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Invisible Flames

Novel By: Luna Bones

Lilly is young, beautiful and smart yet no one sees her as they pass her in the street. Jason is confronted by a strange homeless girl that seems to linger in his thoughts. Will being accepted to a prestigious school give Lilly the opportunity she seeks to succeed, or complicate her chaotic life? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 4, 2013    Reads: 58    Comments: 5    Likes: 3   

Lilly stared at the computer screen scanning her application for the tenth time. Everything had to be perfect before she could press the shiny red submit button. She inhaled her breath and held it as her mouse moved over the button. As her finger clicked the mouse she exhaled loudly and felt a weight lift from her shoulders.Congratulations, your application for Hemingway Academy has been submittedflashed across the screen. Lilly smiled to herself and began to wonder about the slim possibility of getting in, let alone receiving a scholarship to lingered on the thought until she focused only on the one word...slim...extremely slim. She grabbed her backpack and her big red luggage and walked towards the elevator. The only way she was going to take her mind off of the application was to fill her mind with love, betrayal, mystery and fantasy. She exited out the elevator into the vast selection of books offered at the library. As she walked through the center, a few eyes followed. The librarian had a scowl on her face as she glared Lilly down. Lilly began looking through each section meticulously until she had a diverse collection of genres to read. She proceeded to the checkout where the librarian continued to scowl at her, but Lilly just ignored it. She was used to the glares and the many who treated her as an invisible creature. Lilly left the library feeling light and excited. "I applied. What's there to lose?" She rolled her suitcase two blocks until she saw the pay phone and the post office. She set her stack of books on the cement sidewalk and pulled out a tarp and blanket from her backpack before sitting down.

Lilly smiled to herself as she flipped open the first page ofThe Alchemistoccasionally looking at the pay phone.They wouldn't call so soon, she thought to herself. As she was reading, she reached into her backpack and pulled out her mason jar that she always kept a dollar in. She placed the jar in front of her and continued reading. The dollar was the incentive that some people needed to donate to her. When they saw the dollar they would contribute somehow... At least that was the idea. As the sun set Lilly pulled out her hand cranked flashlight. She smiled at the memory of her lucky score when she looked in an apartment complexes garbage and found the little gem that didn't require batteries. She cranked it and pulled out the half eaten sandwich from the night before and continued to read. The post office was already closed and she knew that the little p.o box would be full of the new tenants mail, but not hers. She had kept the key to the small mailbox after she had to leave the apartment. If by the slim chance she would be accepted into Hemingway Academy, her letter would arrive at the p.o. Box. or the school would give her a call at the pay phone.

Lilly pulled on her hoodie as she counted her donations for the day. From a distance a black car zoomed through the stop sign with music blaring . Lilly looked up as it approached the intersection and waited at the red light. She noticed the brand, Porsche and saw the custom wheels and frame. The windows were tinted but they were half down. As Lilly began to look back to her book, the passenger window began going down further. An arm reached across the seat and tossed an enormous big gulp cup right towards where she was sitting. The impact of the cement made the cup burst open as ice and soda splashed across Lilly's clothes. She gaped and jumped up shaking with rage that someone would do something so cruel. She threw down her blanket and began storming to the car. As she reached the front of the car, the light changed to green and the Porsche honked. She stood and glared at the dark figure inside and began yelling, " How dare you! Do I look like a trash can? How would you feel if I threw my sandwich at your face!? " The car honked again and Lilly saw red. He didn't hear a word over his music. She clenched her fists and smashed them hard against the hood, lifted them again and brought them down for round two. This got the drivers attention, as he lowered his music and swiftly jumped out of the car. " Are you insane lady?! What do you think you're doing to my car? This car is worth more than your life!" Lilly glared at him even though her hood had drooped and covered half her face. She noticed that he was tall, lean with broad shoulders and had light brown hair that was swept across his face. "It's worth more than my life? It's a freaking car! I'm a human being! All because you got a fancy car and a fancy house does not give you the right to treat someone like trash... Or throw it at them! I'm drenched in what smells like freaking root beer and the culprit who threw it at me is a stuck up little Justin Bieber wannabe!"

The driver looked appalled and began walking swiftly towards Lilly. Lilly stood her ground and glared at his face as he came closer. She noticed his eyes were almond shaped and a light hazel and that he had a freckle on his left check. He grabbed the collar of her jacket and looked at the top of her hood. Lilly began feeling the adrenaline leave her body.What if he punches me. Did I dent his car?" What are you like size small? You going to be at your corner tomorrow?" He asked gripping onto her collar tightly. "What's it to you? I may be small but I'm not afraid of a snob like you," she said braver than she felt. The driver gripped her collar even tighter and yanked until she looked up. He looked down at her dirty face and held his breath. His snarky remark was lost in the depths of her sapphire eyes, well eye since he couldn't clearly see her. He let go of her collar, stepped back and said, " Be here tomorrow. I'll deal with you then." Lilly stared after him as he got into his Porsche and weaved around her frozen self and drove off into the night.

Oh no, he's going to hire a hitman to kill me, or buy a bigger car to "accidentally" crash into me or worse press charges for damaging his car!Lilly felt disgruntled as she walked back to her wet blanket.

Jason clenched his fists around his steering wheel as he drove through the night. He arrived home without realizing until he was parked in the driveway. He sat staring at the dark lawn. He couldn't determine what he was feeling; anger, guilt, pity, intrigue? It was a jumble as his mind played back the homeless girls words. He reached to open the door as the words she used entangled themselves in his thoughts, " A stuck up little Justin Bieber wannabe! Ugh!" He snorted as he made his way to the mahogany double doors.


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