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My Fateful Encounter

Novel By: Lucy7102

16 year old Haley Willows is a girl who likes being herself. Shy but quite energetic and at the same time really helpful to the ones in need.Now entering Sakurasou High, she'll meet new friends, new classes and in the hope of her search, will she find the boy who promised her that they will meet again? View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 29, 2013    Reads: 40    Comments: 9    Likes: 6   

It's Saturday and I can't help myself from panicking (again). But I managed to clean my piano and chose some songs for my presentation with Alex. But how am I going to do this?!! I'm so nervous I can't think! Then suddenly I heard a doorbell. I went to open it and I saw Alex carrying a violin case.

"Hey." That's all he could say within the awkward silence.

"H-hi." I stuttered. "But wait, how did you know my address?" Surely, no one knows where my house is yet. Not even Rhea or Clare.

"Well," he began as he puts down his violin case. "you never told me the place where we'll meet so I decided to read your personal records (not by accident anymore) yesterday and found your address."

"You should've told me about it!" I sighed. "And also, respect others' privacy like my personal records."

"I get lazy at times, you know." Alex smirked.

"Haley? Who was that?"

I heard my mom's voice echoing from the living room. I can't be in trouble just because I had a boy over at home. But pushing Alex out may not only be rude, but it will also affect my chances in going back to Class A.

When my mom finally arrived, I was expecting some scolding and yelling but instead she just smiled and said,

"Oh, Alex! So good to see you here. Haley, let him in. You have practice to do, right?"

Then she left, leaving me confused as I looked at Alex then at my mom heading to the kitchen. "H-how..?"

"What? You think I will just barge in here and let your mom have the wrong idea? No way. I called here last night to let her know about it." Alex grinned that made me go back to my senses.

I must admit, he's an incredible guy, I thought.

"Let's get inside then." I said and I led him to the living room. I took my place at the piano and sat down. Alex readied his violin and I inhaled slowly.

Calm down, Haley. I thought. You're doing this for your grades. Not anything else.

Then I began playing a few notes, with Alex joining in. Then I continued to play the whole piece. The harmony of my piano and his violin mixed well nicely. I was enjoying it I didn't even look at my piece anymore. This might really get me back soon. But suddenly, Alex stopped playing.

"L-let's take a break. My hand's a little tired with all the carrying, that's all."

"Okay." I replied.

When I was about to stand up, I saw him staring at one of the display cases near the bookshelves. I could see that he's looking at one of my family pictures and focused on a man with untidy black hair with a wide smile.

"Is he your dad?" He pointed at the man in the picture.

I came closer and said, "Yes. His name is Fred Willows. He gets home from work early because he wants to play with me while he's got plenty of time until..." my voice broke off to a frown and I was on the verge of tears. "he died on a car accident three years ago."

"I'm so sorry." Alex apologized.

"No no." I wiped my eyes to keep my tears from falling and smiled. "You don't have to apologize. It's just..he's a great father and I still wanted more time to be with him."

Alex smiled too and lowered his head. "My mother worked overseas as an assistant manager in a company and I never knew my dad. But it's okay, I live at an apartment near Mark's house. He and his family started to visit me sometimes so I won't be alone."

"Oh..." I felt sorry for him. But does his mother visits him sometimes? That's none of my business for now.

"By the way, Mark and I finally apologized to each other the day before you went out of the hospital."

"That's great!" I smiled. "I knew it since yesterday because you and Mark were acting....funny."

"No we're not! He started it, that's all." Alex started to say stupid things.

"Ah, stop it." I laughed.

"But I have to ask you something."

"What?" I asked.

He pointed at my silver bracelet and said, "Are you the girl I met seven years ago?"


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