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My Fateful Encounter

Novel By: Lucy7102

16 year old Haley Willows is a girl who likes being herself. Shy but quite energetic and at the same time really helpful to the ones in need.Now entering Sakurasou High, she'll meet new friends, new classes and in the hope of her search, will she find the boy who promised her that they will meet again? View table of contents...


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"H-how do you know it was me?" I asked.
"It's because of that silver bracelet. I gave it to her before I left."
I don't know if he's the one or not, I have to be sure of it. "How did you know that this bracelet was the one you gave to the girl?" Somehow, I felt guilty because it was already pretty obvious that it was me. All these questions must be answered too.
"You haven't figured it out, Haley?" Alex smirked and held my hand and pointed at the bracelet.
"What?" I asked.
"See those seven hearts? Those represent as years. And as for the two butterflies...well..." His voice cracked off and he stopped talking. What he did now is blush. It is him. The boy from seven years ago. "A..Alex..?"
He stopped blushing and looked at me. "What is it?"
"I..I am t-the g-girl from seven y-years..ago." I keep on stuttering because I'm too shy to tell him about it. For so long, I have already seen the boy who saved me.
"What? I can't understand what you're saying." Alex said.
"I was the girl from seven years ago, Alex!" I said, almost yelling.
Alex widened his eyes in surprise and said, "But why did you ask all those questions if it was you?"
"Because I have to make sure if you're the boy or not!"
Then my mom suddenly appeared from the kitchen to bring some tea and cookies. We calmed ourselves down to hide that we were fighting. "Practicing well?" she asked.
"Well..." I blushed a little, can't think what was I supposed to say.
"We were about to be taking a break, Mrs. Willows. I got a little tired because of the playing that's all. I see you brought black tea and butter cookies." Alex added.
"Oh, my. How did you know?" My mom asked, a little impressed and surprised at the same time.
"I usually eat them in lunch break at school when I wasn't really hungry." Alex smiled and began to drink his tea. "I almost forgot to ask, about seven years ago, did Haley liked or mentioned about a boy?"
I blushed and widened my eyes in shock. Why does he have to ask her immediately about it?!! I quickly put down my cup and said, "M-mom, he meant what happened seven years ago. Since I told him about it, he seems to be a little interested about it."
Alex gave me the "What gives?!" look. I knew I would have to change the topic if he asks that question after knowing about me as the girl from before.
"What? You told him didn't you? It was at the mall and you were saved by someone you didn't know. Was that it?" My mom replied.
"Y-yes. That would clearly understand everything." Alex stuttered and began to glare at me seriously as if he's annoyed. But he stood up and placed his violin back to its case and said, "Well then, it's getting a little dark. I suppose I'll be taking my leave now. The tea and cookies are great, Mrs. Willows."
"Thank you, Alex. You may call me 'Aunt Lucia'. I don't really like it when my daughter's friend calls me too politely. So, u-um, Haley." She called me and I looked at her. "Why don't you lead Alex outside because I'll be going back to the kitchen to wash the dishes."
I sighed as I stood up and nodded. Then my mom left to hurry up with the dishes while I'm stuck with Alex. He suddenly let out an extremely loud cough that made me look at him.
"What's with that cough? I don't expect you to do it that loud to get my attention." I scoffed.
"Yeah. I was just asking your mom about the boy, not me." Alex commented.
"The boy was you, Alex. What's the difference? Seven years ago, you were kind and a little forgetful but now, how come you got so cold and straightforward?" I asked. I already knew his secret personality but I want to know the reason why he hid it.
"That's none of your business. Since you know about my kind and mean personality, that's all you need to know." Alex said coldly.
I shivered because his eyes staring at me started to give me the creeps. What is he hiding anyway?
"I'm sorry for asking." The words just came out of my mouth.
Alex sighed. After all his seriousness going all out a while ago, he just made a simple grin and said, "It's okay. Just forget about it."
Then I led him outside the door and he left...
Then Monday arrived in a flash!!
I was walking fast on my way to school to make sure I don't arrive late. But then someone held my shoulder that made me let out a scream. Not too loud, to be precise.
"Whoa, it's just me, Haley."
I looked to see Rhea, Clare and Ed behind me. "You should've called my name instead of suddenly holding my shoulder. You know I'm afraid of surprise attacks."
"That wasn't a surprise attack, Haley." Ed laughed. "Rhea just held your shoulder because you're walking too fast she couldn't catch up."
"Besides, we want to tell you something." Clare added.
"What?" I asked.
"Maybe we'll tell you after you're presentation. Edward, Rhea and I decided to watch you after all."
"But first things first," Rhea interrupted, "Did Alex do anything to you during you're practice? I just can't stop worrying that Clare had to pester me to go back to my senses."
"Oh,uhh..." I frowned, thinking about what happened. I still don't want to forget about him knowing that the girl was me. "It's fine. He didn't to anything to me. Just practice and breaks, that's all."
"That's good news." Rhea sighed in relief. And then we heard the school bell.
"Class starts in five minutes, let's go!"
We ran to the school, said a quick goodbye to Ed, who is going to a different way and we finally entered Class A with exhausted expressions.Then Alex and I went to the music room along with our teacher. But Alex didn't seem to talk much. Then the presentation finished after a few minutes. The music teacher seem to like our piece so she gave me another chance. Rhea hugged me so tight I can't almost breath. She loosens her grip and looked at Alex.
"Hmph!" she scoffed and looked at the other way. "I still don't think I can't trust you after that."
"That's okay, Class Prez." Alex said as he puts down the violin "I'm kinda used to your irritating expression anyway."
"What did you say?!" Rhea yelled but I held her shoulders to keep her away from Alex and she calmed down right after.
"Well, Alex and I are going now." Ed declared. "Both of us are trying to get to the library after the presentation." Then they left the music room.
"Studying after taking a little break?" Clare raised an eyebrow. "How natural. As expected of Class B's president and the Straight A student."
"You should study too, Clare." Rhea interrupted. "If you want to stay in Class A, you have to remain high grades. Especially with the homework during the weekend..." The atmosphere suddenly became dark and scary. "I accepted your request to help you, not answer them for you."
"What?" Clare said in a calm way. "I'm sometimes lazy when it's homework you're talking about. It really annoyed me to death, you know."
"Fine." Rhea scoffed.
"Oh, what was the thing both of you were trying to tell me after the presentation?" I asked them, trying to change the topic.
"Oh, that." Clare smiled. "Since it's Valentines tomorrow, I decided that you should come to Rhea's house for today."
"Clare was soo energetic I wonder who is she giving it to. Maybe Mark?" Rhea smirked and Clare blushed.
"What?!" she yelled. "How would I know I will give it to him?"
"You were staring at him like forever in class. There's a possibility you will give it to him."
"N-no! It's not like I will only give it to him." Clare said. She looks embarrassed and her entire face is red. This is the first time I've seen her like this.
"Very well." I said. "I will accept your invitation."
"But won't you ask your mom about it first?" Rhea asked.
"Almost all of the times I've went outside I never really got the chance to ask her. She's at work right now so she will understand."
"Okay, Haley. We'll meet outside after school." Clare said. "And make sure you're alone, okay? No boy, even Alex, must find out."
"Got it."
Author's note: Forgive me for the lateness. I've been preparing since my school will start next week. So, tomorrow, I will be fast from now on XDD. P.S I do this with my friends the day before Valentines as well. It's fun!


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