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I'd Kill to Love You

Novel By: Lizo

What would you say if I said I could kill you in under thirty seconds flat?
What would you do if I said I was going to kill you?
My name is Evelyn Anderson, and I am a contract killer. It's my job to take out the targets of my boss, and I do it well...
That is... until I make the biggest mistake of my career... and fall in love with my most important mark... View table of contents...


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There was music in the background as we drove up to the lavish Ritz-Carlton hotel. Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 14 filled the air with flowing mood music. We pulled up to the entrance where the doormen were waiting. My driver eased to a stop, then turned to me.

"You have thirty minutes to complete your assignment. I will be waiting for your signal to pick you up," he instructed quickly. He handed me a black satin purse that had a phone inside it. Then he unlocked the doors and a doorman opened mine. I could hear the gasps around me when I graciously stepped out of the car.

My dress was long and satiny purple. The material clung to my curves, accentuating my figure. It was a halter top wrap that swirled down to fan out at my knees. My russet colored hair was piled delicately on my head, with one large curl tapering down on my shoulder. The sound of my heels echoed through the building as I walked inside. The lights were dimmed, and it gave the hotel lobby a soft glow. The man at the marble counter quickly stopped what he was doing when I approached him.

"Yes ma'am, how may I help you?" he asked, looking me up and down. I smiled courteously and placed a gloved hand on the counter.

"Yes, I am here to meet a Mr. Presley?" I said, accenting my voice to sound French.

"Yes, Miss Teresa Larson, if you will follow me, you're meeting Mr. Presley in our Star Lounge." I smiled again, giggling on the inside at my supposed identity. My real name was Evelyn, but in my line of work, it is best not to use your real name.

I followed my host until we reached a dark room, where a few very nicely dressed people mingled and sipped cocktails. I hid a smile when everyone looked at me and gawked. I was shown to the bar, and then the host said he would inform Mr. Presley of my arrival. I turned and leaned on the bar, scanning the room's faces.

"Miss Larson?" a voice to my right called. I turned to face a mid-sized man, approximately in his early thirties. He wore a black suit with a crimson tie. He was not much taller than me, with attractive facial features. I grinned politely and raised my hand to shake his.

"Mr. Presley, what a pleasure to meet you," I said, still accenting my voice. Instead of shaking my hand, he took it and pressed it to his lips.

"The pleasure is all mine," he murmured, as he took my hand and led me to the other end of the bar. There he offered me a seat and took the one to my right. "I trust Mr. Riley is in good health?" Ah yes, Mr. Riley, my boss, the same man who gave me this task.

"He is, and I must say, he spoke very highly of you. It is a shame that he could not make this meeting," I said while tracing my finger down the edge of the bar counter. I glanced up into his eyes intensely, and he loosened his collar a bit. "Mr. Presley, I was rather hoping we could finish this deal somewhere more private." I spoke softly, to where only he could hear.

He raised his left eyebrow and quickly nodded. He offered his hand, and I placed my hand in it. He led me to a door, which opened to a small conference room. There was a large table with chairs in the middle, and he pulled one for me.

"No thank you, I would prefer to stand," I said.

"Of course," he said mischievously, with a teasing look in his eyes. Just as I hoped, he took the seat, and swiveled around to face me. I quietly shut the door and turned back around.

"Well, I am pleased to inform you that Mr. Riley has accepted your proposal, and is hoping to start cooperating with you soon," I began. He smiled and nodded his head slowly, raising his hand to his chin. "However, there a couple things that Mr. Riley would like to change," I said as I walked up to him, turning his chair around to face the table. I placed my hands innocently on his shoulders, and lowered my lips next to his ear.

"Oh, and what would that be?" I could feel his pulse quicken as I smoothed his shoulders seductively.

"Mr. Riley would like to remove you from the management. You are no longer needed to run the program," I whispered into his ear before softly pecking his cheek.

"What the hell do you mean? It's my program!" He started to get up, but I pushed him back down into the chair.

"It means that Mr. Riley would like you to be terminated," I purred into his ear. He struggled under my grasp, but I held him down and slowly moved my hands to his neck. "Such a waste, yet Mr. Riley can't have someone with your reputation ruining his business. You may think your criminal record was erased, but we know everything that you have done. Mr. Riley likes your ideas, not you." I smiled into the mirror directly across from us at the other end of the room. He looked at my reflection and struggled to get up.

I caressed his face and locked my arms around his head. With a quick and powerful twist, I snapped his neck, killing him instantly. I gently set his head on the table, and turned to walk out the door. I silently left the room, locking the door from the inside. Luckily no one was in the lobby to see me, so I took out my phone and sent my driver the signal.

When I made it outside a black Audi TT coupé arrived, and the passenger door opened automatically. I slid inside and shut the door. Once I was inside my driver/partner, Jason, quickly sped off into the New York night.

My real name is Evelyn Anderson. I am a government assassin working under contract to a classified government ops director. The best of his team, I have the most experience in the squad, and I have the highest body count. After we were clear of the hotel, Jason slowed and turned onto another street.

"Did you accomplish your task?"

"Yes, Frederick Presley has been terminated."

"Good. There is a private jet waiting for you La Guardia International Airport. From there you will fly to Washington D.C. You have three days before your next assignment." I nodded my head firmly. I rested my head back and looked out the window. Jason's phone beeped and he took it out to read the screen. "Evelyn?"


"The boss is very pleased with you." He looked at me and smiled warmly. I sighed and smiled back. Man do I love my job, I thought.


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