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Only Your Safety Matters

By: loveyaxo

Chapter 1, When Hunter, Alpha of the RavenWood Pack is imformed that there was an injured female rogue passout on their boundry line he never imagined that she would be the one he\'d spend the rest of his life with. After 3 days of listen to her torturing screams of pain he beings to wonder - \'What happened to her?\' and \'Will he be able to keep her safe and protect from happening again...?\'


‘Hunter, we’ve found a female rogue badly injured and coated with silver passed out on our north boundary line, near the field. I think is best you get out here.’ James my beta informed me over the phone.

‘I’ll be right there, keep an eye on her though, just for precaution.’ I order as I walked outside towards my motorbike.

‘We’ve already have her surrounded in case she wakes up, but my guess is even if she does she’ll be too weak to stand let alone be a threat to any of us.’

‘Even so watch her, she might not be alone.’

‘Yes Alpha.’ Satisfied with his submission I hung up my phone forcing it into my back pocket and revved the engine, kicked back the foot stand and sped off toward my north boundary line to see this so call rogue.

The trees went by in a blur as I rode, my heightened senses picking up sounds and smells no human would ever hear or smell. I slowed down as the scents od my pack reached me, coming to a complete stop when they come into view.

‘Alpha,’ Will greeted bowing his head in respect. ‘She’s this way.’ He said leading the way.

‘So , what happened to her?’ I asked.

‘Not really Hunter, she covered in stab wounds, scratches, bites, whatever got her they had a lot of silver.’ His word stopped me in my tracks.

‘What do you mean?’ turning towards him with a serious expression.

‘She reeks of it; I’d say that’s what took her down. It’s all through her blood steam, by the looks she was attacked by werewolves in both wolf and human form. She had no chance.’

‘You think it was some kind of gang up?’ What Will was saying was honestly frighting, a group of were’s in human and wolf form attacking alone she-wolf with silver, the rogues and become more inhumane and mad the longer they stayed out there without a pack. That was the reason by protocol a got the boys on border patrol to kill any trespassing rogues they were a threat controlled by the thrust of blood and death and not torture…

‘Yeah, I’m surprised she’s even alive.’ Will said pulling me out of my thoughts.

‘Thanks Will.’ I say nodding and patting him across his back before making my way towards the she-wolf and that when it hit me. The faint smell of lavender and honey mixed with the strong metallic smell of blood and silver. My wolf started going crazy.

Mate, mate, mate.’ he kept repeating it til she came into sight.

 ‘Mine…’ I said suddenly feeling out of breathe.

‘Hunter?’ I heard James call from somewhere around me, but I was only focused on my mate and she lay hardly breathing on the ground. ‘Hunter?’ He was now in front of me blocking my view of her. ‘Man are you alright?’ he asked look concerned.

‘She’s my mate.’

‘The rogue?’ His expression had shifted from concerned to shocked.

‘Get the Josie out here, now!’ I order, now growling. I could feel the anger of my wolf coming to the surface. I walked around James and slumped next to my mate placing her smooth furred head on my lap. My wolf whimpered at the sight of her injured body.

I blocked out the sounds of James barking orders to the pack members that were present and concentrated on only my mate breathing and heartbeat. Will was right it was surprising she was even still alive her heart was beating so slowly that it could stop at any minute, it was clear that she was a strong wolf.

‘It’ll be alright man, Jose will fix her.’ James said kneeling down beside me looking at my mate with a sad expression.

‘I don’t know what to do, all I can think of is ripping every last one of them to shreds.’ I growled, as my body shook I was so close to shifting and destroying everything around me.

‘Calm down man,’ Jay said placing his hand on my shoulder. ‘It won’t do her any good if you lost control and your wolf stops any one from coming near her.’

‘You’re right.’ I say calming my wolf down.

‘Alright step aside boys, let me see her—‘Josie voice was cut off as her eyes landed on my mates body. Her hand covered her mouth as she kneeled down at my mate’s side. ‘Oh my – The poor thing.’

‘Jose, please tell me you can help her.’ I said desperately.

‘Oh honey, I’ll try but your mates going to have to fight a lot harder if she’s going to survive this.’ She said looking up and me with an expression that showed no hope. In that single second it felt as if my heart of being ripped from my chest. ‘Come on now Hunter, you must be strong too she won’t pull through this if you’re acting as if she’s already dead.’

‘How dare you!’ I growled feeling a tear trail down my cheek.

‘Watch your temper boy, you may be alpha but I’m your aunt, now pull yourself together and help James get your mate to the van so I can help her live!’ I nodded before taking a deep breath and lifting my lifeless mate, carrying her to Josie’s van.

‘I lay my mate down in the back seat careful not to hurt her more before closing the door and making my way around to the other side of the car and joining her. I place her head back on my lap and nod signalling that we were right to go.

‘Please stay with me, please, please stay with me, I can’t live without you.’ I whispered to her as we drove back to the pack house.

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