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Can Never Be Love

Novel By: Luv2RideWriteAndLaugh

Dylan Walsh is your typical high school jock. He's surrounded by friends and girls. Gets good grades without trying and plays the three biggest sports at school. Basketball. Soccer. And most importantly, football. Yep, that's his life. Partying, sports, and girls. Sounds like the perfect life to any other high school guy. What else could he possibly want?

And then there is Melrose Janson. Shy, average, quite, artsy. She just blends in with the rest of the high school population. She surely isn't anyone that super star Dylan would pay much attention to. But maybe she is just what he needs to see more in life and look at the bigger picture.

Will these two find a way to teach each other something new about life and make everything whole for both of them or are they two different and everything will lead to disaster and heart break???

This is a novel that both Violet Moon and Aquamarine Moon will be writing so please read and comment since we are trying this out! lol. Violet will be writing as Dylan and Aquamarine will be writing as Melrose! Hope you guys like it! :D View table of contents...


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Dylan Walsh

Chapter 1: Just Another Game

"And Dylan Walsh ties the game with 10 seconds remaining!" The crowd cheers loudly and I lift my hands up in triumph as I run back to the halfway line. The other team lines up as we back up and their forward passes the ball at the sound of the whistle. Jake shoots forward next to me and steels it immediately without much of a reaction of the other team. I nod at him and sprint forward a few feet as Jake sends the soccer ball flying to me. It lands perfectly in front of me and I start dribbling it past the defenders. I met the goalie square in the eye and fake a kick to the right but then send the ball soaring into the left corner of the net. The goalie notices his mistakes and jumps to grab the ball but misses it by a good several inches. And score.

Everyone stands up in the bleachers and cheering fills the field. "And Dylan wins the game for the Toreadors of Monterey High School!" the announcer booms loudly. A huge smile spreads over my face as my teammates come running towards me and lift me up in the air.

"Yeah! Now to the state finals!" Jake Austin yells loudly. Jake has been my best friend since preschool and is known as the biggest partier in our whole school. My team finally sets me back on my feet as we get close to our coach. He yells at us for celebrating before congratulating the other team and making ourselves look like sore winners. Most of us just wave our hands in a "whatever" motion but I hear a few cuss words muttered that I know will get us in trouble later.

We slap hands with the other team and then move back to our bench to listen to our end of the game lecture. I immediately down a whole water bottle and look for another one to drink. Nothing. My coach keeps rambling and I look around and see that none of the other guys are paying attention either. They are all probably thinking about the huge party that is tonight. After all, it is a Friday night and we just did win our final game that put us in the State finals for soccer.

Suddenly, cold water is running down my back and I jump up with a shocked look on my face. Jake is standing behind me and squirts me again with his water bottle. I glare at him and he shrugs innocently with a huge grin on his face. "Sorry but I had to get your attention somehow so I could tell you that we are leaving." I roll my eyes and shove him to the side.

"You're a real piece of work, Jake."

"Whatever, Dylan. You couldn't last a day without me and my sense of humor. Now, how about we go to cheerleading practice?" he says with a sly grin. I grin at him devishly and nod. Perfect.

"Sure. Let's go get a date before they are all drunk."

"Who cares if they are drunk? As long as they are hot!" Jake hollers. I laugh as we take off at a sprint to my midnight blue convertible Ford mustang. We throw our bags in the trunk and hop over the doors into the front seats. I jam the keys in the car and speed out of my parking spot and out into the main exit of the high school. Today cheer practice is at the nearby park since we had a game.

Jake spots the cheerleaders immediately and hollers for me to pull into a parking spot. We both jump out of the car and stride towards the beautiful girls. They perform a pyramid right as we get there and then wrap up practice by saying that they have to be ready to cheer at our state finals.

Jake winks at me, and then he strides toward a small blond bending over her cheer bag and putting her pom-poms away. I see him grab them out of her hand and fake a small cheer. She laughs at him and grins at him with a flirty look on her face. And I know that Jake is set for the night.

I walk up to a tall brunet who looks to be about 5 feet and 7 inches, so a good three inches shorter than me. Perfect. I think of a quick pick up line as she looks up and meets my gaze with bright blue eyes.

"Hey babe. You don't happen to have a map, do you?" I ask.

"Haha. No. Why?" she asks with a curious look on her face.

"Because I keep getting lost in your eyes," I say sweetly. She blushes and then looks down at her feet but quickly meets my gaze again.

"That's cute, Dylan." Yes, I know who she is. Cheer captain for the varsity cheerleaders, which is impressive considering that we are only juniors. Normally, seniors are given the head cheerleading slots.

"I knew, you'd think so, Lexi. So, if you don't have that map, then could you at least go with me to the party tonight?" I ask. She grins and nods quickly. And now I'm set. "Good. I'll pick you up at 8. Wear something cute." I wink and walk towards Jake who is already in my car.

"Nice, man! You are going with Lexi! Not that it surprises me much since you are, the one and only Dylan Walsh," Jake teases. I slap him hard and pull out of the parking space.

"Oh shut up. You are going with Alison. Another big win," I say. Jake grins and starts rambling next to me but I tune him out. Today has been great so far but something seems to be missing. And I can't figure out what.

Ok! Thanks so much for reading the first chapter of our novel! Ihope you liked it and the second chapter should be up soon! If you have any suggestions or just liked the chapter then please comment and if you liked then give an "ILike It" vote. lol. We would be happy to return the favor to anyone who comments. lol. Oh, and if you want to see pictures of the characters then here is a link to them!http://www.booksie.com/romance/miscellaneous/luv2ridewriteandlaugh/can-never-be-love-character-pictures/chapter/1 I hope you check it out and let us know what you thik of those too! Thanks guys! Bye bye! :D *Violet*


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