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My Fateful Encounter

Novel By: Lucy7102

16 year old Haley Willows is a girl who likes being herself. Shy but quite energetic and at the same time really helpful to the ones in need.Now entering Sakurasou High, she'll meet new friends, new classes and in the hope of her search, will she find the boy who promised her that they will meet again? View table of contents...


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After school, I managed to get outside without being noticed by Alex or Mark. So if they do see me, they'll ask me what's going on. I sighed. Where are those two? I thought they'll meet me immediately.
I looked around to see who owns the voice then I found out it was Rhea hiding behind the bush with Clare. W-why are they hiding?
"May I ask why are you there?" I said, a little annoyed than calm.
"Sorry." Clare stood up and fixed her uniform. "I was about to come here until someone pulled my hand to the bush. I found out it was Rhea though."
"I just don't want those two to notice." Rhea sighed.
"Okay. Shall we go now or we'll have to hide on that bush for eternity?" Clare interrupted.
"Of course we'll go!"
Then we walked outside the school to take a taxi and then we finally arrived to the Jones' Manor. The place was quite big. Well, a little too big, if I must admit. Rhea rang the doorbell and a maid came out.
"Welcome back, Rhea. I see you brought guests."
"Yeah." Rhea said. "Is Ed around?"
"I'm afraid he said he will be staying at his friend's apartment. Why you ask?" the maid frowned.
"Nothing. The reason is not too special anyway." Rhea looked at me and Clare and said. "They'll be staying here for today. So could you let us in?"
The maid's frown turned back to a smile "Y-yes! Of course. We always welcome Lady Rhea's friends over."
Rhea and her maid gave us a quick tour until Clare decided to take us to the kitchen. Why the kitchen? Didn't we come here for the---oh, the chocolates, I forgot. As soon we arrived in the kitchen, Clare immediately puts on an apron and claps her hands.
"Okay. Our "making chocolates" option will begin now. Of course, what we will make must contain chocolate."
"Whoa whoa." I interrupted her. I can't understand why she's so impatient about this. "Since when are you so excited in giving chocolates?"
"Maybe she's giving it her all to give the best chocolates to--ah that tickles stop it!!" Rhea stopped mid-sentence because she was tickled by an annoyed Clare.
"I told you. I will be giving it to the both of you, Mark, Alex and even Ed as well. There's no way I'll only be giving it to Mark."
"I doubt it." Rhea panted as she recovered from the tickles. "So, Haley. What will you make?"
"Um, I'm making mini chocolate brownies." I stuttered.
"Wow. And what will you add as a design?" she continued.
I...don't know yet. But the first thing that came into my mind was...the bracelet. Those hearts and butterflies might come in handy. "A-as for the icing, I'll use white chocolate. And for the designs, maybe I'll use red hearts and butterflies."
"That's a nice idea!" Clare smiled. "I'll be making chocolate cupcakes. Some strawberry icing might finish it. But I'll be giving one per person. You know it's a little hard to make. How about you, Rhea?"
"Well, I'll be making black and white cookies. All you need to have is just milk chocolate, chocolate, and some sugar." Rhea replied.
"Let's get started then!" I declared.
Each of us had a separate table. I'm quite surprised their kitchen is wide. I placed the hearts and the butterflies in the fridge so it wouldn't melt. Then I looked at the oven to see if the brownies are doing fine. When I put it outside, I decided to cool it down for a bit.
"Wow. I see you're doing great!"
I looked back to see Rhea grinning at me. Her face has a little icing so I got my handkerchief in my pocket and wiped it off her face.
"Geez, you have to be careful. There's icing in your face." I said.
"Ah, sorry." Rhea laughed clumsily. "I was just about to finish the cookies but suddenly the icing beside me exploded."
"Exploded? How?" I don't know how icing explodes but maybe I'll know from her.
"I don't know how it happened. Maybe the container was too tight, I guess." she replied. I guess that explains everything.
I looked at the cooled off brownies and placed white chocolate icing at the side. Then I added seven tiny red hearts to one brownie, and finally two butterflies at second brownie.
Maybe I should give this two brownies to Alex, I thought. I'll give it to him as an apology gift for yelling at each other during our practice.
I cleared my mind because there were still eight more brownies not yet decorated. So, I'll give them two each to Mark, Ed, Clare and Rhea. But there weren't enough white icing left. So I decided to use it for the side only.
"I finally finished it." Oops. I said it aloud.
"Oh, I was finished as well." Clare said too.
I looked at hers and I gasped. It was soo cute! The icing was done nicely and the glitter decors wasn't too much. The cupcake was well-darkened too.
"It's great that you can cook than you can study." Rhea teased.
"Hey! I can read, I can cook, study but I'm too lazy to do homework." Clare admitted. She doesn't have to be too honest about it.
"You just said that twice already." Rhea looked at her watch. "We've been in here for two in a half hours. We should eat dinner now."
Then I heard our stomachs growling. "Yeah." I said. "I guess we'd better eat."
We went outside the kitchen and met Rhea's parents. Her mother has long silky brown hair and sparkling sapphire eyes while the father has black hair and brown eyes. Both of them seems to be wearing work clothes.
"Rhea." Mrs. Jones said. "I never knew you had guests."
"Sorry, mom." Rhea replied. "We were in a little rush, that's all."
I stepped forward and introduced myself, "Nice to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Jones. I'm Rhea's friend, Haley Willows."
"I'm Clare Meyers. I suppose you remember me coming over last weekend, right?" Clare smiled.
Mr. Jones made a grin and said. "Welcome to the manor, Haley. Yes, I remember seeing Clare in here for help in homework."
"Come to the dining room with us, you must be hungry." Mrs. Jones added and we headed to their dining room. We took our seats to eat dinner.
"So, I heard your a smart student in Class A, right Haley?" Mr. Jones began.
"Y-yeah." I stuttered. "I'm not much of a straight A student myself but I'm doing great."
"Speaking of Straight A students, you have one in your class right? What was his name?"
"Alex Roberts? You've heard of him?" Clare asks.
"Yes. He was my son, Edward's best friend." Mrs. Jones replied. "But I don't think Rhea's interested in him."
"You don't say." I muttered.
"Mom, Dad." Rhea interrupted as she wipes her mouth with a cloth. "You have work to do, right? I can see you're still wearing your work clothes."
"Yeah. Would you look at the time." Mrs. Jones said as they stood up. "Sorry, Rhea. Haley, Clare, you can sleep at Rhea's room if you want. We'll be going then." They left after a while.
"So," Clare began, "I think it's time to prepare our gifts, right?"
"Great idea." I said.
After we cooled the sweets in an hour, and Rhea told the maids to look after it without eating them. Then we headed upstairs to go to bed. When we went inside to Rhea's room, it was really huge and and neat. Her bead wasn't too flashy but it can fit for three people.
"The pillows are soo soft!" Clare yelled while hugging a pillow like a child.
"It's probably 9:30 so we better sleep now." Rhea yawned.
Lights out~
While Rhea slept in the middle, Clare on the right, I was at the left, still awake. I don't want to sleep if I don't see the night sky. Hehe, I'm still a child after all. I tiptoed slowly and opened Rhea's window. There weren't many stars at the sky but I was just thinking, what am I to Alex? Or what is he to me?


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