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My Fateful Encounter

Novel By: Lucy7102

16 year old Haley Willows is a girl who likes being herself. Shy but quite energetic and at the same time really helpful to the ones in need.Now entering Sakurasou High, she'll meet new friends, new classes and in the hope of her search, will she find the boy who promised her that they will meet again? View table of contents...


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"Haley! It's one hour until class starts so you better hurry up."

My mom yelled from downstairs, cooking breakfast. I hurriedly changed to my uniform, combed my short black hair and ran downstairs to get ready.
"Mom, it's still early. I can't rush my to-do list and besides, I'm also excited for my first day as a college student." I sat down, trying to smile.
I looked at the silver bracelet I'm wearing on my right wrist and sighed. Even after seven years, I can't forget about the boy who gave me this. I wonder where he is now?
"Alright, stop your daydreaming and eat. It's bad manners, you know." my mom gave me bacon and eggs for breakfast and smiled.
"I'm not daydreaming, mom. I'm remembering." I finished eating and stood up. "I'm going now."
I head outside and walked, on my way to Sakurasou High. It's a private school only for students who have high grades and academics. I'm not much of a straight A student but my grades were pretty high. As I entered the school, I took a deep breath and exhaled. On my way to find Class A, I overheard a man inside about a new student coming over. I opened the door and found myself on the front.
Shyly, I introduced myself, "I'm Haley Willows. Now a freshman student from Class-A. Please treat me well."
"Okay, Haley. You can sit at the vacant chair near the window. Our class president, Rhea Jones is sitting beside you and will be in charge of giving you tours." The teacher replied.
So I walked on my way to the back and sat down. The brown haired girl beside me must be....
"Hi, Haley. I'm Rhea, the class president. Let's be friends." she told me.
"Nice to meet you. It'd be an honor to accept a new friend." I replied, casually and formally.
"W-well. No need to act formal. I'll give you a tour at lunch break. For now, we'll have class." Rhea smiled.
After few classes passed, Rhea decided to eat lunch with me at the cafeteria. So that during eating, she'll introduce some stuff after. When I saw the cafeteria, I was so in awe to see foreign styled tables, chairs and even the food looks expensive. I tried to ask Rhea about it, she interrupted me,
"This is Class A's cafeteria. Only our classmates can go here. I really thought we deserve something special. Come on, let's take a seat." She dragged me along and let me sit on one of the vacant tables. A waitress arrived and asked,
"What may I serve you for your lunch, Lady Rhea?"
"Oh. I'm not really hungry today." Rhea sighed and looked at me. "What about you?"
"I'm not really hungry either." I replied and then the waitress left. "Why did the waitress call you "Lady Rhea"?"
Rhea frowned. "I wonder as well. I'm the chairman's daughter after all."
"What?!" I exclaimed.
"C-calm down. I tried convincing my dad not to let the staff call me that in two years but he always forgets." Rhea replied.
"Oh." When I looked behind Rhea, I saw a boy drinking his tea alone. He has green hair and wears glasses. "Hey, Rhea? Who is he?"
She looked behind and smiled, "Oh, you meant Alexander Roberts. You can call him Alex, by the way. He's got the highest grade in all of Class A. He rarely talks and smiles so, it'd be best to let him be alone."
I looked at my silver bracelet then at Alex. Is he the one?
"What are you wearing at your wrist?" Rhea asked.
I removed my left hand and showed the bracelet to her. "You mean this? This has been given from a friend of mine seven years ago. But I never really knew his name. Before he left, he promised we'll meet again."
But before I knew it, I saw Alex glancing at me. But he stopped drinking his tea and left the cafeteria. And Rhea started going crazy when I looked at her.
"OMG OMG! So it's a boy then? Did you see his face?"
"Whoa whoa." I interrupted. "Since when did you become so interested about me?"
"Oh. I'm so sorry! I just get crazy when it comes to romance." Rhea apologized immediately but I forgave her.
After school, I told Rhea to go ahead because I wanted to go to the library to study. When I went inside, there weren't so many people at all. I decided to find some books. I saw a quite interesting one but I can't reach it. I tried and tried until suddenly,
"You should've asked help if you can't reach it."
I looked behind and saw Alex! I blushed a little because he was really close. He reached for the book and got it.
"Here." He handed me the book and told me, "Haley Willows. Age sixteen. Good in Science, Math, English and Arts and Music. Transfer student in Class A."
"H-how did you know that?" I said, beginning to think that he's a stalker or something.
"I accidentally read your personal record in the guidance's office." he said calmly, not even smiling. "Alex Roberts, pleased to meet you. I was wondering where'd you get that bracelet."
He pointed at my right wrist, where my bracelet was.
"Why did you ask?" I asked.
"N-nothing. I'll be on my way then. Please ignore what I have said." he blushed a little and left.
Hmm. He seemed mysterious but why did he ask about my bracelet. Does he know anything about it?
I cleared my mind and decided to leave the library as well.
At home, my mom was preparing dinner. "Ah! Welcome home, Haley. You look tired, made new friends?" she asked.
"Yeah. I guess." I replied and head upstairs.
I entered my room and lazily lie down on my bed. I raised my right hand and looked at the bracelet. What does Alex know
about me?
Author's note: Hi guys! How do you like the new chapter? What I meant to ask was....would you like it if I post the characters? And I didn't drew the picture. I found it somewhere I forgot XDD


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