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Player Meets Game

Novel By: LoveLikeThat

"If you're a player, then let's play a game." I start, "Lets date, act like a real couple, fight like we're old and married, hug and kiss each other, hold hands all the time, say good morning and good night every day, and give each other stupid nicknames. Whoever falls in love first, loses." View table of contents...



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*8 years ago*

"Hey! Give me my ball back!" Eight year old Leodessia whines, as Andy snatches her ball, running to his group of friends while laughing.

"Come get it!" He yells over his shoulder.

She runs toward him and when she's finally in front of him, making a move to grab her ball, he throws it over her head to his friend standing behind her.

"I don't like playing monkey-in-the-middle." She complains, while the eight and nine year old boys throw the ball back and forth, out of her reach.

"Fine." Ryan says when the ball returns to him, "I'll make you a deal."

"What's that?" She swallows, audibly.

"If you can't get it from us then you'll have to climb the fence for it!" He smirks, and before she can protest, he throws it over the fence that surrounds the playground.

Leodessia runs over to the fence and stares at it in horror.

They're not supposed to leave the playground area during recess.

She looks around and sees the teachers had gone inside for today and chose to look out the window every now and then, to check on them.

"If I hurry up then I won't get caught." She thinks to herself as she sticks a foot into the chain-link fence and grabs onto the top, pulling herself upwards until she could push her other foot in, higher than the other. She continues until she reaches the top, swinging a leg over and straddling the fence, then jumping down on the other side.

She smiles in victory, lifting up the ball and turning so she could rub it in the boys' faces, but instead came face-to-face with her teacher.

Ms. Burns was an elderly woman who wasn't very friendly and with the look she was wearing now, Leodessia could tell she definitely wasn't in a friendly mood now, either.

"Leodessia, what're you doing?" She demands, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Andy threw my ball over the fence and I was getting it." She says, lifting the ball a little to help make her point.

Ms. Burns turns to Andy and his group of friends, "Is that true?"

He shakes his head and his friends defend him, shaking their heads also.

Leodessia's jaw drops and she stares at the boys in disbelief.

"Leodessia, you'll be sitting out next recess, now climb back over." The teacher says, looking at her, sternly.

"But-" She starts.

"No 'buts', now come on."

She sighs, throwing the ball back over the fence and climbing back over.

The only difference with climbing the fence this time is when she jumps down from the top, she doesn't land on her feet.

Her foot catches onto the fence and she falls forward, onto her face. And sense her luck is running great, she's wearing a dress that just happens to fly up, showing her undergarments to the class.

She pushes herself back up, fixing her dress and her gaze to the ground while everyone laughs at her.

"I'll get Andy back for this." Leodessia promises herself before walking back towards the school, her head hanging low.

A/N: Sorry it's super short! It's just the Prologue, though!.. I guess that's not a good excuse... Oh well! I made this chapter 3rd person, but the rest will be 1st and Leodessia's point of view. Maybe I'll alternate her and Andy ;) We'll see!

And for those who want to know how to pronounce Leodessia's name it'd be "Lee-oh-dess-ee-ah," Sorry for making a difficult name ;)

Much love, LoveLikeThat xoxo


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