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Class With Mr. Depp

Novel By: Love Reaper

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-The school bell rings-

It's the first day of school, lovely. I hate school. There's never anything to do, the teachers are too strict with their NO FUN ALLOWED rule, and my friends always start drama because either their boyfriends glanced at another girl or they're crying because they've been dumped and because they didn't give it up fast enough. Woop-t-do. The only thing great about the summer is that I turned 18, and I'm super excited that it's my last year. I look at my schedule and all of my classes are completely boring except for one, The Art Of Poetry 2.

Oh, if you don't know what that is it's a class where it goes over the history of poetry, how it developed and being taught how to better our modern day poetry. I took it last year and it was the best, I was able to be in my own world, the teacher even let us listen to music, you know, get the mind flowing. It's only bittersweet that I have this class last period, ugh.

Stacey: Erica!! Erica: What?? I say annoyed at her voice. It's not that I don't like Stacey, I love her, but she only talks about one thing... Stacey: Guess what I did over the summer?! She says happily jumping. Erica: I don't know, what. I sigh, already irritated. Stacey goes onto a rant talking about her summer and what she did and what she bought and how much fun she had and on and on and on... kill me please. We finally get to our first class and we have the wonderful Ms. Yuman... don't ask. The only thing I'll tell you is that there's a reason why she's only a miss.

-Lunch time-

I walk over, ditch Stacey heading over to Michael and QT, I find it so perfect that those are his initials because he truly is a cutie. I run and hug QT while I say hi to Michael. We all catch up on each others summers. That's what I love about guys. They always have a need to not talk about themselves. The only thing they need to do is laugh in order to have a good time, so do I. Michael: So have you heard about the new poetry teacher? He's suppose to be sooo darling. He says this while looking up like he's in love. I laugh.

Erica: No I haven't heard about the new teacher, is he cool? QT: That's what every girl says. Erica: Oh boy, he's another pretty boy? Michael: Not a pretty boy, beautiful man. He's 36 years old. Erica: Ew he's only a year older than my mom. That's like dating my dad, blaaah. Michael: Weell that's not what all the other girls are saying. QT: Yeah all the girls panties are wet with anticipation. We all laugh our heads off, inside joke.

Thirty minutes later of laughing and playing and we're all a little saddened but excited because it's our last period. We all have the same class so we head on over. Me, Michael, and QT sit next to each other in three different rows. Michael's in the third row, QT's in the first and I'm in the second, second seat, four's my favorite number.

Now if you think it's weird that us three joined this class together on purpose then you just don't know us. We all feed off of each other. We might even start a book together. We're like the three Musketeers, except I'm the only girl. But it's ok, I like being like that.

The teacher walks in and I'm amazed. He may be 36 but he sure does look about 24, he looks great for his age, I can tell from his day he was a total bad ass. He's 5'10 with a mix of blond and black chin length hair, he's got that whole sexy mustache, soul patch, and mini beard all in one kind of deal. He's got a white beater with classic blue baggy jeans with a sweater wrapped around his waist, who is this guy, his style is awesome. He's even got a couple of tattoos on his arms, pretty spiffy. He does look pretty good for an old guy, but pssh, I don't care for him, I've seen way hotter.


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