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Passion & Lies

Novel By: LittleMizOz

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"Save it Romeo, I've got homework." I held the phone in my hand as I walked down the sidewalk towards home.

"Ah, come on Ella! I can help you!" Brandon begged from the other end. I rolled my eyes; gripping my sling bag and looking down at my shoes.

"Sorry, Brandy. I'll fail finals and then never go to college." I heard a car honk as it passed me. I looked over to see Shana waving out the window and blowing kisses to me. Her red hair getting blown over her face. I waved back with my free hand, blowing a kiss to her in return.


"Bye, Brandon! Love you!" I clicked the phone off then looked over at the football field on my right. The tall fence was the only thing standing in my way from watching them practice. I only knew James on the football team. Of course Chad and some other guys, but I hardly paid that much attention to them. I was too busy with my studies for college; I hardly had time to see my own boyfriend! I ran my long fingers through my brown hair only to lift it into the air to wave at James from the field. Their red jerseys were electric against the dull green grass. I was never one for sports; I was terrible at running or throwing or even hitting. I was terribly uncoordinated.

I pushed the door open softly, as I took my key out of the handle. I was greeted by a giant fluffy mound of fur. The only thing she said to me was a simple bark with a flick of her wet tongue.

"Good to see you too, Rose." I petted her ears. She was a simple Golden Retriever; but her eyes were green unlike others.

"Ella? Is that you?" My mom, Dianna called. I heard the office chair roll back then her light footsteps. She stood in the office doorway, her hand up against the frame as she took me in. "How was school?" I shifted my bag on my shoulder gently before smiling at her.

"Just a lot of work as per usual." I took a step towards the stairs that were glued to the wall on its left.

"Anything new?" She past me to go through the dining room across the study. Then went to the kitchen that was in the back of the dining room. "Hungry?" She called.

"Nothing new, just lots more work. I'm completely starved! Mind if I use the computer?" I peered over into the study to see the computer asleep on the desk.

"Sure! Kent is coming over for dinner anyways. Could you get your brother from downstairs, he seems to be very tired of late."

"Your wish is my command!" I gave a fake English accent before opening the basement door and looking down at the stairs that disappeared into darkness. I gulped then turned on the light that flickered on.

Stepping off the last step, I looked around at the large room that held a waterbed, a mess of clothes and gaming boxes. Beside me was a huge flat screen that was surrounded by controllers and chairs. Picking my way along the mess, I stood over the bed where Peter lay; in a bundle of sheets. I nudged him gently with my fingertips.

"Hey, wake up Peter." He grumbled slightly before his eyes opened.

"Wha-What? Ella?" He squinted at me then rubbed his eyes.

"Yeah, mom wants you up for dinner." I nodded to him and smiled gently.

"Yeah, yeah. Let me guess...Kent is coming!" His tone was bitter as he yawned. Peter and Kent had a load of arguments when mom and he began dating. Peter didn't like how he treated mom but Kent would not hear it. Kent persisted and told Peter to get out, of course only to be yelled at by mother who said he could not command her children around. I stayed clear of arguments with Kent. But I still hated him with a passion.

"You got that right and I have essays to begin." I huffed then turned to walk back up the stairs. "Oh and Peter...try to be nice." I hinted before jogging up the stairs.

It was going on seven when I sat down at the desk. Kent said he'd be here in an hour which gave mom a chance to tidy up the place. I pulled out my folders and laid them out on top of each other. I circled the mouse around to make the screen come to life. I pulled up Google and Facebook in two tabs. Of course, I wasn't that popular in school and out. I just scrolled through my profile to see everything was in check then clicked back to Google to begin my research.

I scribbled on the lined paper, of why human could be related to monkeys even though I didn't care about the whole topic. I had ignored Brandon the whole time; leaving my phone in my room. I heard the popping sound of a new message on Facebook. I looked up real quick to take a double take.

"Jeremy?" I breathed to myself. Of course I had history with him, but I hardly paid him any mind. He was on the football team, loud, crazy and couldn't shut up. I didn't like him. Figuring I should be nice, I paused my work and placed my fingers over the keyboard.

Jeremy Kiniss


How are you?

I stared at the little box, my fingers worked on their own accord; typing a simple message to him.

Ella Lin

Good you?

Jeremy Kiniss


How was school?

I gulped and bit my lip. I had no clue why he was talking to me. Just as my finger began to press down on the G button, mom called my name.

"Ella! Peter! Come help get the table ready!" Groaning, I gave a glance at the little box then got up to help my mom.

Chapter 1:

Earlier That Day...

Maybe I was scared, maybe I was just was freaking out too much. I was leaning against the lockers in the crowded hallway. Brandon had told me he would be here! He promised he would meet me by his locker before the first bell rang! I stayed calm and silently took my phone out; avoiding the looks that people gave me as they passed. I scrolled through the contacts then through my messages but I could bear it no longer. I looked around; looking at the facing passing me but there was no sign of Brandon. Gulping, I began to walk to the library.

I pushed open the doors to silence. Everyone was studying or working on something. Looking around, I spotted the crowded table near the back. The football players were huddled close together, writing on lined paper. I wanted to avoid them as much as possible. I was used to the varsity boys; they knew me from James but I didn't know everyone. Walking towards the shelves of books, I caught one of them looking over at me. What was his name? Jeremy I think...I pushed it aside and disappeared into the walls of books where they couldn't find me.

English class was a drag. Shana looked over at me from across the room and mouthed: "Where was Brandon?" I just gave her a glance and shrugged as the teacher turned back around. Shana twisted her red hair around her finger then looked back over at me with a sad frown across her lips. She knew I was worried about Brandon but then again was more angry at him. But I forced myself to focus the rest of the day.

When school ended, there was no sign of Brandon. But as I began to walk home, my phone vibrated in my pocket. Pulling out the delicate phone, I slid the screen to unlock. Oh god...Brandon. I pushed the button then held it to my ear.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Ella! I'm so sorry! My mom took me out of town for the day! I'm home now!" He sounded happy...too happy.

"Don't worry about it; I caught up with my friends." I lied smoothly. I kicked a loose stone with my shoe.

"Well, I was wondering...do want to come over for the day?" I could hear him moving around. "We could snuggle...make-out or we could get busy!" I could just see him winking and giving me that lustful look.

"Save it Romeo, I've got homework."

After Dinner...

I sat in the computer chair. My fingers drumming over the black keyboard. I didn't know what to think...Jeremy was talking to some loser that was hardly as popular as he was. But his message seemed true and clear.

Jeremy Kiniss

I can't believe I never talked to you before.

It wasn't hard to believe...he was on the football team and I was some loser that hardly talked to anyone on the football team! Instead I shook the thought away and typed away.

Ella Lin

Well I don't think that we had many classes together. That could be why.

Jeremy Kiniss

I see you at practice, you always talk to James and the other guys.

Ella Lin

Guess I hardly noticed you :P

Jeremy Kiniss

I should walk you to class tomorrow! I'll meet you by the gym then!

I stared at the screen; not sure what to say. It was all quite sudden really! But I composed myself and took a deep breath.

Ella Lin

Sure, I'll be there :)

Before he could reply, I clicked logged out. I didn't know if I could do this!


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