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Novel By: Loxxy

This is not my life, just an idea I had while eating. THIS IS NOT DONE YET. A LONG WAY TO GO UNTIL FINISH, CRITICISM VERY MUCH WELCOMED. CONSTANTLY UPDATED, PLEASE CHECK BACK IF YOU LIKE THIS. Natara Adrian is your beautiful supreme lady. She lives with her best friend, Vienna Etienne, in a nice big apartment, until the love of her life comes along. Chester Gianni, the devastatingly good looking one, turns Natara's life upside down. They may be going through tons of trouble, but they'll get through. They always do. View table of contents...


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Hello, dear reader. This is kind of the story of my weird life, well the part of me at the ages of twenty-two or so. I moved out and everything, and got an apartment with my best friend. Then the love of my life later joined in, but that's a whole 'nother story and you'd probably hate me after reading this, but I had a nice happy ending.

Anyways, this all turns upside down at points. My story started in high school. I'll fast forward on this part. So basically I had a crush on him in high school, we became friends, blah blah blah, then he asked me out, I dated him for a few months, we broke up, then got back together again in junior year, then broke up and left it alone until prom. I was his date for prom, then we left and I moved on to college. I hadn't seen him, but my best friend and I called him up a few times and we went out to eat. Well, now I'm on my own and ready to get an apartment, which I'm intending on sharing with my best friend, then my future husband came later. Going on with the story, starting a few months after I got my apartment. Oh yea, my name's Natara Adrian. Vienna Etienne is my best friend of all time. My guy? Chester Gianni, and I love him.


Vienna and I sat on the cream colored couch, digging in the ceramic bowl of popcorn watching 'Les Miserables'. There was a small box of tissues between us and a small trash can on the floor, halfway filled with tissues. Fantine had just died, and I was crying my eyes out. My phone rung and I picked it up, sliding the button and answering while still sniffing. "What do you want?" I drawled, watching Thenardier command Cosette to fetch water in the freezing cold.

"Hey Tara. What's that music in the background?"

"I'm watching Les Miserables."

"Mmmmkay. Anyways, you got your own apartment right?"

"Yea, and?"

"I was wondering if I could, uh, move in?"

I was silent for a second, looking at Vienna's tear streaked face and her laughing at Helena Bonham Carter as one of the Thenardiers. "Let me ask Vi." I couldn't hear his reply as I stuffed my phone under a pillow and paused the musical. "Why did you pause it?" She shrieked, and I grabbed her hand when it reached out to grab the remote. "It's Chester. He's asking to move in." She raised her eyebrow, looking surprised. "He's kind of your old flame, wouldn't it be a little awkward?" I shrugged, thinking about his rock hard abs and gorgeous face. "It doesn't matter. We got over that." Vienna nodded slowly, then returned to the popcorn. It was settled. "Vienna agreed. When are you coming?" I asked. There was a quick pause. "Well, I've got everything packed, so... now?" I laughed and Vienna turned the musical back on. "Took you forever to find a place, huh? Ring the bell when you get here." I heard him laugh once before I hung up. "He's staying in the second room." I told Vienna. We resumed the movie.

About twenty minutes later, the bell rung in an irregular pattern. I got up to open the door after wiping my oily fingers. He looked up with a wide genuine smile, with a load of suitcases behind him. "Natara." My breath caught for a second. He looked better than before, although his 5'11 height and hair was the same. "Chester!" I grinned, running into his hug as I took in his fresh scent of softener and a light cologne. Our hug lingered, and I could feel his arms wrapped tightly around me. "I've missed you." He whispered into my ear. We let go of each other, taking in details as we stepped apart and Vienna opened her arms to him. He gave her a shorter hug, but it was obvious they held a good friendship. He took a deep breath. "So. New apartment. Mind showing me around?" Vienna scurried back to the couch, displaying her 'no' and gave me a creepy smile. Chester got his suitcases in. There were three large ones, a little smaller than Vienna, who was 5'4, and four smaller ones. I gave a whistle at the sheer amount of belongings. "Hey, a guy's gotta have his collections." He smiled. I showed him to the room he was going to be in.

The apartment had two rooms, one master and one regular. Vienna didn't want to be next door all alone so I separated the master bedroom in half so we could share it. Chester was paying a third of the rent, so I'd have an easier life without figuring out how to balance my income with the basic needs, food, and my own personal needs like shopping sprees. He took the smaller room, and was thankfully quiet, because Vienna was a somewhat light sleeper. Good thing he didn't snore either, or I would've kicked him out and chucked his belongings out the window. We now all shared a third of the apartment bills, and it did take more off my pressure of balancing everything.

The movie finished after another hour and a half and I went to bed. It was a Thursday night, and right now it was 10:49. I planned to call my old campus roomates to plan a mall trip. I have my Fridays and weekends off. Chester was in his room quietly sorting his items. I quickly brushed my teeth and completed my skin care routine. Setting up my iPod with nature sound sleeping music, I hopped into bed and fell asleep within minutes.

"Vienna, give Kayla and Genny a call. Bellamy is coming with Pippa, Veronica, and Tessie. I have no idea why Bellamy would come. It's clear that we don't like her." I told Vienna as she pushed me away from the mirror. I grabbed some cosmetics from my giant collection. I had a thing for makeup. I'm a junkie for nail polish and cosmetics. "Did you know OPI got a new line of that holo polish? It's in stores now, wanna go there after food?" I nodded excitedly, glancing at my pampered nails, now golden crackles with a teal color beneath the cracks. "I'm so getting the Moon Candy polishes from Revlon, those are sexy! I need to restock on matte." I said, briefly looking at my seven nail polish racks, each in their own sections with labels and lines, but it's not like I need them.

"Chester, wake up." I said, climbing on his bed and jumping, careful not to step on him. His body was truly amazing, and his six-pack was growing a lot more detailed. I was tempted to run a finger over the lines when he opened his eyes. "Good morning, Natara..." He muttered, his black-brown hair tousled from his sleep. Awww, he looked so adorable. He rolled over and wrapped his muscular arms around my feet and I fell, taken off balance, next to his sleepy morning face. "Get off." I swatted his arms but he was too sleepy to care. "Chester. Wake up ! You're going out with us to the mall." He gave a huge yawn and hugged my feet, rubbing his face against my stomach. "Stop, that tickles!" I laughed, barely trying to push him away. Chester finally got up and let go of my feet, so I walked out of his room and hooked my arm through Vienna's to go pick out our outfits. She was just looking at her smiling faces in the mirror.

I was wearing a pair of white jeans, completed with a light blue denim shirt and darker denim platforms. Vienna had on a strapless lemon top with a black and white houndstooth skirt and silver flats. "Chester!" I called, banging on his door. He opened it.

He was looking gorgeous in a button-up shirt and black jeans. His six-pack showed slightly through his white shirt. Chester winked at me and walked past. "Pssh. I've seen you look better." "I know you have. It was a fun night." He replied, and grabbed a bottle of water. We followed him to his sleek black car. "I'm saving for a Mercedes Benz." He said, touching the hood of his car, then pressed something to lower it. "Have fun with it." Vienna said, grinning and getting into the back seat. "Actually, I only need 20,000 more, and I'm getting it. Main reason why I don't have a house yet. Been saving up since I was a little kid for a nice car." I raised my eyebrow and got in the front seat, leaning an arm out the window. "Alright sexy ladies. Where to?" I smacked his arm and laughed. "Lorelei Grove Mall." I answered, and he took off.

We all stood in silence as the palm trees swayed. There was Bellamy checking Chester out. In fact, everyone was, but they merely looked him once up and down then turned back to us. Vienna waved her hand in front of Bellamy's face and snorted. Chester laughed and wiggled his eyebrows at Bellamy. I leaned over to his ear. "Find a normal nice girl, not Bellamy." I whispered, then glared at her. He grinned and poked my side. "We've all got our own preferences, like how you prefer my type." You jerk. My face clearly said, and I grabbed Vienna's hand. "Okay, let's go." I said, trying to stop the awkward silence. Bellamy trotted behind Chester like a lost puppy when we went to Forever 21. She was obviously trying to grab his attention, and he was giving her a couple of words, then entirely ignorning her. Chester liked to do the opposite of what I told him.

"What do you think?" Pippa asked, her red curls wrapping around her elfish face as she held up a blouse. Pippa looks like a teacher with her clothes, but her faces makes her look like a two-year-old. I'm mean, okay, but it's called being brutally honest. Fuck off. My face told Bellamy as I watched her try and snuggle up to Chester. He was looking at me like it was some kind of joke. I knew he didn't care much about other girls. "Hey Bellamy, wanna go out sometime?" he asked, and she nodded excitedly, shooting me a victorious glare. And Chester is now dead to me. I turned away and lead Vienna to another line of clothes. "Chester just asked Bellamy out. He'll dump her later, but just seeing him with her is disgusting." She nodded her head to agree, peeking around the clothes to look at him. "What are you gonna do? Do you want him back?" I nodded. "I'm not missing out on him again." Vi smiled, squeezing my arm. "I got your back." "The nail polish store is just over there. Let's visit that and go to the food court. Also need more makeup." I said. The girls nodded.I led the way over to the nail polish store, welcomed by the familiar sight of colors and the heavy perfume to disguise the slightly nasty smell of nail polish.

"Thirty-six ninety-five please." The cashier lady smiled as she handed me my bag of nail polishes. It would've been nearly fifty if I wasn't a regular customer with a VIP card. "Thank you for shopping at Vernis à Ongles Paradise, Miss Adrian." We walked out of the shop and headed into the makeup stores. Chester came with Vienna, Veronica, and me. Bellamy had no choice but to go with the others since it looked like she was following Chester obsessively. I dragged Chester aside while Vienna and Kayla talked about the makeup. We were in Sephora, and heading to MAC next. "What do you think you're doing, asking Bellamy out?" He snickered, crossing his arms. "Doing a fine job getting you mad." He replied. I almost snapped, then a grin dawned on my face. "We'll see about that, Chester. Why don't you ask her to my apartment tonight? I've got something to show her." I winked and walked away, collecting a bunch of new makeup in my arms and looking at the ones I need to restock on. Veronica was already done, but Vienna was still looking at the eyeshadow. I walked over to her and took her out of earshot from the cashier. "Get your eyeshadow palette at MAC. I like their colors better." She nodded and we checked out with bags full of our new merchandise. We went home after a few other shops, with loads of things.

Vienna and I were putting makeup on me as I got ready for the big scene when Bellamy got here. "I think I want to get a cat." My best friend said, leaning against the mirror as she watched me gather my hair into a messy bun. "Really? Me too!" I grinned like a little girl with lots of birthday presents. "We should get black and white Turkish angoras. I want the white one." I nodded. I personally liked black cats, so I was down with it. "Get them tomorrow? I found a nice breeder." I laughed. Vienna was really anxious to get a cat. "Sure." I changed into a nice bikini and settled in the warm water in the tub, then put some bubble bath. Adults need to have some fun too.

I nearly fell asleep in the bathtub until someone rung the bell. "I saw what the cats will look like." It was Vienna's voice. "I'm naming mine Cotton. Chester's coming. " She said, and I slid back into my comfortable position. "You might want to see the bathroom." I heard Vienna's voice growing softer. I grinned and stared at the door. He came in. "Hello there." I said, putting my feet on the edge of the tub and lying down even more. He laughed, raising his eyebrows. "Well, what do we have here?" He was still in his white shirt. "Wait a second." He left, then came back half a minute later with swimming trunks. "Come to join the party?" "Yup. Move over." He said, sitting on the side of the bathtub. I snorted and splashed him with the rose scented water. He was really pushing it, to get to both me and his new girl. "Bellamy won't be happy, Chester. She can throw quite the fit." He nodded, completely unconcerned. "Does it look like I care?" He asked, wiggling one eyebrow and climbing in the bathtub. He lifted me easily above him and sat me down on him. I squirmed in protest, but he was so much stronger than me. Chester then proceeded to wrap his arms around my waist.

"Enjoying my warmth?" He asked. I forgot he was there, even though I was practically sitting on him. "Mmm." I muttered, turning around and trying not to elbow him. The doorbell rung. "Your girl's here." He grinned, getting up and into the shower with his swimming trunks to get the bubbles off. I sank back into my bathtub and grabbed my phone on the dry ledge, then unlocked it with my camera ready. "He's in the bathroom." I heard Vienna, then loud steps approaching the door. I held my thumb above the camera button, ready to record everything.

Bellamy opened the door, a wide smile on her face. Then it turned into pure rage. I had tapped the button when she got in. "Just what do you think you're doing, Natara Adrian?" She hissed. "I'm surprised you even know my name. Hey, he came in here. I was enjoying my bathtub time." I jerked my thumb to Chester, who was leaning against the wall with water droplets running in rivulets down his chest. I turned the recorder to Bellamy's face and splashed some water at her with my feet, aiming as high as possible. Bubbly water rained down on her head, and I heard Chester bursting in laughter. I couldn't hold it any longer, I laughed as well, running out of breath. "Ew! Foot water?" She turned to me with a look of deep hatred. I was still snickering. "Natara, get out of here!" She commanded, pointing at the door. I didn't move an inch. "Excuse me, Bellamy? This is my place. Does it look like you own the place?" I answered for her, "Nope. Besides, you're pretty obsessed to be running in the bathroom for some guy you officially met for less than a day." I said, still recording. I was referring to the school and college times, when all she did was ask about him. They never talked. She hadn't noticed me recording. She stepped forward, still dripping in my bubbly water, and dragged Chester from the shower. He had a trail of water droplets. I turned off the video and laughed, climbing out of the water to dry myself up and change.

I stood by Chester's door, peeking into the crack of the door hinges to look at what was going on. Bellamy had laid out a set of clothes for him to change into, and I backed up as she went to the door. I pretended that I was going to my room. She saw me and put a hand on my shoulder. I was wearing a spaghetti strap shirt. "Don't go near him. Don't flirt with him. Don't touch him." She hissed, turning me around. "Who are you to talk? He's not your property, and he's not mine either. It's his decisions. You're not officially his girlfriend. I don't think you'll want to be a few weeks later. I'm sure of it." I started to walk away, but she grabbed me and pulled me to the wall. "Listen, Natara. You get your hands off Chester, and you can live a happy life. If you decide to so much as dip your finger in our business..." She paused, as if thinking about what she'd do. "You will be miserable. The choice is there, pick one. I think it's pretty easy." I flung her bony hands off me. "You listen, Bellamy Myers. Chester Gianni is not yours. It is his choice to do whatever he feels like, and he is not your puppet. Get over it." I snapped my fingers in her face. "I know him, way longer than you have. I honestly doubt he'd stay with you."

She had long drab brown hair with split ends, dark blue eyes built in a really pale face. She was trying to dress like Vienna, which wasn't working because my best friend had a look that went for her and herself only. Meanwhile, I was me, not everyone else. I had light brown hair with a platinum blond highlight hidden in my hair, shown when I curled it. I had grey eyes and a slightly tan complexion, and my eyes were actually naturally big without any mascara and eyeliner and any of that. I had nice curves and a much better personality than Bellamy. She was a sneaky backstabber who tried to make everything about her, then fail and end up hurting someone else. I know what Chester likes, and it's definitely a me type and not a demented Bellamy girl. I went out with him and actually was his girlfriend. I had been one of his best friends. I was the one he went for in college and high school, not her. She was bitchy and wanted to be like everyone else, but she couldn't fit in because she tried too hard. You can't even bring yourself to feel sorry for her because she would deny it and get all cranky when someone tried to help her. She was too self-centered and obsessed with herself to notice any of that.

"This is about inside too. Why do you think I had a lot of friends? They liked me for me." I said, putting my hands on my waist. "You just follow everyone and dammit, find your own personality. You can't be like everyone else, and definitely not me. " She had tried before and failed. That was where she got her bitchy side from. Bellamy was taking it from a wrong point of view about me. "Shut up. Just shut up. You think I want to be like this? I can't do what you do. I like myself. I don't like you and I'm sure of it. Next time I'm with him, try not to be around." She muttered, then turned away."Lock the door, by the way." She banged the door shut, and locked it, surprisingly.

"Ooh, look who's getting all defensive." Chester was there. I hadn't notice him standing by his door. "Oh, snap out of it. I was explaining to her what guys see in me." I flipped my hair and walked away, causing him to laugh. I am going to sleep. I'm so tired about Bellamy. Why couldn't she just give it up and accept the truth? Oh wait, then again, she wasn't one to do that. I brushed my teeth and dropped dead on my comfy bed.


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