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My Fateful Encounter

By: Lucy7102

Chapter 1, 16 year old Haley Willows is a girl who likes being herself. Shy but quite energetic and at the same time really helpful to the ones in need.Now entering Sakurasou High, she\'ll meet new friends, new classes and in the hope of her search, will she find the boy who promised her that they will meet again?


7 years ago....
I was walking, exploring the mall while my mom was looking at some clothes at the department store. I walked and walked and suddenly, many people came and it became a huge crowd. It was so tight I couldn't move at all. I tried asking for help but my voice is too soft. Until a hand suddenly grabbed mine and pulled me out of the crowd. I saw the person's face and he has short green hair but it was covering his eyes. He looked like he has the same age as me.
"Are you alright?" he asks.
"Not really. But suddenly pulling me like that just made it worse." I scoffed.
"Oops. Sorry." he laughed. "I saw you at the department store earlier with your mom. She was worried, you know."
"Oh. I guess I better explain it first." I sighed. I never did ask permission to leave. I just left her alone.
"Just wait for the time she'll stop looking at clothes and then you'll ask about leaving on your own, okay?" he said.
"W-wait! I didn't ask for your name yet." I said, completely nervous about it.
The boy smiled and gets something in his pocket and revealed a silver bracelet. He placed it on my right wrist. I was so shocked and nervous to have a boy give me something unexpectedly.
"We'll see each other soon." Then he left.
I looked again at the silver bracelet that boy gave me. There were 7 hearts and 2 butterflies. 
Why did I feel very happy? Not the time to find it out. I have to find Mom, I thought.
I head back to the department store where my mom was talking to a guard. When she saw me, she hurriedly hugged me and said,
"Don't do that again, Haley. I was very worried. I thought I'd lost you."
"Okay mom. But someone helped me find my way back." I replied.
"Really? Who?"
"I..don't know. He didn't tell me his name."
"Okay. When you meet him sometime, I'm sure you'll be great friends." My mother said, smiling and we went outside to take our ride home.
Even I didn't ask his name, I could still remember that green hair of his. It's so unique and looked special. He promised....we will meet again.

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