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My Fateful Encounter

Novel By: Lucy7102

16 year old Haley Willows is a girl who likes being herself. Shy but quite energetic and at the same time really helpful to the ones in need.Now entering Sakurasou High, she'll meet new friends, new classes and in the hope of her search, will she find the boy who promised her that they will meet again? View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 8, 2013    Reads: 63    Comments: 8    Likes: 8   

I woke up at seven in the morning, with my hair all messy and untidy. I stood up to fix my bed and prepared to take a bath. I went to get my uniform and changed slowly. While trying to wear my shoes, I'm still trying to close my bracelet as well. With its seven hearts and two butterflies, I feel all ready to go to school. But I still remembered Alex asking me about it....

"Haley! Are you already awake? I prepared breakfast so better come down now." My mom yelled from downstairs. That made me clear my mind from thinking of him.
I walked and opened the door and went downstairs to eat my breakfast. I really loved my mother's cooking. They are cooked well and great. As I finished drinking water, I said goodbye and left to go to Sakurasou High.
"Hi Haley." I saw Rhea by the gate, waving at me. "Did you know we have five tests today?"
"Yeah I know. I studied last night but I slept for only four hours." I yawned.
"What?!" Rhea gasped. "Studying is one thing, but you haven't getting enough sleep might affect your concentration."
"No, it's okay. At least it's four hours sleep, I'm fine."
But Rhea wasn't convinced at all. I told her that we'll be late if we don't get moving and went to our classroom. We took our seats and then class began. The first test we'll be having is Mathematics.
I looked at the problems slowly and carefully and suddenly, my head feels a little fuzzy and I can't see properly! I shook my head and it went back to normal.
Then other tests came; Science, English, History, and Arts & Music. I finished them successfully but my head keeps on hurting every time I focus. Never mind. I'm okay.
"Haley, are you okay?" Rhea stood up and asked.
"Yeah. Let's go eat lunch." I lied. But really, I'm not alright at all.
As we go to the cafeteria, I took a cup of tea and a slice of shortcake as my lunch. Rhea took the same things as well. We sat down and ate. Again, I saw Alex, sitting down alone reading a book. His cold looking brown eyes looking through his glasses and focused on the book.
"So, how'd your test go?" Rhea asked, putting down her cup down.
"It's fine. Um, can I ask you something?"
"What? Ask me anything." Rhea smiled.
I took a deep breath and began, "Do Alex has friends?"
Rhea's eyes widened and sighed, "Well, he has one. His name is Edward Jones from Class B."
"Wait..what? Is Edward your brother?" I asked, completely amazed and curious.
"Yeah. We don't talk much since we're different classes and he always stays in his room at home. He talks to me when he only has free time."
"Oh...Thank you. That's all I wanted to know." I smiled and we returned back to the classroom.
After school, Rhea told me she'll be back because the class presidents will have a meeting today but it will take a while so I waited for her at the gate. Suddenly, three bad-looking guys from other schools arrived and surrounded me.
"Hey, you look cute. Is someone there waiting for you?" One of them asked.
"Y-yeah. I'm waiting for my friend." I stammered weakly.
"A friend? You could forget about her. Come with us, we'll have fun." The other added.
The third one held my hair and said "And we'll have games." I tried letting go but I don't have any more strength left. I just closed my eyes and suddenly,
"Don't talk or touch her just because she's too darn cute."
I opened my eyes and I saw....Alex in front of me! He looked angry and serious.
"Huh? And what are you trying to do about it?" One of the trio asked.
"I don't know. Maybe, throwing you to jail for life for harassing a student? Or maybe get you three myself?" He stopped glaring and suddenly smiled.
What is he thinking?!! He could get hurt!
"Why you--?!" They tried to hit him but Alex stopped them all in one hand.
"Urrgh!! I couldn't get my hand back!" They struggled and struggled but they couldn't release their hands on their own.
"Oh? Three mean guys against a single student, how unfair. Now, can you leave and never come back?" Alex asked calmly.
He lets go of their hands and they ran away. Alex looked at me and asked,
"Are you alright? Are you hurt?"
He looked completely worried. I can't believe he stopped them without getting a scratch.
"I-I'm fine. What kind of person are you, Alex?" I asked.
He scratched his green hair and laughed. "Let's just say I'm a little mean at times. I tried replacing it with a calm character, but it still won't do. Keep this a secret or they might expel me."
I widened my eyes, completely amazed Alex suddenly changed his smart and quiet self to a kind but mean character. "Okay. I promise."
"Haley~!!" Rhea finally came running. Sweaty and really tired but when she looked at Alex,
"What are you doing here?" She asked, completely serious and calm than being tired.
"Nothing much. I'm going home." He changed back to his calm character and left.
"Man, that guy is weird." Rhea sighed.
But weird in a cool way. I thought.


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