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Blood Bonds

Novel By: LoveAmbition

Join Elizabeth and Aidyn in a unexpected love that turns out to be the best for them.

Elizabeth has been having dreams about her dream guy, but in every dream he's either killing her or saving her. What happens when she meets him?

Aidyn hasn't been the one to love anything or anyone, even other vampires. So why would he fall for a girl he meets on the street? Should he put his guard down or build the wall higher? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 11, 2012    Reads: 82    Comments: 3    Likes: 3   

He sank his sharp teeth into her tender skin, she let out a soft moan. She closed her eyes and thought of the pleasure it brought to her. He didn't think he could control the thirst he had. She gently pushed at his bare Chest, signaling him to stop. He answered with a low grunt, and continued his feed. She desperately tried to keep her heavy eyes open, her voice decided not to work and she didn't have the energy to move. He licked over her skin and pulled from her neck. He looked at her with silver eyes , pleading her to stay alive. With her eyes failing her, she took the last energy she had to remember every beautiful ,eye-catching, part of his face. Her eyes became more like 20 pound weights as darkness engulfed her vision.

Elizabeth jerked her head up and gulped for air. Why did the dream end like that every night? She swiftly wiped the sweat from her face and plopped back down on the creaky bed. She watched the silent T.V play the old version of Mickey Mouse. She smiled at the small mouse bouncing to the muted beat of the tune. She threw her feet over the side of the bed and walked over to the large window of her studio apartment. She slid open the curtains and stared out at the minuscule town of Sandersville. She caught a glimpse of her reflection in the window, her brown hair in disarray on top of her head, deep, seducing blue eyes and a blemish less face of ivory. She raked a small delicate hand through her deep mass of hair. She blew out a breath and walked toward her bathroom.

She grabbed a towel from the silver rack and turned on the hot water of her black tiled shower. She undressed and stepped under the shower head. Why can't he be real? She thought to herself as the hot water rushed from her hair to the rest of her body. It trickled down her back and made a goosebump trail. It felt so real. She thought again. She grabbed the towel and added her body wash. The smell wafered to her nose, apples and waterfalls. She smiled to herself and bathed under the relaxing hot water.


He descended from the dark woods looking around to make sure no one was looking. He spotted his prey and a devilish grin played across his god-like face. He stalked behind the long legged blonde with a phone to her ear. His eyes silvered and 2 sharp teeth grew over his pink bottom lip. She approached an alley and he covered her mouth with his hand as he pushed his teeth into her neck . She let out a whimper as he drained the life from her.

"Save some for me, Aidyn." a dark figure stepped out from the shadows.

Aidyn dropped the body and she scrambled into a corner holding her neck.

"Anthony, you always make me drop my food. Why are you in Illinois anyway?" he said,wiping the blood from his lips.

"Oh, you know. No better blood than here." they shared a laugh.

"I haven't seen you in ages, literally." Aidyn chuckled.

Anthony was his older brother, he taught him how to hunt and how to feed, considering the fact that their parents were dead he was like his dad. "Well I'm going to get home, I've got things to do." with that his eyes averted to the girl in the corner. "Alright, see you around." Anthony gave him a half smile and was gone in a blur. Aidyn looked at the fragile girl and shook his head. He picked her up and was gone into the forest.


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