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Losing in Love

Novel By: LoveMask

Robyn Way's life is slightly more complicated than your average high school senior's. She hasn't talked to her Dad in two years - not since he cheated on her mom and left and she doesn't know how to get out of the crappy relationship she's in.
With her best friends help she'll try to make it the best summer vacation and senior year she can have under the circumstances, but things become even more complicated when she realizes that she's falling in love with one of them. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 6, 2010    Reads: 229    Comments: 31    Likes: 5   

A/N :) Hey thank you so much for checking out my story. Please, please comment and let me know what you think. Constructive criticism is of course welcome and even if you just want to say that you want me to keep writing, drop a comment so that I'll know you want me to continue! It's greatly appreciated! Sorry if this chapter is a little boring (Which I hope it's not!). It's mainly for introducing the characters and the setting. I made it as entertaining as possible. Okay I hope you LOOOVE it! :) Don't forget to leave a comment, Im on my hands and knees begging you right now! Thanks so much!

I sat cross-legged in the middle of my bed, running my thumbs over the keys of my cell phone, desperately willing my boyfriend to call me. I knew it was no use. It never was. I shut my phone and opened it again, hoping to see an incoming call, but no such luck. The time stared back at me. It was 2:37 AM on the first day of summer vacation and I was sitting on my bed when I could be at a party with my friends. But instead I was stuck at home, because Wren was supposed to come over last night but he hadn't shown up. Again. Sighing, I let my phone slip from my fingers and lay back, pulling the covers up to my chest. I was so tired of Wren's games. I knew in my heart that I didn't feel the way about him that I used to. When we first got together over a year ago, he had treated me so well. Now, he barely acknowledged my existence unless it was convenient for him. I was sick of feeling this way and wished that I could end it. I would have, except for the fact that ever since I had given Wren my virginity, I knew I was tied to him in a strong way and felt that it would be giving up too easily to just let it fall apart. Even though I knew that since sleeping with him, he should treat me better instead of worse. I also knew deep down, that I probably wasn't the only one sleeping with him. But I refused to believe that.

The next morning I walked to the popular diner in town, knowing that my friends would be there, and hoping that they would cheer me up. I was wearing a sundress, looking extra cute on purpose to show Wren what he had missed last night. But instead of feeling pretty like I was supposed to, I felt like crap. When I arrived at the diner, I pushed open the door and looke around for my friends. I spotted them, sitting at a table in the corner farthest from me and made my way over to them. I had been hanging out with the same group since middle school.
I had known some of them all my life - it was a small town, and mostly everyone who lived here had grown up here - but hadn't become friends with them until I was in seventh grade. I had known I was pretty back then and had flaunted it. With my white-blond hair and sky blue eyes, I knew I was what the boys were after. That was until I met Shay Leemon. She had been new that year and I was immediatly jealous when I met her. She had sharp green eyes, tan skin and long, flowing jet black hair. She stutted herself all over the school and wore clothes far too mature for a seventh grader. I was intimidated by her and avoided her at first. We became friends because we were paired up to work together in science class one day. But instead of working, we spent all of our time gossiping about Ben Shermann - the hottest guy in our grade. He had spiked brown hair and cool, edgy thin glasses. We giggled about him and I dared her to invite him to hang out with us that night. I hadn't realized how fearless and confident she was until she walked over to him without hesitation.
That night over movies and pizza, we talked with Ben for hours and finally asked him who he would kiss between the two of us. He got shy for a second and then told us he had something to say, but we couldn't tell anyone. When we promised, he told us that he was gay. We had kept our promise and been inseperable after that and never saw him as anything more than a best friend again. Now, everyone knew that he was gay and he was now known as Benji. He was proud of his sexuality and one of the best friends anyone could ask for.
Owen McCore was the coolest kid in school. He was the bad boy and didn't really have any close friends, but he didn't need them. He was a year older than us, and a mysterious loner. Girls were crazy about him but everyone knew that he wasn't into girlfriends - just hook-ups. One day, inbetween classes, Shay, Benji and I ventured outside to grab a soda from the vending machine. Leaning against the building, was Owen. He had curly brownish-blond hair, and a hot body to say the least. I nudged Shay and pointed my chin at the cigarette hanging from his mouth. Shay smiled at me slyly then handed me her books.
"Hey, can I bum one?" She asked as she approached him. He looked up her, stared for a second, and then wihout a word he reached into his back pocket and handed her a cigarette. She lit it and then casually turned the other way to hide her cough.
"Um, Shay," I said after a minute, "We should get back to class."
"Oh yeah, you guys better go learn your ABC's," Owen scoffed.
"Oh yeah, because eighth grade is so much older than seventh," I snapped. Owen raised his eyebrows, surprised, then shook his head and said, "Whatever. You're chicken."
"No I'm not," I said matter-of-factly, and held out my hand for a cigarette as I dropped the books I was holding on the ground and walked over to Shay and Owen. When Owen handed me one, I looked over my shoulder at Benji, who rolled his eyes and joined us. After about twenty minutes of awkward silence and me rolling the cigarette in between two of my fingers, a short girl with bouncy light brown curls to her shoulders came out to get to the vending machine. It was Dani Lendermen, another eighth grader and she ignored us until she had a coca-cola in her hand, and then she walked over to us.
"Hanging out with seventh graders now Owen? Aren't you so cool." That's how Dani is, not shy at all - but not in the same confident way as Shay. More in a clueles, ditzy kind of way. And I had always loved her for it.
Owen seemed embarrassed but glared at her. "I'm not hanging out with them. They wanted a smoke. You want one?"
"No thanks, I'd rather live a long and healthy life. But I don't want to go to P.E. so... I'm just going to chill with you guys," she declared as she plopped down in between Benji and I, practically on our laps. It became quite a regular routine and eventually Owen declared that we were the coolest seventh graders so it was okay if people saw us together. So all of us started eating lunch together and hanging out around town and at each other's houses after school.
Now, we were closer than close. I could talk to all of them about anything and they felt like family. So much had changed since then - I was now going to be a senior once summer ended, along with Shay and Benji. Dani had graduated just a few days ago and was going to community college next year. Owen had dropped out his junior year once he got an apartment above the town's surf shop in return for working there. Drop-outs weren't exactly uncommon in this town. And then there was Wren. He had moved to town about a year and a half ago and started hanging out with our group and we had started dating almost immediately. Now, he would be heading to college two hours away at the end of summer and while most girls would be dreading their boyfriend's departure, I was sort of counting down the days.
Owen's voice snapped me back to reality. "Hey Robyn, are you just gonna stand there and stare or are you actually going to sit down?"
I rolled my eyes and slid into the booth next to Benji, grabbing a fry off his plate.
"Sure Robyn, you can eat my food," he said sarcastically. I ignored him and looked over at Shay and Dani who were playing tic-tac-toe on a kid's menu.
"What's wrong?" Owen asked, leaning towards me. I opened my mouth to explain to him about Wren's absence the night before, when Wren - speak of the devil - walked in.
"Hey," he said, sitting down next to me and sliding an arm around my shoulder. I ignored him and kept staring straight ahead at Owen, then motioned with my eyes toward Wren and Owen nodded, understanding. Wren turned to me and said, "Did you order me anything?"
He noticed my bluntness and asked, "Are you mad at me or something?"
"Ooo, lover's quarrel!" Dani announced, and she and Shay leaned in to hear better.
"Why don't you guys mind your own business for once?" Wren snapped at them. Dani placed her hand on her heart, feigning offense. I ignored them both and turned to glare at Wren.
"You were supposed to call me to hang out last night."
"Ooooo," everyone chorused. Wren licked his lips nervously and said, "Sorry babe, I... had to drive my mom to the hospital. My aunt's sick, you know that."
"No I don't," I clarified.
"Oh... well she is."
Owen laughed while Benji, Shay and Dani shook their heads disapprovingly. He shot them a glare then turned back to me with pleading eyes. "You believe me, don't you baby?"
I looked toward my friends. Dani and Shay went back to their game, already knowing that I was forming the words in my mouth. Owen shook his head, disapointed.
"Sure," I said. And all was forgotten, just like that. Just like always.

P.S... yeah, it's me again. Haha... I like to talk? Anyway, let me know if you thought this was a good length or you think I should shorten it or add more next time. Thanks! :)


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