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2nd Chance

Novel By: Lovesongz32

It's not quite done. This is only first 10 chapters. Thank you! View table of contents...



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September 31, 2011
what went wrong?

I'm laying on my bed holding my stomach. Everything seems sick and bleak. My black, thin hair scattered around my head; my light brown eyes stared blankly into the vast black sky. There was no brightness, just a dim light above. I feel sick to my stomach as I rub it once more; tears drip down my face. My tears are a memento to my atrocious memory. Can't feel my legs; both legs wrapped in a cast "damn , thank god I didn't lose them", saying in my mind.


Tapping on my door "hun are you okay" my mother says "Skye, we need to talk"

I didn't say anything. Instead I rolled myself toward the window.
My door slightly opens and I feel my mom sitting behind me. I can feel my tears about to augment.

"are you okay?" my mom says " you need to realize, there is more
to life than you think".

"I don't know how... to deal with this" I say, my tone going up
and down "help me mom, please"

"Oh, honey I will" she says in a calm voice "you have to let go"

I say nothing, instead I roll myself towards her; face to face. I
could see pity in her eyes and I want to tell her so bad. I saw her
look at me; as she knew, what I was going through.I came to realize, that I still have hope in life. So I let out a gentle smile towards her; then, she let out a gentle smile.

"I'm in dire of need of water, mommy" I say

She lets out a tiny laugh. I knew what she was thinking. As she
stood up and walked away, I had more time to think of what to say when she came back.

I was being agile of my thought; thinking. I rub my stomach feeling so languish. I was too weak to do anything. What to do-that's it- what to do? I rolled myself more to the side; falling off of the bed and right infront of me was a mirror. I haven't look at myself
ever since the hospital. I look terrible; I acceded to get help. Did
the room just get more dark... I rub my face; my eyes are very puffy. I heard foot step getting closer to the door. So I jump back in my bed sitting right up. Opening the door she came in, walking slowly; setting the cup of water on my dresser.
"Honey, get some sleep" mom says. then she turns away walking
back towards the door.
" Mommy hold on, I have something to tell you" my heart pounding so fast starting to tremble as those words came out, "I'm...I'm...I'm" I can see her getting more eager waiting for my answer.

This is a story about 2nd chance, and this is my story.

Chapter 1

August 6, 2010
My Name...
Skye Weston...Born and raise in Ohio, at a small little town
called Asmine. It's a small country town; everyone knows each other. I have nice thin black hair, light brown eyes, and I'm 15 years old. I'm a Junior at Asmine High school. Today, is the beginning of my Junior year. I plan to get into college.


There was a bright light shinning through my window, hitting my soft skin. My eyes start to slightly open; immediately I start to check the time.

"8:45 Oh, shit I'm late. Ah, 45 minutes late; forgot to set the

I stood up running out my door towards my moms room. The letters "O-M-G" repeat in my head.

The school is empty, I guess everyone's in class. There I see a
guy, standing in the hall, looking lost. He started to turn around, so
as I. I start walking to my first period; no ones late, it's first day
of school. Then, I start hearing footstep walking towards my way. I let out a smile. He's probably a freshmen I say to myself. As I walk
faster to the class.

Walking into the class, I watched everyone head turn towards me. I was freaked out. I went blank for a moment.

"Miss what is your name" the teacher says.

"Skye Weston" I say.

"Take a seat", she says handing me my schedule, "look for an open seat"

"Yes miss..." I say, trying to look for a clue, "miss?"

"Mrs. Chen" she says, giving me a welcoming smile.

Then, I start to wonder; what the hell is this class. There are
silver gleaming sink all across the wall; tables with a lot of
marking. Then, I start to think "did I sign up for this class", then I
see Ceramics, on my schedule. Then i wonder; seeing a lot of art being inchoate.

I see a panorama view of the class, and I see one empty table.
There I sat; I start to hear another person come in. He was not tall
but, he was taller than me. He had dark brown eyes, with bright brown short hair.

It was the same guy who was walking behind me. I couldn't hide
it, I started to blush. Damn, I'm turning red, so I laid my head
against my bag trying to hide. The chair next to me starts to move. He was kind of good looking.

"Hey, I'm Peter Leon" he says, in a steady bad boy voice, " I'm a

Still blushing, of course a freshmen; first day. His presence
felt so right. I start to calm down; my face start to turn back. Oh,
crap what do I say.

"Hi, I'm Skye Weston" I say, also in a steady voice " I'm a

"A Junior, wow" he says, laughing "you're pretty, do you have a boyfriend?"

Seriously, you're going to ask that? I felt so dumb we just met.
I start to get heated. My hands start to sweat. I can't lie; I
thought. So I told him the truth. No matter, how hard I didn't want too.

"Yes, his name is Damian Santaro" I say " he's a senior same high school; so what about you?"

"Yeah it's complicated" he says "her name is Nanami Sasuki, she's
Japanese; she goes to this school, same grade"

I want to ask him so bad, why'd he ask that question. But, my
attraction towards him was mix at the moment. So, I didn't say
anything. I'm so dumb, I have a boyfriend and he has a girlfriend. I
kept telling myself not to thinking of him that way. We'd kept
talking, he wasn't boring to talk to. I felt so eager, talking to him.
My feeling never change towards my boyfriend; I'd still love him.
Peter was just a friend.

Ding-Ding-Ding! 1st period ended.

"Bye Skye" he says, smiling "Nice to meet you"

"You too" I say " Bye"

I skipped recess and stayed in class. I wasn't ready to meet my
friends. This day felt so long; waiting for school to end. Damn I miss my friends. Summer was so short that I hardly hang with my friends; I spent most of my time at home. I was feeling very balmy.

Finally, school ended. I met up with a couple of my friends and
Damian; it was fantastic.

As I wait by the school; my thought were flying and all they
thought about was Peter. But, I also had flying thoughts about Damian. I grip my phone; waiting for my boyfriends call. Damn why, does he take this long.

I waited. I saw Peter l with a couple of people while he was about to leave the school. He was turning my direction, and I glance toward him; he kept coming my way. When he came close I turn his way but, he didn't notice me; instead I saw him with this Japanese girl; maybe Nanami?

Should I care?

Then I feel my phone vibrate. Text Message; from Damian...

"Babe, come outside"-text

I start to drift away from Peter and the girl. As I walk toward
out the school; I glance one more time, our eyes meet; then I
immediately look back. I start to walk away faster.

I walk towards the car yelling "Babe!". I threw my bag in the
car. I was so happy he was here. He was tall; like 6'2", tan and I
mean tan, hazel eyes and has black shaved hair. I laugh jumping into his car. I lean over to kiss him; I havn't spent most of my time with him during the summer; oh, was I happy.

"Babe are you ready," Damian says "I love you"

"I love you, too" I say, knowing what we were going to do already
"I'm ready, babe".


I love him a lot; I thought. Will he ever leave me? Nope.

Chapter 2

August 6, 2010 3:30


There was no school tommorw; today was a Friday.

I grabbed one of Damian's hand. He smiled and I started to blush. Damn. I thought "Damn do I love that smile". We've been together for about 9 months; October is our 1 year anniversary. I hope we last longer. He was always good; he's smart. He would never cheat on me,
he's faithful.

I start to drift away and set my head on the window. The car is
a buzzing to my ear. My eyes start to slowly drop; I can feel every
turn we take. I start to hide my head under my jacket and I started to sleep.

As I waited to get to his house, the car stop and we were in a
gas station. So I went back to sleep. A welcome back party. One of my best cousin is hosting it; Dolly. Everyone going to be there; the whole Junior class I know for sure. And maybe a couple of seniors. But, the party don't start till seven.

I woke up by four, most of the time we stayed in his house. We
just waited till dark. His parents are never home. I don't think he
even has parents. But, I did meet his older sister; Kayla. She's
pretty she has long black hair and hazel eyes.

I sat on Damian's bed, his bed was soft and cold. The fan above
blew lightly; my hair starting to scatter. As I lay on his bed. He was in the bathroom getting ready after were going to my house to get ready. It's 6 right now. I
Imagine me and him sleeping on his bed; as I lay one of my hands on his chest and he holds my waist. I start to turn red and rolled
towards the wall.

I felt someone sit on the bed. I didn't even know he came in. Then I turn around it wasn't him it was his older sister Kayla; smiling
while looking at me.

"Hey ya, where you guys going tonight?" Kayla said "don't be home late"

"Hey, Kayla" I said in a cheerful voice; she kind of a friendly
nice person " we are going to a party tonight"

"Oh, I see" she says "why are you so red"

Damn "Umm it's cold" I say, "so where are you going tonight"

"Out of town, I got to go California for the weekend" she says "I'll be back by monday"

I hear a door open. As I watch gabe come out the bathroom. Wearing a polo and blue jeans. He kept on smiling; what the hell, I thought.

"Are you ready to go" Damian says, still smiling "babe, we got to be there by seven"

"Yeah I'm ready" I say "it's only 6:30"

"Well, yeah we still have to get you ready" he says laughing "
thank you Skye"

"For what" I say

"For everything" he says, with a big fat smile

I start to turn red again. He lean in to kiss me. So I lean in.Then we kiss.

"Well bye kids" Kayla says "be good to her Damian"

"Bye" Damian and I say.

I dress in a blue dress and silver sandels. I told my mom that I
was sleeping at dolly's house tonight. So, I pack my clothes for the weekend. Our Junior Class first party.


It's a full moon tonight. There's a nice moon beam; that lights up
the sky. We drove until we reach the lake. The party is at a nice lake
and that's why I brang a bikini. So I'm going to go night swimming.
Frezzing cold water, damn I'm getting excited.

The first thing I'd see was a bond fire. It looks cosy and warm.
Drinks everywhere; proably vodka. The lake house lights are all on. I
see people in the water already. I'd got out the car. Damian put his
hand around my waist as we walk to the others. From the corner of my eye I saw Dolly. I'd walk away from my boyfriend and he'd gave me a kiss and he went with his friends.

"Dolly, mind if I crash with you tonight" I say, smiling holding
my bag of clothes.

"Sure thing cousin" she says, "Tiana and Bran is here already"

Tiana and Bran are one of my all time bestfriends. We all grew up
together. Tiana is a blonde girl with blue eyes and she kind of chubby but more on the small side. Bran he's a red head and very pale but he's tall and buff ;he's very nice but I see him as a brother and he see me as a sister. Dolly, Tiana, Bran and I grew together in Asmine. Bran and Tiana are at the lake house.

I walk into the lake house finding Bran and Tiana. The house was
big and nice. The view of it was balmy. I walk inside; at a discern
they were behind me. I turn around to see there beautiful fat smile faces.

"I saw you with someone" Bran says, holding a cup "with the
freshmen in our class; ceramics"

"I didn't even notice you were there" I says, smiling "Bran, I
didn't see you at all"

"Its because you was talking to the boy" Tiana says, "I was in that
class too; Bran and I saw you but you never look toward our way"

"who's the boy?" Bran says, laughing; sipping the from the cup in his hand.

"Calm down, I don't like him or anything and his name is Peter" I
say. "and I'm sorry I didn't notice you guys"

"Well okay baby doll" Bran says, grabing Tiana hand and pull her
towards him.

"We are going for a swim" Tiana says " you want to come"

"Nah, I'm gonna spend time with Damian" I say

"Bye, Skye" they both says.

I was having fun with all faces I never seen for a long time. I
also met some senior at the party. Dolly's party was a party that no
one can miss. Dolly throws most of the party in our class. She always held one at the beggining of every school year.

I start to see Damian running towards my way. Damian grabs my hand and drags me to his car. And he was quick. He smiled and so gently words come out slowly out his mouth.

"I...want...to...make...a...promise" Damian says, holding out a promose ring "yes, a promise"

"what?" I say, blushing "what kind of promise"

"To never betray me" he says "all I want is you; I want to be with you forever; promise me you won't leave my side ever; promise that
you'll still love me no matter what happens; promise me that you won't die; like my yonger brother; skye I love you" he starts to cry.

He's younger brother died. Nate Santaro died because he was shot at the age of 4 during a robbery. He told me the story. The day he told me, he was crying. His past was very harsh; it was hard for me to understand him. But, I felt closer to him. His cries was so contagious; I start to tear. I guess we are coming to the stage where falling deeply in love.

"I promise" I say "I'll never leave your side ever; I won't stop
loving you; I will always love you"

This came out of no where. But, I promise you that I'll never
betray you. Why, sudden?

Chapter 3

August 8, 2010

Sunday, it's been two days since the party and the promise. A
whole lot is going on my head. I left dolly's house one day early. My phone vibrates. I take it out my
pocket and it's a text-message from Damian.

"I'm going out with my friends today, I love you. I'll come to your
house tonight" -Damian

Yup, another boring day. I close my phone and I was bored. There
was nothing to do. My parent aren't even home and I guess I'm alone. I guess I'm going out too.

I text Dolly, Bran and Tiana; I told them to meet me at my house.
What can go wrong, three friends hanging out. Damn, I want to go to the mall. It wasn't a big mall but there was a lot of thing to do over there. If I could escape my life and go anywhere it would be the mall. It makes it better because it's like where everyone goes in Asmine. I might even see Damian and his friends there. I guess I'll have to wait and find out.

I was losing my train of thoughts; I waited long before they'd call
me. During my unuse time; I was think about Peter. It felt like we
were suppose to meet and be friends; strange feeling. But, right after all I thought about was Damian's promise; being faithful.

2 hours later; Bran, Dolly, Tiana, and I went shopping. When people saw us, their jaws drops. Especially me, shopping is the best thing you can do; until all your money is gone. When most of my money was gone I felt so humdrum.

Upset as I was I diverted towards the bathroom. I told my friends to regroup at Juicy Couture. As I walk in the room, I discern at the japanese girl. She look so familiar, last time I saw her she was with Peter; Nanami? I thought. I walk towards the mirror and I tried to avoid eye-to-eye contact.

"Hello, I seen you" she says, now looking at the mirror towards my face "Sk...Skye; Hi I'm Nanami Jow"

I felt so creep out; I had a hard time talking, she had such a seductive voice; "Oh, hey, I'm Skye Weston" I say, "aren't you dating Peter?"

"Yeah, he's here at the mall" Nanami says, "Nice too meet you, Skye"

"Okay Bye" I replied.

Nanami sound so seductive that I have been numb; she was kind of tall and she had perfect thin black hair. When I first saw her she didn't seem Japanese; she was more like a normal pretty girls. There was something odd; how did she know me? I rolled my eyes, as I walk towards the exit. When I walk out, the thought of her talking to me made it awkward; it just made me thing more about Peter. I wasn't paying attention towards the way I'm walking; but suddenly I fell down. As I look up, it was a nice blonde hair boy with blue eyes. As he offered a hand to me.

"I'm sorry" he says in a benign voice.

"Oh, thank you" I say. As I stood up; I could not believe my eyes I walk into Peter's group. I saw Peter and Nanami. As I felt the shock traveled threw my body. As I just started.

"Skye!" Peter says, " This is Blake" point to the guy who offered a hand; "this is Nanami" pointing at her.

" Oh, hey guys; I'm sorry for bumbling into you" I say, " I have to go ASAP; nice to me you all"

"No problem" Blake says smiling, as he wave to me. It felt awkward between me and Blake.

I have never felt so out of place.

Chapter 4

August 20, 2010

For the past couple days; I've settled in my class. I got to know Peter a little more. Also, meet a couple people. Another whole year, can't believe a junior already. As I stare at the window, blanking out. Youth is beauty of life; got to use it up till its gone.

The ring; it's shiny diamond glaring as I face it to the sun. Damian's promise ran threw my head the whole morning. Why was this all sudden. I just didn't get it. As I take off my glass while look at the ring.

I threw my glasses in it's empty case. While I tried to put on my contacts. No one wants to look like a nerd, I thought. I wondered if the ring was real or not. It seem so precious.

But, I didn't like the fact; that he just gave it to me. I didn't need a promise ring; I was already faithful. My heart fasten as it's pumping; my heart is on fire; as I begin to feel drops of sweat dripping. Why was this ring on my mind, for that past months we've been together he hasn't kept a promise from me.

It felt tacky; a promise ring, my heart start to calm down as I came to a solution. I'm going to visit Kayla. So I decided to ditch school today to go to Damian's house. Nothing seems wrong about that.

I got to Damian's house at five; he obviously wasn't there. He also hasn't called or ask, why I wasn't in school. As i take steps to the door, there was only one car park out; please be Kayla.

As I walk for the door; I start to knock on it. As I can hear foot step comming my way, I start to brush myself off. Then I waited patiently. Till I hear the lock tick one by one. As the door wide opens.

When the door was wide open, all she could see is my expose hand with the ring on top. She then start to pull me in; as she starts to cry. As she repeated.

"He loves you" Kayla said, make it hard to understand.

At this point I was shock. Why was she crying? Then when I tried to speak a word, my mouth would open then close. She abetted me towards the living room; she started to calm down.

"That ring was given to my brother, from our mother" Kayla said, "Mother told him, to give the ring person he loves."

I was shock as tears start to stream down my face. As crawl down to my mouth, as sweet as it was. My heart blew up; as I can feel butterfly roaming in my tummy.

"He loves me," I say, my heart was all soft and warm. This is wasn't just any saying. He actually feel the feeling, where you can never stop being happy with that person. He actually feel in love with me.

Kayla told me everything; she told me that, she has been raising him. His parent died at a young a age. The ring was so important to Damian and Kayla.

Kayla told me that Damian's and her parents sadly perish; they have been murder. Damian and Kayla hid; while robbers roam the house. She couldn't believe what was happening. At the time Kayla was already 18 and Damian was 8. His brother Nate died during the robbery. So when the robber's came they had to find a chance to run. Kayla was their only hope; to stay alive. Kayla was told to give the ring to Damian; and explain what it was for.My thought about worrying is gone.

Once i left the house; Damian was out by my car. So I had confronted Damian about this; he told me it's true. Damian said that he believe that I was the one. From the day we meet. We meet during school; he was one of the flirting type. He knew how to use his words; He had me hook. I feel closer to him then ever.

I feel inseparable.

Chapter 5

September 4, 2010

Frustration; really ceramics, I'm probably not the real artistic type. I glance over towards Bran and Tiana. They seem frustrated too; as they look towards me, they wave; I wave back.

I haven't even got an idea, for the project yet. I haven't touch the clay yet; instead I still have to draw my design. When I stood up and saw a panorama; most student finish their design. Then, I tried to peak on Peter's design; his slick eyes stared at me; as I turn back to my design. Then Peter suddenly comes by me; and start to examine my design.

"Our assignment, was to create an animal that describes you," Peter says, "So you're a pig?"

Embarrassed, I started to punch him. "No, it's a lion," I say " it means that I have pride and courage".

"What a unoriginal idea" Peter says.

"Well, then what's yours" I say.

"Mine is a ant" he says, " a ant because, being small doesn't always mean you can't change something; ant have small hearts and can only loves one person, and I only love one person"

"Nanami?" I says; in confusion in what he's saying.

"Maybe?" he says, "I'm still looking for that one person" while looking into my eyes, " you have pretty eyes."

As I froze, while I stare at his soft skin, nice eyes. My inside feeling all squeeze.


As I grab his hand. Thanking him; as I stood giving a hug and a kiss on the cheek. As I saw him start to turn red. This didn't mean anything; just more of a mere thank you; no one saw.

I decided to stay after school trying to finish my design. As I watch every student walk out. I texted Damian to come here.

Then, Nanami came in; as I tried to avoid eye to eye contact. My hands started to sweat. I was trying to be agile, grabbing all my things.

Then she sat next to me; I couldn't believe it. As I start to turn my head towards my way.

As she wipe her face; was she crying. As I hear little word coming out of her. "Do you... think Peter likes me." Nanami says.

"Yes-" cutting me off

"I just found out something; but you...can't tell anyone." she says.

"Wait, why you coming to me?" I said, ; as gentle I was with my words.

"I have no one to go to; that's why I tired to make friends with you" she says, " the only other friends I have is Drake and Peter."

"Really" I said, " you seem so nice"

"No before I entered I high school; people called me slut or hoe" she said, "The way I dress and everything; that's why I was trying to be friends with you."

"I'm here for you" I said, trying to calm her down.

"Thank you" she says.

During the time I was with Nanami, she recently found out she has cancer. She was HIV positive; and she told me that no one can love her. She told me, that Peter was the only person nice to her. The way should told me made me bust out in tears. She hasn't even told Peter. She told me she wanted to die. She wanted to move. Then when she left; I couldn't not stop thinking about her.

Moments after Damian came in. When he came in; I ran after him holding him tight. As I kiss him many times. He was obviously confuse; on why I was crying.

Then, I told Damian the story. But I told him to promise me; that he wouldn't tell anyone. As I grip harder to him; I never wanted to let go. What will Peter think about this.

As the thought ran threw to mind. That someone actually I know has cancer. It made me think different about Nanami.

Chapter 6

September 20, 2010

Sixteen years...it's been sixteen year since I've been born. My house was about to influx with high school students. The party going to absolutely perfect; my parents are not even going to be here for a whole week. They left yesterday to California to do business there. They told me there sorry for not being here; but it's okay.

I was debating on inviting Nanami and Peter; I though hard and strong. Until I took the courage to take my phone. While I dial Peter's number. Then Blake; I thought hard and strong and forgot about it.

"Hello?" Peter said.

"You want to come to my party tonight," I said "you can bring Nanami"

"Whats the occasion" he said, in confusion.

"My Birthday!" I yelled at the phone.

As I hear him chuckle" okay, okay I'm a be there."

In a few minutes I called Bran, Dolly and Tiana; to help out on my party. Of cource Dolly was spreading the word, about my party. Bran to get the drink; probably he's going to steal but who knows. Tiana getting food.

Tapping on my window; as I sat on my bed. Feeling shock; I turn my head towards the window. As I see Damian coming in; he look outstanding wearing a polo. He came to my bed sitting by me.

He lean in kissing me; holding my hand. I had the most passionate conversation of my life. Looking in my eyes as I lean in again; for a kiss.

"Skye, Happy Birthday Babe" Damian says, "16, wow; I love you so much."

"Do you love," I said. Knowing the answer.

"Especially now," he says "and I'll never stop loving you."

It feels as my heart trip; as it wants to scream. I came closer to him; hugging him; as I whisper. "Never stop loving me," I says "no matter, what happens."

"No matter what happens" he says. As he strokes my hair.

Wrapping my arms around his body; as I sit on his lap. As I stare at his face; leaning by his ear. As I felt his tiny hair from his shaved face. As it pokes me as I came closer to his face.

"I'm am yours tonight," I say. Feeling willing to love me.

"I'm willing to take the relationship further" he says, " but just not now."

"Can I rest for a while," I say, laying my head on his shoulder; as he lay his head on my head. I am his for tonight.

Later, the door start banging; as I slightly open my eyes, it's already dark. Looking up, I'm still on Damian. As I tap his shoulders waking up.

"What's up beautiful," he says, turning his head side to side,"ready to party."

I nodded as I hear Dolly yelling out for my name. As she wait by the door. I walk up to the door; wearing a nice beautiful blue dress. Opening the door, walking down to the stairs.

Walking down as I see beer tanks; and influx of people coming out the door. Being escorted by Damian; everyone eyes on me.

"Let's party" I yelled.

Everyone was cheering; seeing a lot of familiar faces. I was happy; the party went off with a hitch. As I get into the crowd, I see Nanami but no Peter.

"Hi Nanami," I say; waving at her as she waves back. Come closer to her; giving her a hug telling her thank you for coming to my party. As she offer to get me a drink. Nanami came back with a red cup full of beer.

Bran and Tiana of course; together the whole time. It feel as if they are hiding something behind me. Dolly yelling being the energy of the party; having a beer in one hand.

Walking out to my back yard. They made a pit and I'm like a bonfire fire for real; in my back yard. Well my backyard pretty big; as I see people already in my swimming pool. Beer tank as usually outside too.

Turning to the right as I see my tree house light turn on. Someone in my tree house. I had some pleasant time in there. Having my first kiss there; with one of my many boyfriends. But, it came to my attention someone in there.

I made my way up there; opening the hatch to the tree house. Crawling by the person; as I recognize it was Peter looking out in the stars.

"Oh, hey Skye" Peter says, "look at the moon."

"Yeah, it's a full moon on my birthday," I says

"Oh, special you" he says chuckling, "Skye happy birthday; your very kind; it seems as if we were suppose to meet."

"Do you mean-" cutting me off.

" I like you but, not like like you," he says smiling at me, " since you've never interested in someone like me"

"That's not true," I says, "Nanami love you"

"I bet she does" he says, "but I can't feel the same."

As I nod my head looking at him. Hugging him; telling him don't worry. Now a full moon reminds me of Peter. Peter what are you think as I thought. It feels as if I knew him more than I do.

As the party came to an end about three in the morning. I let people crash. But, for now I am only to Damian. Walking towards my room.

Chapter 7

September 21, 2010 3:00am

Twisting the nob to my door; twisting it as I hear a click. Opening it inwards, all I can make out is my bed. Gentle steps I take, as I try not waking up anyone in the house. As I stand on my bed noticing a person on my bed; I knew it was Damian. Setting up the curtain on the window; blocking the outside view. Jumping down off my bed; getting ready, as I feel Damian tugging on my dress. Removing my dress; now in a bra and pantie. Sitting down lifting up the bed covers putting it over me.

Turning my head, looking at Damian as he looks half asleep. Staring at his eyes being all crystal. As I stroke his hair many time; as he gently rub my face. Damian grabbing me closer to his body; as I lean in.

Trying to look for his face; as I hold it, laughing as he tries to wake up. I was so slender and he was so lean; the thought of us together made me happy. Everything was rushing to my head; but one thing for sure I was going to be willing. I am free and I'm going to be free with someone I love.

"You are mines, now" Damian says, looking into my eyes; "be mines."

I nodded; as I lift my hand as his hand followed mine. Leaning into kiss me. As he follows my hand; my heart starts to pump as fast as it can. Setting our hands between us; getting ready to climax.

"Damian..." I said, "you're my true love; never forget this moment; never betray me; I am yours and you are mines, never leave my side; and never stop loving me no matter what."

"Skye..." he said, "I'll never stop loving you, no matter what happens; I am your and you are mine; loving you is the best thing I did; I don't want you to let go; stay by my side, and never leave my side; forever and ever yours, and I cannot stop loving you; especially now, love."

Making me calm down, laying a hand on my face. As I lifting his shirt off, as he unstrapping my bra. Laying a hand on his chest as he grab my back closer to him. Soon we're going to be singing a harmony as beauty of life can be. As he took off his jeans; as he keep getting closer to me.

Lying on top of me; as I see his two arms supporting him to not put pressure on me. As he lifts me up; hitting his back against the wall, stroking me hair. As we made out for long while.

Kissing my neck, and going down to my naval; then coming back up. As he work on my neck for a while. Leaving a hicky on my neck; as I moan softly. Damian covering my mouth; putting a finger against my lips. Touching my hips; lifting me closer to him; as we made out.

He took the first action; he took in control. We became one, as he enters me. The uncontrollable breathing, made him put his hand over my mouth. He started to make music himself; putting my hand on his mouth. The pain wasn't enjoyable; it was hard to enjoy. But, I didn't want to give up. Lending him my love.

Bending my whole back; as Damian hand travels to my naval to my chest. Intense is what I felt; picking my self up again. Suddenly, my whole body tingled as it hasn't felt this good before; that feeling felt so right. He obviously wasn't done. The heavy breathing kept going. Going up and down holding his back; as I put my head on his shoulders. He left my head kissing; kept going.

I grasp to the curtain pulling it down. Now I am in top on Damian; as the curtain falls down. Turning to the side you can see a silhouette figure of me and him. As the silhouette stands, we just kept going.His grip was so hard; leaving red marks on my body. He was concentrating; trying to with stand the pain. He let loose his grip a little but faster and heated we got. My whole body started to drop sweat and I could also feel him to drip sweat. Rubbing off him; just made the my body wetter. As the bed was starting to get wet too.

My hand lifting up as Damian follows my hand. He was almost done, as he began to lay on top me; thrusting, having the feeling again. Laying his whole body on me; his head on my chest, watching him smile. Damian rolling off me; turning to his side, smiling at him.

Losing my virginity to the person I love is what I thought; as we heavily breath; lying on my bed. I bleed a little; but it was natural. He was sweaty for real; he absolutely was intense. I was sweaty too; but my whole bed was covered in sweat. Damn, I thought. He roll to me, kissing me; as he had a grin on his face.

The feeling was so right, I hope we never end. Love, is what I've been asking myself; but I found love. Damian Santaro such beauty; our love was beautiful. One thing I cannot forget is the harmony we made.

"Damian, never felt so alive in my life," as I whisper.

"I couldn't imagine anyone else, but you," as he whisper "good night, love."

"Nite"I said.

After hours of sleeping; we tried it again. Are relationship became a whole lot intimate. Finishing all I could think was love, and the mess I got to clean up; because of the party. I also felt hungry, when we were done.

Our relationship was more powerful then ever. Intimate as we was; we feel in love.

Chapter 8

October 4, 2010

Finals and projects, we're coming up soon; for the first quarter. It was time to hit the books and start studding. I had to put my relationship aside and start hitting the books. Well the first exam is Chemistry; then Physics; then Algebra 2; then Ap Enviornmental science; then my English exam. Thankfully I wasn't getting a History exam; and ceramic.

Walking towards the library; it was beautiful in the outside, it was a two story building. Entering made it even better; the cold breeze felt pleasant. Showing my ID to the Librarians; as I walk towards the books; which are rows and rows, its like you can get lost in the rows of books.

Then I found the book, as I grab the Chemistry book; which we are studding about atoms and how they combine; also chemical elements. When I found my way out of the book shelves; there are series or tables a line with each other. I sat furthest and empty table; so I can keep concentrated. But, when I turn I saw Peter. Trying so hard to hid myself behind these books.

Suddenly I hear a chair pulled out; then I start to roll my eyes, as I put my book down. Chelsea, she was beautiful she had a raspy voice, long beautiful blonde hair, brown eyes. She look like a model as she smiled at me. I smiled back; then the unexpected Blake sat by Chelsea and Peter sat by me.

"freshmen" Chelsea said bobbing her head, as the two shake their head, "You guy are do cute."

"Really-" Blake say, but gets cut off.

"No" Chelsea replied; as me and her laugh. Chelsea and I are some what close friends. She was never mean to me; she always had my back when someone pick on me. I always had her back.

"Oh my gosh, Chelsea" as we laugh, giving Chelsea a high five.

"Okay, okay so what if we are freshmen" Peter says, " I know you like us." his eyes staring at Chelsea.

"In your dreams" I said

"Are you single?" Chelsea says to Peter.

As he cock his head back; and swaying his head no. Then he started to point at Blake. Then soon enough; Blake left with Chelsea, but I don't know if they like each other. When Chelsea was about to leave she gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. But, then again I was with Peter now.

"So, how do you keep finding me?" I say, even tho it was a surprise to me too.

"Same place, same time, and same moment" he Peter says, "it's not like with intentional wanted to meet; just the way it is."

"Peter, I want to know something about you" I say, "being close friends."

"Well, my mom works as a pharmisct and my father...I didn't know him; I like to one day get happily married and have one kid; lose my virginity in a special place; travel to a special place; and be the best father" Peter went on, "what about you?"

"Well I'm not that special; my mother and father has a business; that I don't know nothing about; I'm waiting to do everything until I'm done with school," I said. "you don't have any brother or sisters?"

"No, only child; and I know you're also a only child," Peter says "isn't your boyfriend going to get jealous"

"For what, he doesn't control me" I said, "he doesn't have to tell me who I can be friends with."

"Skye...you've been good to me lately," Peter says, grabbing my hand; putting it by his heart, "every time I see you, my heart accelerate; and I don't know the reason why?"

"You're probably scared of me or nervous," I said, laughing as he smile too.

"I got to go" Peter says, leaving holding his bag in one arm; as he stop but kept going forward.

I stayed for two hours in the library, trying to cram everything. My head became a mess; I study real hard. But, it shouldn't be to hard; I believe I did good. Letting Damian know to pick me up in five minutes. It took a long while not even five minutes for Damian to come here.

I was getting real mad and tedious; it took long while to get here. But, soon enough I recognize his car coming up. While I entered the car, I was furious. The whole ride home; I could sense he was mad too.

Until, we arrive my house and he put his car in park. Then, I jump over to his seat; making out with him. He couldn't resist; as you can hear the horn; kept going. Until people kept staring at us; then I hope over to my seat.

"I'm sorry for coming late," Damian says.

"I forgive you; I would never get mad over a stupid thing" I said, kissing him as he walks me out to my car.

As we were about to pull apart from each other; I pulled him back in. Then, I ask him to stayed over; as he holds my waist. Looking into my eyes as I sway him towards my place.

Chapter 9

October 29, 2010

The first day Damian and I dated was on October 29, 2009; we're obviously sophomore. I remember that Damian was just the new kid in town. I couldn't care less at the time. Until, that special afternoon on October 28,2009.

I don't remember saying 'hi' to Damian when he first got here; I'm not sure if we meet. It was a Balmy afternoon, it was a perfect day for kids to play: to walk a dog, to just run, and always go to the park.

I went to the park that afternoon; it was a vast green field. It was just grass; but it had the most fantastic view. The view was nice you can see places you couldn't see before. When you look up, the sky is happily blue; as cloud travel against the wind. It was absolutely beautiful. Then on the left there are bathrooms and a basketball, volleyball, and tennis court. But, I'd like to stay in the nice grass field. Surprising no one is even here; I brought a blanket to set on the floor.

I stayed there for a long while till I feel asleep. The sleeping felt nice; I could sleep all day despite I will be awake all night. But, when I woke up it was still early for dark. But, suddenly I was sleeping on a lap, I'd look up to find Damian's face looking at me. I smiled because at the time I didn't know who he is.

"Hi, sleep head; you kind of was holding on to my body when you were asleep; I think you need a pillow" Damian says.

"Sorry about that, Sorry for bothering you" I say, feeling embarrass; for just holding on to him.

"No problem" he said smiling, " I'm going to get my reward."

"You're the new kid; Damian and surprising you're tan; the people around here are much lighter; I'm Skye" I said, "so-" being cut off.

He kissed me; but suddenly I just went with it. It was soft and tingle; butterfly roam to my stomach. Also, confuse on why'd he kiss me. Until, I pulled away; looking in to his eyes; but the smiling.

"Why'd you just do that" i said, in a low tone; looking worried.

"We're even now, your beautiful Skye; are you single?" Damian said, he was so straight forward; most thing I like about him. But, his smile couldn't get enough.

"Yes-"cut off again. As he again kiss me; it's like he couldn't stop. I wouldn't resist; like he was in control.

"You're turning red; don't you want to come closer to me; I'm pretty warm; ms. Beautiful" Damian said

Feeling so embarrass, as I followed everything he said. That afternoon was great; we stayed all day talking. He was talkative; like we stay in one subject; when the subject dies he bring up another one. The next day; in school he ask me out; before entering the school he hold my hand; everyone in the whole school spread; saying like; 'Skye and the new kid', gosh that lasted for a while.

Today, is Damian and I anniversary. We make one year, what a special day. Everything Damian gave me is a memento to our great times. I'd had to meet up with Damian at the park; I never really had the urge to get the parks name. But, it's seems like that was the only big park we had. My life change because of him; I was so deeply in love, the only question remaining.

Walking to the park; as the town people are all at the mall, we had the park to us. Staring at the one guy standing on top of a blanket, as he looks into the sky. I came up to him, being surprise as Damian gave me a peak on the cheek. There was nothing special just Damian and I, and a blanket. But, something unusual came up, and shock my heart. Damian look so worried, all I could think about was what was wrong.

"Damian...?" I questioned, "whats' wrong." while motion my hand towards his face, grabbing it and holding it with his.

"Umm... Skye, you know I love" Damian said, making me worried; as my hands start to sweat.

"W...hat is... It?" I said, raising my voice, "what happen Damian, what happen!"

"Skye calm down, I didn't do any thing bad; I think," Damian said, as his eyes look into my eyes making me feel weak.

"Okay, then, tell me what happen" I said, calm down; just say it when your ready.

He took five minute for Damian to say a word. Once in a while he'd open his mouth, then closed it. My stomach was being infested by butterfly; I wanted to throw up. I can feel my self begin to sweat and heavily breathing I got.

"I slept, with another...girl" Damian said, my whole heart skip a beat; I couldn't breathe. My anger was so furious, my hand start to twitch.

"What?" I said, "it's a joke right...Damian tell me it's a joke, don't play with me Damian" tears start to stream my face, as it was hard for me to talk, I keep repeating why and no. The truth hurt, it felt as if I died.

"Can you for-" Damian said, before I cut him off; with anger my body felt.

"Was I not good for you? Who is the girl? Why? Why?!" I yelled, water keep streaming; as he try to hold me, I wouldn't let him so I push him.

Damian couldn't speak at all; his face started blankly. His facade made me annoyed; he did seem sorry. But, he kept trying to hold me and telling me he's sorry; till he snap.

"Stop, crying" Damian snap, as tears start to stream down his face, "I didn't mean to do it, I was pressured."

"No, Damian... I'm sorry...for you" I said, " I love you; why'd you fuck another girl" my rude language came out.

"I didn't mean too, she came on to me" Damian said, "it was her fault". Damian tried to kiss me, pushing him off; as he came in again, laying a kiss on my lip."

"No Damian, stop" I say, pulling away, "I can't even trust you, how could you?"

"Skye I'm sorry; what more do you want from me" Damian said, " it was twenty five days ago."

"When I was studding in the library, with who?" I said, "there's nothing you can do now, you fuck me over!"

My rage was impenetrable; I was mad, I could not stop. As I stood up trying to walk away, feeling a hand pull me back aggressively. Damian trying to plead one last time.

"No Damian, I'm done" I said, slapping him across the face; seeing a shadow of his body turn. When he let loose of his grip; I ran away.

I ran away, my tears couldn't stop; my stomach hurt; my eyes are puffy. As I threw up on my way home. All i thought was...why Damian?

Chapter 10

October 31, 2010

My head pounding as Dolly hold my hair up, throwing up; It was about 5 o'clock in the morning. I have been have sickness for two days. I have been crying for the past two days; the only person I told was Dolly. She's been really supportive, getting what I need and stuff; she calm me down most times. Dolly looks like a mess too, her hair was as messy as mine; she stayed up with me most times.

"I though I was going to last with him forever," I said, holding the promise ring up in the air, "I thought I was going to marry him."

"Marry?" Dolly said, sighing "Do you want me to give the ring to Damian."

"Yeah, and write a note saying 'give it to someone you love'" I said, putting down the ring on Dolly's hand; Dolly closing the ring while she smiles.

"I have been cramping, headaches, and sickness" I says, "why am I feeling like this"

"I really don't know maybe you're sick or...-" Dolly said.

"No, I am not that" I said, trying to tell her with effort; she'd look worried that I might actually be.

What a great Halloween I thought, soaking in tears; the barf ain't helping. The cramping hurt and my head would pound. What if I am.

"Dolly, can you get me a pregnancy test?" I said, looking at Dolly's baggy eyes; smiling at me, as I smiled back.

"Finally," Dolly said, with a big grin on her face; while she pick up her back and out the door.

If I am pregnant it's not doubt it's Damian's baby. But, after what he did; how am I going to tell him. He's pissed off, but I should be mad. Holding my stomach, I love Damian so much; can't believe he would be stupid. Forgiving him is one thing I can do, but to go out with him again is a thing I can't do. I lost so much faith on Damian, his face is not like some people around her which are light skin he has a nice tan. Well Peter has a farm tan but Damian's still dark. It's been three day since I last someone beside Dolly, Bran, and Tiana.

Then I hear a rock tap my window. I look at the window, Peter was there; why was he here. I watch Peter climb up to my room; I didn't know what to do. Dolly isn't even back. As Peter opens the window and coming by me.

"Trick or Treat" Peter says, laughing but, then frowned because of the way I looked.

"Why, are you here?" I say.

"I got to see my best friend; remember on your birthday, you wanted to be best friends, got to know if you're okay" Peter says, looking into my eyes as I give him a hug; crying on his shoulder as he held on to me.

"What a good friend, how's Nanami; she really love you" I say, being cheered up.

"We are on good terms" he says, " yeah we've been good; did she tell you?"

"Yes, she really loves you; don't cheat on her you, love her" I said, trying to tell him not to make mistakes. Now, that Peter know she has cancer.

"I know" peter says scratching back of his head, "but, she told she doesn't want to be with me anymore"

Laughing, as I said "she going to come back".

"Maybe," as I can see Peter looking down, "now we are both single."

"Yeah, life is mess up" I said while we sat on my bed looking at the night.

"Best friend, no girl told me to be her best friend" Peter said.

"Well, I'm not just some girl" I said laughing; I couldn't stop laughing, he made me happy.

"Yeah true" Peter say.

We stayed there for a while; as i thought Dolly might come back; he can't be here while I take the test. I hug him one last time, as he had to go. I had a good time with Peter, he cheered me up. I really hope bad thing don't happen to him and Nanami. It remind me of Damian and I when we use to fight.

I had a big smile on my face, till Dolly came back with Tiana and Bran. All I could think of was oh my god. What am I going to actually do, if I'm pregnant? Abortion, adoption or keep it; how am I going to tell me my mom and dad, they're going to kill me. The water dripping down my face, doesn't mean I regret my action; all it's saying is I'm scared. I'm scared, my life is being change; all my chances.

"Sorry, Skye they just had to come" Dolly said.

"You know that I'll always be here for you, and bran too" Tiana said; hugging me as she start to cry on my shoulder, as she nodded.

"It doesn't matter if you're pregnant or not, you are Skye" Bran said; smiling as I can see him getting teary.

Tiana and Bran are friends that are irreplaceable. No matter what happen, my decision I made; they respected. They always cheered me on, they were always there since the first day we made a pack; with dolly. One thing will never change us; Dolly, Tiana, Bran and me.

Smiling as Dolly gives me the pregnancy test. Which I had to wait five minute to tell me if I was pregnant or not. The time waiting, every minute went by slow; all I could think of the time. My heart slowed down an everything seem to come down to this.

Looking at the test, while my friends behind me; breaking down into tears. As we hug as a group, water of my fellow friends didn't stop. I cried with my friends and all I could say "I'm pregnant". That night I made my friends sleep over. I was having a really hard time to sleep, all I could repeat is that 'I'm pregnant'.

I'm a junior in high school. I am a pregnant teen, and my perspective in everything change. I'm pregnant...


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