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My Fateful Encounter

Novel By: Lucy7102

16 year old Haley Willows is a girl who likes being herself. Shy but quite energetic and at the same time really helpful to the ones in need.Now entering Sakurasou High, she'll meet new friends, new classes and in the hope of her search, will she find the boy who promised her that they will meet again? View table of contents...


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I looked at Alex with both worry and shock. How did he know I..I mean we went here? And why does he always get mad whenever he sees Mark. He doesn't look or seem bad at all.
"My, my. Alex, don't be mad just because I confessed to the girl I liked."
Mark just smiled and shook his head as if he never saw that coming. Wait...What? Confess? Liked? Girl? Is he talking about me?
But Alex hurriedly grabbed my hand and we went outside. He's even madder than before. I still don't get it. What does I or Clare have to do with them? Is this the reason why they hate each other? I pulled my hand from Alex's grasp. He was startled and then we stopped at the middle of the hallway.
"Alex, please tell me why you hate Mark. Maybe I can help." I told him. I don't want to just stand here, watching two cousins fight for each other. I need to know the reason.
"It's no big anyway." Alex frowned, scratching his green hair. "All I need to do from now on is to keep you away from him, especially at the music presentation."
I groaned. "It's only a music presentation. And he's your cousin! Just a little time to be with him won't hurt at all. Stop worrying about me as if you ever cared about me."
"I do care about you."
I freeze in shock when I heard his reply. H-he...he cares about me? Maybe he's joking. I don't want that.
"I'm serious. The reason why Clare is afraid of him because Mark has done something to her." Alex glared. His brown eyes just gave me worry and sadness.
"Then trust him for at least a single day! Maybe it will change everything." I said, clearing out the depressing atmosphere.
"I'm sorry but I can't accept your suggestion, Haley. I can't trust that guy anymore. I trust him only at the presentation because he's your partner. That's all I have to say." Then he left, leaving me alone, clueless about how will I have to get the both of them back.
At home at my room, I was looking at the silver bracelet until my phone started vibrating. It was a text message from Rhea.
Rhea: My brother told me that Alex was in a terrible mood when they got home together. Do you think this is about Mark?
I widened my eyes in disbelief. How did she know about it?
Me: How did you know about Alex was mad because of Mark?
Then after a while, she replied.
Rhea: Oh well, lucky guess. You know I saw them fighting last morning so I figured Alex was acting....really strange.
Yep. He does seem strange since we met Mark at the fair. I wonder what's got into him? I thought.
Rhea: I think he's jealous since Mark knows a lot about you.
W-what?!!! I did not see that message reply coming. Alex? Jealous? He's too kind and sometimes mean and stubborn to feel that kind of attitude.
Me: Rhea, stop making thing up. You know Alex doesn't feel that way.
Then I threw the phone at the bed as I sat down on my chair, thinking. Is this why Alex has been keeping me away from Mark all this time?
The next day,
I walked heading on my way to class. When I see Alex's face, I can't do anything else but avoid him. Since Clare has been talking to him and I can't find the time to talk to him about what I've said yesterday. I feel so humiliated and stupid at the same time.
"Haley, are you alright? You look pale."
I saw Rhea looking at me at the face with Mark beside her. Both of them looks so worried and wanted to know everything...I mean everything what's gotten into my mind right now. If I tell, I don't know what to do next. So I have no choice...
"Oh nothing. Just a little dizzy because of last night." I lied. Oh me, why don't you just shout out the truth everytime they ask me what's wrong?
"That's a relief. You better have to need your strength tomorrow for the music presentation." Rhea smiled and patted my shoulder.
But I saw Mark not happy about the lie I've said a while ago. "It's me, isn't it?" He frowned.
I blushed heavily just by seeing his warm dark brown eyes looking at me straightly.
"No no no! It's not your fault. I'm not really happy because of Alex, that's why." I told him a little of the "truth". I can trust Mark. But Alex telling me what to do like avoiding him at all costs just made things complicated for me.
"Okay. I thought about talking to Clare today but Alex is always with her. Just for a day will help make me feel better. Then you can talk to Alex and maybe you will be happy again."
Mark's unexpected decision just lifted my heart a little. I remembered what Alex told me about what he have done to Clare at the past but talking about it with her might get them back again!
"That's...a great idea, Mark. Thanks." I smiled.
"See? That smile is what I've been waiting for. You see, I don't like girls who are sad because of a simple problem." Mark smiled too and he went back to his seat.
Then it began at our lunch break...I can see Mark talking to Clare, smiling. Alex is the only person who isn't happy nor interested. Clare was quite enjoying the conversation, though. Then they left. Now's my chance, I thought.
I walked slowly from table to table and I almost arrived at Alex's table. He stood up as soon as I arrived.
"Do you know this might happen?" he asked.
"N-no..sorry." I lied again!! What is wrong with you, me?! Why do you have to lie?!
"Strange. And Clare wasn't scared anymore. But still, I cannot accept him today." Then he left.
I may have missed my chance to talk about it with him today, maybe there will be more chances left, I thought.
And the last chance I will have will be this.. I saw Mark again with Clare talking happily about something. Then Alex arrived with a calm expression and asked Clare to come with him. Mark whispered to Clare that made her agree and they left. That leaves me and Alex.
"Alex. Calm down. I'm sure Mark has his reason." I immediately told him.
"Why does he have to be with her at every single minute?!! I have enough of this. He will have his reason prepared when I'm done with finding them." Alex said angrily.
Oh boy, I thought. Another part when his other personality shows up.
"Alex, calm--"
I tried to tell him but he already walked away. I touched my forehead. I really am feeling dizzy after all and my forehead's really hot. I guess I should stay at the classroom and rest while dismissal isn't around yet.
I then arrived at the classroom and took a short nap. A deep, quiet nap. I never knew it was this quiet when I'm all alone. Peaceful...I closed my eyes and rested.
Then after a while, I heard the door suddenly opened and someone shouted my name. It was Alex.
"Have you seen Clare? I can't find her anywhere!"
I yawned and slowly walked on my way to him. "I heard our teacher told them to do some research at the library."
"Okay thanks." He was about to run when I grabbed his hand. I looked at him but Alex was quite suprised. Even if I haven't found the right time to tell him, this time will.
"Haley, we're back!"
I let go of his hand and saw Rhea, Mark and Clare. "So, where have you been?" I asked the three of them.
"Well, I kinda have seen them while I was reading some books at the library." Rhea smiled. When she touched my hand, she suddenly yelled.
"Haley, you're burning up!"
All of them looked at me in worry and shock and Mark touched my forehead. "Why haven't you told us sooner?"
"I...I" I tried to tell them everything but my voice is too weak.
"No time to explain." Rhea said and looked at Alex. "You can be real stupid when it comes to certain things, Alex."
Alex widened his eyes in shock. "I...didn't know."
"Well, I saw her holding your hand earlier. Didn't you even notice anything at all?" Mark asked, his anger suddenly rising.
Alex looks at his hand. Her hand was quite warm, I haven't paid attention to her this whole time, he thought.
"Please.." I managed to raise my voice to get their attention. "It isn't his fault. I just needed some rest so I'll be heading home..for now."
"Are you sure you're alright?" Clare asks.
"I'm fine. Really." I told them. As I begin to walk, my eyesight begins to blur. Everything feels so fuzzy. I collapsed on the floor, hearing faint voices, which are supposed to be yells.
"We must take her to the hospital now!"


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