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The words untold

Novel By: Madhu Baglari

Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. However, it's not that easy to express the right feelings to the right person in the right time.
Rishav and Aliya, the two teenagers too fell in love with each other. But it was too late for them to confess their feelings. Thus, their love story ended before it could start.

© Copyright - 2014 - Madhu Baglari - All Rights Reserved

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Chapter One

The sound of the pouring rain was so enchanting that one could easily fall in love. Aliya, who was lying on the bed still awaken got up and pulled up the curtains of the window.

"Wow, I love the rain!" she exclaimed. "It's so romantic."

Some of the shattered raindrops touched her beautiful face and she shivered. She began to think of all the songs that speak of the rain.

"Are you still awake?" her sister yelled from the downstairs.

"I was...umm...drinking water." she said.

She turned off the lights and went to sleep.

She woke up early the next morning, got ready for her college. As she was standing on the balcony sipping the coffee, she saw a young couple walking in the streets, holding hands together. <</p>

"I wonder when I am going to meet my soulmate", she said. A bright smile was on her face.

"Meanwhile, you need to meet your classmates" said Tia, her BFF. "We're late."

"Oh damn, let's go."

"Only if you stop daydreaming!"

"Shut up!"

They both moved to their college in a hurry. Both of them were afraid that they would miss the lectures of Prof. Krishnan, the strictest professor of their college. They walked in the hallway as fast as they could, and finally picked up their seats.

"It's raining. We're lucky we reached here on time", said Aliya.

Just then Prof. Krishnan arrived. She seemed to be in a good mood. But that wasn't a good sign for the students, as whenever she was in a good mood she used to take oral tests.

"It's been a long time I haven't conducted any tests. So, get ready for it today." she said.

"What the hell!" cried Aliya. "I haven't studied anything."

"Sid, what is the mechanical efficiency of an impulse turbine?" said Prof. Krishnan.

"Umm... the ratio of the actual work available at the turbine to the energy imparted to the wheel." said Sid.

"Alyssa, now you tell me the importance of Thermodynamics in the field of Mechanical Engineering." said Krisnan.

As Alyssa was about to answer the question, somebody came running and shouted, "May I come in, madam?"

Everybody was shocked to see a late comer. Prof. Krishnan hated late comers. She usually didn't allow late-comers to enter the classrooms.

Aliya looked at the doorway. She saw a tall and handsome guy standing near the door. He wore a white shirt and a pair of blue denim jeans. He was completely drenched in the rain, and was shivering with cold. Aliya kept on looking at him. His eyes were mysterious.

"No you may not. Don't you know that I hate people coming late to my class?" shouted the professor.

"I'm so sorry. It's my first class in this institution today. I was stuck in traffic jam due to this rain." he said.

"All right, you may come in."

He came in and sat on the first bench. Prof. Krishnan stared at him angrily for a moment, and then said, "What's your name?"

"Rishav...Rishav Sharma", he said.

"Welcome to the Elite Institute of Technology and Engineering, Rishav."

The class was over. Aliya was about to go to the library to return some books. As she took her bag and was about to go, she realised somebody pushing her forward. Before she could realise what was happening, she heard a sound,


She panicked. She turned back and saw a frightful sight. One of the ceiling fans which was just over her head, crashed on the floor. And then she saw Rishav beside her. He was the one who saved her from facing an accident.

"I...err.. umm...thank you so much", she said in a trembling voice.

"Be thankful to your luck", he said.

Everybody came running to see what had just happened. The head of the institution yelled at the electrician who had just repaired the fan the previous day.

Aliya was still shivering. She had never experienced such a shock. Her friends came running to comfort her.


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