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My Fateful Encounter

Novel By: Lucy7102

16 year old Haley Willows is a girl who likes being herself. Shy but quite energetic and at the same time really helpful to the ones in need.Now entering Sakurasou High, she'll meet new friends, new classes and in the hope of her search, will she find the boy who promised her that they will meet again? View table of contents...


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I stared at Alex and then at the stranger whose name was Mark. I don't know him but why do they know each other? Alex was furious while Mark was calm about it. I stepped forward and asked,
"Alex, do you know him?"
With clenched fists, Alex turned his back on him and nodded. "He's my cousin. His name is Mark Carson and we do not get along."
I looked at Mark. He's kind and good looking but that doesn't make me understand the fact that they do not get along. Maybe Mark did something bad that made Alex hate him.
"That's a secret, Haley."
I looked at Mark. How did he know I was thinking about the reason they hate each other.
"I'm transferring at Sakurasou High as a Class A student. Treat me well as I arrive tomorrow, especially Alex and Clare." Mark grinned.
"Don't bring Clare into this. You know she suffered so much before you left." Alex growled.
Mark knows Clare too? And he will transfer to Class A? I don't understand this at all. But Alex grabbed my hand and he ran away with me. We stopped at the park, completely exhausted. Why did he..?!
"Haley. Please do not see that guy anymore. He's not who you think he is." Alex said.
"Why?" I asked, looking at him curiously.
"You don't need to know. I'll see you at class tomorrow then." That's all he can say and left.
"Yeah...okay." I smiled fakely and looked at the little teddy bear that Alex won for me. It's not really a fun day after all.
The next day, I still can't stop thinking about the thing about Mark transferring and Alex telling me to avoid him. My head is spinning on what will I do now. I don't want to choose something that leaves only me to decide.
"Hi, Haley."
I saw Rhea...with her brother also on the way to school. I thought he will be with Alex.
"Umm..hi. Great seeing you two here." I said.
Rhea's brother shook my hand and said, "We haven't properly introduced. I'm Edward. But you can call me Ed. I'm the best friend of Alex and the class president of Class B."
I smiled and Rhea interrupted us. "It's the first time the both of us walked to school together and Ed told me Alex will be going ahead alone today. I wonder what's wrong."
Eh? That's strange. Ed is supposed to be with Alex because they're best friends. I wonder this is about Mark again.
"What's wrong? Are you okay?"
I saw Rhea looking at me very worried and I calmed myself down.
"Yeah. I'm fine. Let's go or we'll be late." But I wasn't happy at all.
When we were about to enter Class A, I saw a large group of girls surrounding and blocking the entrance. We can't see what's going on but me and Rhea entered safely. And then...they found out they were looking at a handsome boy with dark somewhat shaggy hair. His empty black eyes staring at the book he's reading. My guess: Mark.
"Excuse me. Are you new here?"
Rhea came to his seat and asked.
Mark closed his book and smiled. "Yeah. I am. My name is Mark Carson. I just transferred today."
"Rhea Jones. I'm the class president and feel free to as anything that make you confused." she replied.
They talked and talked until Mark saw me and waved.
"Haley! I never knew you're also here in Class A. I guess I'm lucky after all." he smiled.
I blushed a little with embarrassment and smiled as well. "Nice to see you again as well."
But it all ended when Alex placed a book between us. He yawned loudly but I can tell it's a fake and said,
"Sorry to interrupt the chat. Makes me all sleepy and bored. So just sit down because class will be starting."
What's wrong with him?! Acting all rude just because he's talking to me. Then I saw our classmates murmuring and whispering about it.
"Why is Alex acting weird?"
"Yeah. And who's the other guy?"
"Do they know each other? But Alex looks like he hates him."
The thing about Alex and Mark just became a new rumor. I suddenly saw Clare went inside and yelled.
She hugged him and looked at Mark. Her eyes widened and looked back at Alex.
"Same old Clare, eh?" He smiled.
"Y-yeah...Nice seeing you again." She stuttered. She looked scared just by seeing him face to face.
Alex tried to say something but then the teacher went inside and took a seat. "What's going on here? Take your seats now and we'll begin."
I can see Mark wasn't enjoying nor worried about anything. He just kept on acting normal and pretend as if nothing happened.
Our topic was about Musical Instruments. The teacher assigned us in pairs and perform a presentation in two days.
"Clare, you'll be with Alex." The teacher said. Then Clare started talking to Alex about how they will do their presentation.
My heart skipped a beat. It felt painful again. Why do I feel hurt just by seeing those two together?
"And Haley, you'll be with Mark. Your grades are quite good with music so I suppose you're perfect with him." the teacher said and I nodded nervously.
"Haley, are you okay?"
I saw Mark looking at me with a worried expression. I couldn't say that I'm....jealous because he might think I'm stupid.
"I'm fine." I lied.
"Okay. I'm quite good with the violin, is that okay?"
"Perfect!" I smiled. "I'm great in piano so it's a duet, then?"
He carressed my short black hair and grinned. "Anything is perfect when I'm with you."
I couldn't help myself from blushing! "O-okay. L-let's work on of what we will play in the presentation."
But I didn't notice Alex was looking at us seriously and couldn't pay attention of what Clare was saying.
"Alex?" She called him.
"Oh, sorry. I'll pay attention to you from now on." He patted her head but Clare wasn't happy.
Meanwhile, I borrowed the grand piano in the music room at dismissal and practiced playing there alone. Go with the flow, I thought to myself and then I heard clapping. It was Mark.
"Nice playing. You're so good I can't help myself from smiling."
"T-thank you. I was just so excited about the presentation. I can't help it." I smiled.
But then, Mark was grinning and he went close to me. Like, real close. He held my face and said,
"I can't stop thinking about you, Haley. Really."
I tried pushing him away but he was to close. "W-what are you talking about?"
"I'm saying that I lov--"
Someone barged inside the door. It was Alex! He grabbed my hand to pull me away from Mark and he said angrily to him,
"Stop it. You're already annoying me worse than before."


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