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My Fateful Encounter

Novel By: Lucy7102

16 year old Haley Willows is a girl who likes being herself. Shy but quite energetic and at the same time really helpful to the ones in need.Now entering Sakurasou High, she'll meet new friends, new classes and in the hope of her search, will she find the boy who promised her that they will meet again? View table of contents...


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It was still lunchbreak and I can't stop repeating the part Alex told me that we should finish what was unfinished: our date. I blushed a dark shade of red, hoping to know the reason why he said that. Either he has to say something important, or he just want to be with me.
"Haley, what's wrong? You look like you're in need of help."
Rhea came with Clare wearing the same worried faces and their curious eyes. I really don't like them to notice me spacing out because they want to know what's been making me worrying. But I have no choice but to tell them everything.
"No. I'm not really needing help right now, It's just...Alex been acting weird since I talked to him today."
"Ah, he's always weird. You don't have to worry about a thing." Rhea scoffed.
"No he's not!" Clare refused to agree the fact Alex is weird. "Maybe he's just a little tired and out of shape."
"Yeah. But he's not paying attention to class lately. Maybe "tired" isn't the right word for it." I replied.
I frowned. The date is one thing but spacing out, not paying attention, saying words that is not like his character, so he must be hiding something. I gotta find out what.
"What are you talking about?"
The three of us looked back to see Mark and Alex staring at us very closely. D-did he heard our conversation? Please tell me you two didn't.
"N-nothing." Clare said.
"Okay." Mark grinned. "How about we return the favor for giving us your chocolates? There's a cafe nearby our school and it has not-so expensive sweets."
"Uh, I'm sorry guys." Rhea frowned.
"Why?" I asked.
"There's a school meeting I have to attend after school."
"That's okay." Alex smirked. "We already expected that you have something urgent to do, Class Prez."
"Idiot." Rhea said angrily. "I'm this class' president. Meetings and stuff to do in the school are most the activities I do every day."
"That's such a shame. It'd be more fun to do it with you too." Clare said.
"Then, it's after school then. We'll meet you outside the school." Mark smiled.
"O-okay." Another red-faced Clare has appeared again. Then Alex and Mark left the classroom.
"Clare, may I ask you something?" I said.
"Yes. What is it?" she looked at me.
"I was wondering...Alex mentioned a long time ago that Mark did something to you. But why you look like that you have some feelings for him?"
Clare looked down and said, "I guess I have to tell you everything." Clare and I sat down and she began,
"8 years ago, after Alex and I met, he decided to introduce me to his cousin. We entered a house and then I met him. Then about two months after we met, Alex and I decided to stay at his house for a two days. I was playing with my stuffed bear in the living room, then I needed a drink so I went to the kitchen. I saw Mark holding a knife covered in red. I was scared I thought it was blood. Alex came and notice I was scared and punched Mark. I stopped them after a while and Alex pulled my hand and we left."
I looked at her, she looked guilty because she made two cousins fight but Alex had the wrong idea. But I never knew Alex would have to go far and fight Mark like that.
But now, it's now fine and he said sorry to me. Then I slowly began to have feelings for him. His cheerful and kind personality never fades at all." Clare added.
I see. Clare liked Mark this whole time because even though they began with a horrible start, she still believes in her feelings and likes the boy she loves.
"I look forward about you and Alex by the way."
That last sentence made me clueless. What is she talking about? It's not like we're dating or anything.
"W-what?" I said.
"I can support you with Alex. That's what. I could tell you have interest in him too."
"N-no! It's not like that!" I hesitated. I really don't think Alex as more than a friend right now. Besides, I don't think he likes me as more than a friend.
"That's okay. I never expected your reaction to be more different than that." Clare laughed. "Oh, it's class time."
"Okay. Thank you for telling me everything about you with Mark though." I said softly.
After school, Clare and I waited at the cafe Mark told us about. It sure looked really high-class but it doesn't have really expensive sweets, just normal and cute ones. Then I heard the door opening and very exhausted voices.
"Thank goodness...we finally...made it." The first voice said.
"Yeah..I never..knew we would get...chased like that." Another voice replied.
Clare and I were completely puzzled and we looked back and saw Alex and Mark. They looked totally worn-out and really needs their breath.
"What happened to you?" I asked them. I really didn't tell them to be quick in coming here, since they were the ones who told us to wait but I must know why do they look like that.
"We got chased by girls who wanted to give us chocolates. But we lost them when we got here." Mark explained.
"They were so fast we can't believe that we already spent all our energy because of running so much." Alex added.
"So," Mark changed the topic and sat down with us. "We'll pay for it. Pick any dessert you want."
Clare began because while we were waiting a while ago, she was looking at the menu until they arrived. "I-I'll take a triple chocolate cake slice and jasmine tea."
I looked at the menu and try pick something good. "I'm not really hungry, so I'll pick a strawberry cake slice and black tea."
"Okay." Alex made a smile and told the waiter what we ordered. "Wow. I never knew girls would like their cakes with tea along."
"That's because sweets goes well with tea. Especially at afternoon." Clare replied.
"True." I said.
"Lucky we found this cafe. I heard it goes well especially at Valentines. But this was made like, 4 months ago." Mark grinned.
"Your desserts, sirs and madams."
The waiter arrived with a smile and said, "Since it's Valentines and you are our fourteenth* costumers today, we made you a special gift each. Open it after eating, of course." Then he left after putting down our cakes and tea.
"I wonder what's inside those tiny little boxes." Clare said, pointing at the four boxes. (the "gift" the waiter mentioned about) Two of the boxes are blue, while the others are pink.
"After eating, he says." I said, almost laughing. "And wow, their cakes are well designed than what the usual would look like."
"That's one thing you can less expect from this fascinating cafe." Alex replied.
I grabbed the fork and began eating the cake slowly. Mmm, delicious!
"So, what did you do at Rhea's house anyway?" Alex asked.
I gulped what I was eating and said, "Didn't we tell you earlier? We had a sleepover and we made the chocolates there."
"I thought you were planning something. Class Prez often does that in school."
"No we weren't." Clare said, putting down her cup. "I was the one who came up with the idea to make the chocolates at Rhea's house. She just accepted, that's all."
"Alex, I thought you understand it already." Mark frowned.
"Oh, uh yeah. I did. I just wanted to make sure if it's true or not." Alex stuttered.
"Think girls like us lie?" I scoffed.
"Maybe." Alex smirked.
He meant about what I said during the practice. He was about to ask my mom about him being the boy 7 years ago but I lied to change the topic. I never should've done that, I thought.
"Fine. I'll accept it that way." I said. But he's starting to return to his usual self though.
"Oooh, time to open the gifts." Clare said excitedly. I took one of the pink boxes and Clare and I opened at the same time. It was a silver necklace with one small silver butterfly, and a letter was inside. It read:
"Someday, you'll know why "that person from before" gave you something that you've cherished until now. It has been a long time since the both of you met each other. You don't have to push yourself to find out but instead, just believe in him."
Whoa, I thought. That nearly reminds me about seven years ago and the bracelet. So I'll have to keep waiting and believe in "him". I don't know, but the boy who saved me 7 years ago was really kind that I started to have a liking to him. What am I saying?! Does that mean I--
"Wow," Clare interrupted my thoughts and said, "A butterfly necklace. It's beautiful." She recieved a bracelet that has many silver flowers. She looked at Alex and gasped. "What?! The both of you are the same?"
I looked at what Alex was holding. He has the same necklace. W-what is going on? It seem that Clare's and Mark's were different but why the same necklace?
"This is a surprise." Mark grinned. "I wonder why the both of you have the same accessory."
"But I already have a bracelet with a butterfly on it." I hesitated. "I just can't wear both at the same time."
"I can't as well." Alex added. "I might look weird when wearing it."
"Why not wear it today?" Clare suggested. "It'll be okay, right?"
"I'll try it on to see if it's fine." Alex said.
"Y-yeah." I said.
I tried it on and it's not bad. But it will look terrible with my bracelet on. I looked at Alex to see if he's doing fine. He's just looking at it and then he looked at me. I turned away immediately so he wouldn't notice my stare.
"It's fine but, I won't wear it. I'll just keep it." he said.
"I'll wear it sometime without my bracelet." I replied.
"Haley, you wear that bracelet like, every day. When will I ever see you take it off? I mean, what is that bracelet to you anyway? Is it important?" Clare asked.
I took the necklace off and placed it back in its box and replied. "It's important, actually. It was given from someone seven years ago. I can't even bother to take it off because...I can still remember that day everytime I wear it."
"Oh." Clare said shyly. "Sorry. So, you're still finding that someone or have you found him now?"
"It's a secret." I winked.
"Ahhh! Tell me now!"
Clare this time was acting like a little girl, so I couldn't help myself from laughing. But I can't tell them it was Alex, because I figured they might flip out.
"Oh, it's getting late." Alex declared. "We'd better go home now."
" "Kay." Clare said and she followed Mark outside the cafe. Me and Alex were the ones left.
"Haley." Alex told me.
"What?" I asked.
"I hope you'll understand why I'm acting weird today. But remember our date, okay?"
"Yeah. But acting weird is so not your character, Alex. Remember that. Not only me who noticed it but the others as well."
"Just don't tell them, okay?"
He walked closer to me. I was waiting for what he was going to say but instead, he kissed my forehead and said, "I'll tell it to you during the date. Sorry. For the apology, I gave you a kiss as well." He started to smirk at me.
I blushed deep red and yelled. "You idiot!"
He kept on laughing and laughing, but I kept on blushing in embarrassment. Still, I don't know what is he hiding but all I can think about now is what is that I've finally found the boy from seven years ago. He may have changed (a lot), but I'm really curious about what am I to him right now.
*Since Valentines Day is on February 14th, I decided to make them the 14th customers so they'll have the special gifts
Author's Note (VERY IMPORTANT so you must read!): Readers, I'm very sorry to disappoint you but on Monday June 10, it is when my school will start so that means..."My Fateful Encounter" is going to be on hold for a while. Sometime, I can still update since there will more like, 6 chapters or so left. Thank you for supporting this novel and I hope you'll understand and be patient.


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