arm and as fast as I could, yanked her out of the small white room.

"What's going on to Toby? Why was he twitching so violently?" she sat in the waiting chair, her body shaking.

"Just wait here, please." That was the only thing I could tell her. The only stupid thing I could say to her. I was terrible at comforting people, and Mrs. Miller was my prime example.

I went back into the small room where Alice stood, staring at the harshly twitching dog. I breathed in deeply before coming around the side and holding the dog down.

"Alice, hold his legs. It won't be much longer til it stops." I assured in the calmest voice I could find. The poor thing stopped about two to five minutes later. Alice and I stood there, staring at the dog for a while.

"Alice, I told you to make you grab the right one!" I said harshly before grabbing a paper towel and removing the waste from the dog's anus.

"I swear I grabbed the first one!" She pleaded me with big eyes but I shook my head. Go back to school, go study your books. I commented in my head.

"Just go get that bill ready and sent Mrs. Miller back in." I turned around to grab my clip board off the small counter before writing the results. I heard the door squeak open, making me glance up.

"Ah, Mrs. Miller," I said before handing her the clipboard. "Just sign right here and then I'll give you time alone." She signed it quickly then shoved it back in my hands. I took the door into the back. I managed to scoot passed John, who would pipe up a conversation at any time, our pharmacist. He was sitting there counting out pills and placing them in orange bottles. I pushed the door open to the office and placed the paper in front of Alice.

"Make sure you send out a letter. You know they always like that. Oh and get his paw print and some fur." I piled commands on her before sitting down on one of the chairs. Sundays weren't at all busy. In fact it was nice to just sit around and enjoy the quiet environment.

"'Ello! Pretty bird, pretty bird want cracker!" Or in this case, semi-quiet environment. Lucy, our large Scarlet Macaw, was our office watcher. She made herself comfortable on her perch right next to the door. She alerted us every time someone came through the door, so it was pointless to get a bell. I heard the side door open and Mrs. Miller came out, holding Toby's collar.

"Alright…um, how do you want your bill paid?" Alice asked.

I sat in my silver VW Bug, its top down and ready to take on the highway winds. Today was surely not the greatest day. I started the car, and backed out slowly, ready to go home. I knew traffic would be a bitch after work, and taking back roads was not my way to go but I was not having a good day. I managed to find some back road with my GPS, which seemed like forever til I got to my street. The apartments were pretty cramped together since downtown was pretty cramped itself. I pulled under the shelter and turned off the car. I gathered everything into my hands; purse, phone, keys, and my work bag.

I took the stairs this time, not even bothering to wait on the stupid elevator, though I'm sure it would be faster. I managed to make it to floor three, breathing heavily. Finding my door, I unlocked it and dragged myself through, dumping all my things into a large heap near the coat hanger. I heard the sound of paws padding towards me.

A small dog with endless energy bounded toward me. Her fawn fur and scrunched up nose with a little curly pig tail made the description of a Pug and Jack Russell perfect. Her longer legs were from the Terrier but man did the dog know how to eat!

"Hey, Roxie." I smiled down at her before patting her head and moving my way to the small kitchen. Roxie trampled her way to the sofa where she had been chewing her bone.

"Hey! Get off my sofa! Use your own, I don't want stinky bone juice on my couch!" I scolded as I took out a can of Cherry Coke. Making my way into the living room, I shooed her off my couch. She of course hopped up onto hers and went back to chewing her bone.

It was around the evening time when I started making dinner for myself that I heard a slip of paper fall onto my floor. I tiptoed to the door and peeked around the corner to find an envelope addressed to me. I turned it over a few times in my hand before reading the inscription in the corner.

"The University of Hawaii contacted me?" I whispered to myself. My fingernails sliding their way under the opening and ripping it open. I unfolded the sheet and read it silently to myself while I slowly walked to the phone, trying to grasp the text. I placed the sheet down on the counter and dialed my mother's number.

"Hello? Maya is that you?" She asked quickly.

"Yeah mom, it's me." I heard her laugh at my dad in the background.

"What's up sweetie? Did something happen at work? Or man troubles?" I heard her squeal towards the end. I rolled my eyes and shifted my weight to the side while twirling a strand of brunette hair around my finger.

"No, nothing like that. I just got a letter here from the University of Hawaii…" I trailed off as I picked the papers back up.

"Hawaii? But that's so far away, how did you even apply?" She was right, I hadn't applied. I had never even thought about going to Hawaii in that matter.

"No, I just got about 10 minutes ago. I would never get myself into the University of Hawaii! I haven't even applied for any place." I heard the phone shift on the other side. I looked over the paper once more before reading the text aloud. "Dear Ms. Neal, we would like to invite you to out university for advanced study of the Aquatic Sciences. Our university has seen your records and we would love for you to come here and study. It would be much of an honor to us. Thank you, the University of Hawaii."

"Sounds like a scam, babe. Did you call them up?" Mom asked silently.

"No but that sounds like an idea. Do you think moving to Hawaii would be good for me?" I asked, a little nervous of what she would say to me.

"Well, baby doll, the choice is yours. Though you would be so far away, I'm not sure how we would contact you." She sounded a bit worried about how this all would turn out.

"Well I still have to think it over. I just wanted to call and let you know I guess." I sighed.

After mom and I exchanged a few more words, I hung up the phone and took the paper to my work bag.

"What do you think Roxie? Was it just a whole big scam or do you think I could do it?" She cocked her head to the side and just stared at me with big bug eyes.

"Well, thanks for the help." I sucked in a breath before shaking my head and pulling my iPhone out of my purse. I dialed Lisa's number quickly. She answered on the second ring.

"Hey, Lisa, you want to go out tonight?" I asked as soon as I heard her pick up.

"Tonight? Sure, I don't have any plans. Wanna come and get me?"

"Sure thing, girl. I'll be there in a few!" I hung up and went straight to my closet.

I pulled at the hem of the black dress that came just to below my butt. I wasn't sure if this would stay down but I had a stressful and all I wanted to do was relax and have fun! The black pumps were perfect and really made me look a little taller. I stood in front of the mirror and took myself in. Alright, I'm not a cocky kind of girl but damn, did I look good! The tan almost looked a shade darker which really did wonders for my dark brunette hair. The dress hugged my curves and my face seemed to glow. I touched up on my make up to bring out my hazel eyes then I grabbed my purse and headed out the door, feeling good.

I pulled up to Lisa's house and put the Bug into park. She was already coming out of the house, waving to me and squealing. I had known Lisa for ten years but I had never seen her squeal so happily.

"What is it?" I asked as she opened the door and slid in, her skirt riding up more than it should have.

"I haven't been out in a long time. It feels good to get away from the office and animals!" She laughed a little before clearing her throat and turned to me, serious.

"How do I look?" She asked as she flipped her dark red brown hair.

"Stunning, really! Curling your hair looks good with your face." She blushed and tapped my shoulder to get a move on.

"I really haven't been to the F.O.E before. It always looks scary in the light." She laughed as we parked, the neon lights reflecting onto the windows of my car.

"Neither have I, but how bad could it be?" I shrugged as we both slid out of the car and up to the doors. As soon as we walked inside, the music hit our ears. It's loud bass booming inside of me. It was already pretty hot in here with all those bodies grinding together, I would figure so.

"Want to get a drink, Maya?" Lisa nudged me before leading me over the bar, which was lit up with bright arrays of neon. We both slid onto a stood an ordered a Martini. I glanced over my shoulder at the dancing crowd. That wasn't really my thing, but I had to tell myself it was just for fun. Lisa's Martini was already gone before mine.

"I'm getting out on the floor! Come on!" She yelled over to me as she tugged my arm.

"I don't dance!" I yelled back at her. She just rolled her eyes and pulled me along with her. I was very hot, but as Lisa disappeared into the crowd I was stuck with these people. No one was watching me but they were really touching me. I started to move my hips a little to the beat til finally I was able to just let go and enjoy the feeling of being relaxed. After a few minutes of dancing with no one, I felt hands pull back. My body was rubbing and grinding against a muscular figure that was pushing his crotch into me. His hands trailed up my body and down my legs, feeling me and making feel a little bit uncomfortable. I craned my neck around to see who it was. It was an older man, maybe in his thirties or late twenties. He wasn't terrible looking, but the way he looked at me felt weird and out of place. Nervously, I pulled away, watching his face turn into a glob of question. I made my way out of the crowd and back to the bar where I sat down and ordered another drink. The bar tender looked at me then poured me two and set them down.

"Rough night you're having, lady?" He asked as he shook up a bottle.

"Nah just wanted a drink." His eyebrow raised then put the bottle down as I picked up the second Martini.

"You're new here I take it?" He asked while pouring me another drink. I nodded and reached for the new Martini.

"Yeah but I think I'm going to head out. I'm not into this sort of thing." Maybe coming here was a bad idea. Instead of relaxing, I felt violated, which I shouldn't have because I was dancing with hot strangers. I downed the Martini and smiled,

"Thanks for the drinks. See you around." I waved slightly before picking my way around the people and out the door.

The fresh air was sweet on my face. I took it in as I unlocked my car and got in. I started up my Bug and realized that I left Lisa in there by herself. Oh what the hell, she'll get a ride from whatever guy she was making out with.

As soon as I got home I collapsed on my sofa, Roxie licking my fingers. I waved her way and stared up at the ceiling. Maybe Hawaii would be good for me; maybe I could find some new things to get into. I sighed and smiled to myself…maybe Hawaii could be the perfect relaxing place for me.


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