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My Fateful Encounter

Novel By: Lucy7102

16 year old Haley Willows is a girl who likes being herself. Shy but quite energetic and at the same time really helpful to the ones in need.Now entering Sakurasou High, she'll meet new friends, new classes and in the hope of her search, will she find the boy who promised her that they will meet again? View table of contents...


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I woke up first, but when I saw the room, it was a little bit dark, I'm guessing it's still 6:30. Then I heard a knock at the door. I walked slowly and opened the door to see two maids.
"I'm sorry for waking you in an early time, Miss Haley. But it's time for you three to prepare for school." One of them said.
"That's okay." I replied. "I just woke up, that's all. I'll wake them up after a while."
"We also wrapped yours, Clare's and Lady Rhea's chocolates. So you won't have to worry about rushing to do it yourselves."
"Thank you so much." I smiled as they left. Maids are really thoughtful and nice too. I walked to see the things around Rhea's room. It didn't look too childish because there were teddy bears and cute outfits. I saw her violin at the top of her desk, still shiny and neat. She told me it was her most precious treasure but I don't have to ask why. Then I heard yawning.
"Waah~ Is it morning already?" Clare said as she slowly opened her eyes. Her bed head looking appearance made her cuter than unpleasant to look at.
"Did the maids come here to wake us up?" Rhea also woke up and still eyes closed.
"Yep. I woke up first so I told them I will be the one to wake the both of you so we can prepare." I replied.
"Speaking of preparing," Rhea smirked and we looked at her in confusion. "Are you ready to give chocolates to those three?"
"Of course we are!" Clare said, very determined to respond. "But you hate Alex, right? Why would you give some to him?"
"Of course I will not! I don't really like boys right now." Rhea replied. "But for helping Haley when she was in a total pinch, what would I give him?"
"I don't know, chocolates, maybe?" I said.
"I don't think that's a easy thing to give Alex, Haley." Clare laughed. "You see, most of the girls admiring Alex because of his coolness gives him chocolates, but he doesn't like the plain ones so he rejected some of them."
"And why does he do that?" Rhea asks.
"He knows some of the chocolates he received were bought, not made. To those girls who will give Valentine Chocolates to the boys, make sure that they are home-made, not bought simply."
"Hmph. So that's why he wasn't surrounded easily." I muttered.
"Did you say something, Haley?" Rhea asked me and I was shocked a little.
"N-nothing at all! Come on, let's just prepare ourselves for school." I stuttered.
After changing to our uniforms and all that "daily routine for school", we went downstairs and headed to the kitchen to check for our chocolates. The maid outside the kitchen told me mine is a small pink box with a red ribbon. But I can see five boxes, so maybe they know I divided my mini brownies by two. It was nicely wrapped too.
"Wow. They knew that I'll give one per person. The maids are so clever, all right." Clare looked at hers.
"Nope. Either they just overheard our conversation or my parents did and told them to wrap it for us." Rhea replied.
But when I was about to put a box in my paper bag, I found out one of the five boxes has a small silver butterfly tied beneath the ribbon. So that means the brownies inside are for Alex. The Jones family always comes out with surprises.
I looked at Clare, who gave me a box of her hand-made cupcake. "I told you and Rhea I would make one for each of you. Happy Valentines, Haley."
I smiled and gave her a box containing two of my brownies. "Thank you and Happy Valentines, Clare."
"Haley, Clare, come on! It's thirty minutes until class so we'll take a ride." Rhea called out and I immediately grabbed my bag and we went inside the car.
We finally arrived at school, but we walked fast because we might be late. We were about to enter our classroom until,
We looked and saw Ed, Alex and Mark behind us. I didn't know how they appeared at the right time but they sure are quick.
"We haven't seen you three since after school yesterday. Where were you?" Mark asked worriedly.
"Ah. Not much. I just invited Haley and Clare to my house for a sleepover that's why we have to be fast in going back." Rhea said.
"Without letting me know? That's a surprise." Ed raised an eyebrow. "Besides, what's with the girls in our school? They've been going to boys like us to give a gift but thank goodness we escaped, I wonder why."
"It's Valentines Day, Ed. Have you forgotten?" I laughed and rummaged in my paper bag and gave the three of them a box each and Alex has the one with the butterfly underneath the ribbon. "This is for you."
"Oh, haha." he laughed. "Thank you. I totally forgot. Is this home-made?"
"Of course it is!" Clare said as he gave him her one of her cupcake as well. "Besides, it's not only you who will receive something." She turned to Alex to give him one and then at Mark. She gave him without looking to hide her red face "T-this is f-for you."
Before, Mark was a little startled but he accepted her gift. "Thank you for your chocolate. I look forward in eating it."
Clare blushed even deeper and immediately shook her head. "Y-your welcome."
I laughed a little and saw Alex a little shocked when he saw the little silver butterfly. But Mark patted his back and said aloud, "Oi, aren't you going to say anything to Haley?"
I blushed and interrupted him. "T-there's no need to tell me anything."
"Oh come on." Rhea laughed. "You really putted a lot of effort on your home-made chocolate, so he has to say something."
I looked at Alex in hesitation. But as I saw him, he was calm and shy at the same time. "T-thank you for giving it your all to
give us a valentine chocolate. I'm sure it will be very delicious."
I blushed the same way Clare did. Since when did the boys got so straightforward? Rhea wasn't affected because she only gave her cookies to us.
"Don't mention it." That's all I could manage to say.
"Come on. It's time for class." Rhea called.
"I'll be going then. Thanks for the chocolates, Haley, Clare." Ed said as he head his way to his class.
"Bye." I said.
I looked and found out it was Alex who called me. "If it's about class, I'm coming inside as well."
"N-no. About our practice, I'm sorry I got a little mad and yelled some things to you. It just..I was shocked that it was you all along." Alex lowered his voice. Hearing it made me feel..pity and fear.
"I'm sorry too." I replied. "I didn't know it was you, I kept on avoiding your questions. So I decided to give that chocolate also as an apology gift."
Alex gave me a pat on the head and smiled. "Thank you. I'm looking forward to eating it."
I smiled too. "I-I guess that will make us even, right?"
"No, not yet." he grinned. "How about we'll continue our date? The last time was interrupted by Mark after all."
I widened my eyes in surprise. "When will it be?" I asked. I'll have to agree so we'll be even.
"Sunday. 10 o' clock. I'll text you the venue since class is almost starting."
"Okay." I said.
As he left to go inside the classroom, Alex wasn't like his usual self today. The Alex I know is a stubborn, shy guy but I just thought that he might be hiding something. But what?


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