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The Power Behind Words

Novel By: Lovely Ree

Summer Trek, school's biggest bitch and sweetheart. She in this journey through hell is accompanied by her older brother and her little sister plus her best friend and her brother as well. Summer was a Junior attending Northridge Boarding School. She was mean, beautiful, and caring, sometimes. No one really knows what went on in Summer's life before boarding school, everyone had an idea but not the whole truth. Just like fallen leaves in fall, Summer was falling, and falling hard. View table of contents...


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I was sitting in class looking bored up at the bored in my English class when a rock flew into the window and everyone screamed but I just sat there clapping my hands at the idiot who broke the window. I looked out and noticed a very attractivedelinquentboy that pissed the hell out of me and I frowned at him.
"Class settle down! Mr. Jeremy Dawson to the Headmistress now!" Mr. Diego screamed at the top of his lungs angry that his class was in chaos and his window was broken.
I stood up and walked out of class.
"Mrs. Trek, I didn't dismiss the class" Mr. Diego yelled at me.
"Mr. Diego I don't care what you say" I talked back and continued my walk down the hall far away from class.
I made my way down the hall towards my dorm but I was stopped by my name being called and I turned around to find Jeremy Dawson's brother walking up towards me.
"What do you want Kyle? Your brother got into trouble again" I told him.
"He's always getting into trouble and so are you, why are you up here?" He asked me.
"Maybe I want to go to my room and be left alone" I told him and hinted at his presence.
"Don't got to get you thongs in a bunch" He replies and I glare at him then punch him in the face.
"What the hell Summer" He yelled at me and I laughed.
"I told you I wanted to be alone" I snapped and continued my walk until I unlocked my room door and shut it behind me annoyed now.
Knock, knock. I heard on my door.
"What?" I snapped and they knocked again.
I got up and opened up the door to find Liz Haven standing in front of my room.
"What Liz?" I asked her hoping it didn't come out mean, she was a nice girl, always helped me in my studies when I needed her.
"Um are you okay?" She asks me.
"Quite fine why do you ask?" I asked her.
"You haven't stormed out of class like that for months now" She tells me and I laugh.
"Oh that, Jeremy ticked me off" I replied. "How rude of me, come on in" I said and stepped aside making her come in.
She sat down at the edge of my bed and I sat crossed legged in front of her on a bean bag.
"So why are you skipping class dear oh good Liz?" I asked her smirking at her.
"I'm not skipping, I took a tutoring slip so I could check up on you" She says.
"Oh alright but I don't recall scheduling a tutoring session" I reply and she gives me a sly smile.
"You know secretly being friends with you is kind of exciting" She says and I burst out laughing.
"Secretly? You don't want to be friends with me in public? Nice Liz" I told her pretending to be mad.
"I don't want to make you look bad" She replies shyly and I shake my head at her.
"Liz we could hang out in public you know, it's not like the Fakes bite" I told her talking about my fake friends that followed me around school.
"Umm they do bite if you haven't noticed and besides I like privacy so people don't know all our business" She tells me and I laugh again.
"Alright Liz" I reply sarcastically and she flicked me off.
"I better get back to History, Head Mistress is coming in" She says.
"Okay" I reply and she gets up and walks out my door.
I sighed not knowing what to do because I have a free period right after so I locked up my dorm and went for a walk. I was walking down the endless flight of stairs down to the first floor when I felt a familiar pair of arms snake around my waist and I slapped them off and he laughed at me.
"I'm really hoping you're going home Jeremy" I snapped at him.
"Harsh words Summer" He said with a grin.
"I punched your brother in your face and I will punch you right now if you don't leave me alone" I snapped at him.
"Just because we aren't together anymore doesn't mean we can't have fun" He says seductively and I smacked him on the back of his head.
"When I said it was over I meant it!" I yelled and stormed back off the direction I was going in.
I made my way to the front door when it flung open and it hit me on the head sending me to the floor cradling my now aching forehead.
"Summer" Jeremy yelled and sprinted towards me right when a boy came in looking around then looking down noticing me and knelt beside me to check if I was alright.
"I'm sorry" He apologized and tried to touch me but I slapped his hand away.
"I'm fine, I'm fine" I replied harshly and stood up.
"What the hell dude" Jeremy yelled at the boy and I just rolled my eyes at him, so only now he cares? Jerk!
"It was an accident" The boy argues.
"Your face was an accident" Jeremy bit back and
I laughed and left the two boys alone to their useless argument.
"Stupid boys" I said under my breath and sighed.
"Hey Sunny" an irritating high pitched voice called me.
"Not in the mood for your endless rants Tash" I snapped at her.
What was up today? I was so moody and grumpy.
"I wasn't going to rant Summer, I was going to tell you about the new hot boy since you are single and in need of a boyfriend because of your grumpy moods." She told me and I laughed.
"Yeah I met him, he hit me on the head" I told her and we walked side by side towards the Dining room.
"What?" She shrieked and I laughed.
"Yeah, I guess Jeremy found a new girlfriend because I left them arguing about their sad lives" I told her and she grinned.
"Rumors going around about him already" She says.
"Really? He just walked into the door a few minutes ago" I complained and she nods her head.
"Seems like new boy has a past with a few girls who come to this hell hole" She says and I laugh.
"That's what good looks get" I replied.
"Real" She replies and I shake my head.
"I gotta go check Kyle, I heard you smacked him in the face" She says harshly and I roll my eyes.
"It made him prettier Tasha" I replied and she laughed and walked away.
I stepped into the dining room and found the new kid sitting alone so I grabbed a drink and made my way towards him. Books were piled out in front of him and he had a half eaten pizza and a full cup of water in front of him.
"Hey kid you're in my seat" I said sounding mean and he looked up and rolled his eyes.
"I see you don't care, nice to meet you and welcome to Hell" I said and smiled cheerfully at him.
"You're the girl I hit on the head" He says remembering me and I frowned at him.
"Thanks by the way because a bump on the head is so attractive" I replied sarcastically.
"Sorry" He says.
I take a seat in front of him and looked down at to what he was doing and I sighed.
"I heard your a bad boy, what's up with all the books?" I asked him.
"My sisters" He replied.
"What's her name? She been here long?" I asked him.
"Yeah, I just moved back in with my parents so I'm now too" He says.
"Oh, so who is she? I might know her" I told him and he laughs.
"I heard you were a bad girl, what are you doing knowing a nerd?" He asked me and I smiled.
"How do you think I'm passing?" I asked him, which was true. I had Liz help me all the time, thank god for her.
"Liz Haven" He replies and my mouth fell open but I quickly closed it making sure he didn't notice.
"Liz Haven is your sister?" I asked him shocked.
"Yeah, why?" He asks and raises and eyebrow at me.
"That's my best friend" I replied and he chokes on his drink that he picked up to sip and I laughed.
"Don't believe me?" I asked him and crossed my arms across my chest.
"Not one bit" He replies and as if on cue Liz walks into the dining room frowning and stomping towards the table we sat on and I looked at her confused then noticed she was glaring at her brother.
"You hit her on the head with the door? Are you stupid!" She yells at her brother and I laugh.
"Hey Liz, again" I greeted her and she threw a grin at me.
"It was an accident and stop fuming, you're embarrassing me and her" He said pointing at himself and me.
"Oh no Liz carry on, I've only seen you mad a couple of times when you got a bad test score" I told her and she flicked me off again making the corner of her mouth twitch into a smile and I laughed.
"So this is your brother? How can he be so arrogant and you're so, well, you?" I asked her and she sits down besides her brother and threw me a book but I blocked it and it landed with a smack back onto the table.
"I thought girls like you liked bad boys?" He asked me smirking at me and underneath the table I could feel him playing footsie with me and I smiled.
"I do" I replied and winked at him.
"Just not my best friends brother douche" I snapped and got up from the table and patted on Liz's shoulder who laughed at me and waved me goodbye.


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