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Winter Hollows

Novel By: Madi Gordon

Clair is 16 and on the run from furious vampire clans. Now she is under the protection of the Hussain Clan, hoping to get out of this situation alive, but will she lose her heart in the process? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 25, 2012    Reads: 33    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

Heart thumping

Feet pounding

Chest burning

Back aching

Three days since I had a decent night's sleep. Three days since I discovered the two ancient cults out here in the woods. It was a meeting of the two cults. All of a sudden I'm glad I paid attention in Filcon's ancient history class. I knew they were cults by the way they were dressed and the markings they beared on their faces.
I hid near-by eavesdropping from behind a huge oak. It didn't take much longer for me to recognise that this gathering was supposed to be secret. I hadn't known such creatures existed until now. I wished I could have stalked away from when I first spotted them. Then I wouldn't be in this mess in the first place.

Now here I am. Running for my life. Not that it would do me any good.

After all, how can a mere human out-run vampires.

"Swing around to her left Trevor!" I hear one of them yell as I stumble through the dark woods dodging trees and avoiding the huge roots threatening to trip me as I flee for my life. The only thing I hear are the pounding of my feet and the inflicting whooshing sounds. That of a vampire on the hunt.
Four rush ahead of me and stop. Forcing me to halt and turn around, but as I do I see that I am surrounded.


There gazes pin me to the spot.
"What should we do with her big bro?" asks the tall muscular one with hair the colour of chestnut.
I am heaving oxygen down my throat, exhausted from running and hiding from the past three nights. But I'm not giving up.

Nuh uh! Now way!

"Take her back to the house" says another from behind me but as I spin around to look at the vampire, a strange pink powder-like substance is blown in my face.

My everything around me is spinning as I start to stumble. My knees suddenly not able to support me, so I crumble to the ground. And the last thing I see is all eight of them crowding in on me before my whole world is plunged into a blissful darkness.

I awake from my peaceful slumber to the sweet and lovely aroma of freshly baked croissants. But the moment is ruined when I am jolted by memories of what happened.
Ever so slowly the slits of my eyes widen and start to take in my surroundings.

I am in a small room painted a murky dark purple with a tiny window covered by blinds. At the end of the bed sits the most beautiful little china dolls I have ever seen. All placed neatly in a sit-up position along the shelves of a solid oak bookshelf. I think it belongs to a little girl.
But I find no one else but me I the room. I flicker my eyes toward the door and see it slightly ajar.
No matter how relaxed and peaceful I feel here in this small double bed, I have to get out of here. I make my movements swift but quiet as I head toward the door.
There is the faint sound of a television going. The living room. So I curl my fingers around the door knob and open. As soon as I set foot out of the room I see each and every one of my captors and feel their intense gaze on me.


I think fast and see a big heavy wooden oak door and make a run for it. Passing the living room and passing the kitchen I reach for the door knob of the big door but before I know it there is another one of those whooshing sounds again, and now I'm hoisted over a solid shoulder.
"Let me down you dick-"

"Hey!" one of them cuts me off, "don't use that language in this house", it's a woman. I look to where the hard and firm voice comes from.
To my far left I see her. She looks around about the same age as my mum. Thirty-five.

"Set her down on the couch" she orders. I stay still on his shoulder, afraid that if I did something stupid it would cost me dearly; he walks toward the large plush fabricated sofa and sets me down murmuring a warning. "Stay still or you'll regret it" then stood next to the lady.

As they all watched me I decided to quickly examine them. While I did so, I started to notice they all looked painfully alike. Each and every one of them utterly sexy, their skin like milk, their faces free of flaws, their hair black as night, their eyes the palest blue. They were striking! Then it hit me.

Oh! They were brothers!

I also realised how young they were. They were only teenagers, just like me.
I looked at the woman. Their mother. They were a family. But where was the father?

"What do you want?" I asked slowly, cautiously.

"What were you doing in the woods?" I hear from behind me. I turn and see that it's a man. He looks older. The father.

"I-I was just going for a walk. I'm …new in town" I croak. "What are you going to do with me?"

Then the mother stepped forward. "We know what you saw young lady," her voice small but firm "you are lucky we got to you first".

"Lucky?!" I scoffed "You've kidnapped me, chased me like some animal through the woods."

"The Helthroughs Clan would have killed you, had it not been for us you would not be alive and in one piece" piped up the guy in the to my right in black boxers and a piercing in the corner of his bottom lip.

I looked down at my feet. "So... You're not going to kill me?" I asked slowly, halting my breathing.

The father now sitting on the sofa opposite from me said "No. We don't feed off humans only animals," he studied my closely "What is your name child?" he then asks.

"Claire. So can I leave now? I won't be dumb enough to tell anyone about what I saw in the woods. Promise." I knew I was a stupid question to ask.

"No." said the father, "You are in danger. If we let you go the Helthroughs will only track you down and kill you, or make you one of them. A vampire." He said grimly.

I sighed.

"What about my parents? I've been gone for three days! Their probably out of their minds with worry!" I dropped my head into my hands in exhaustion.
This is too much for a sixteen year old to handle in less than a week.

"Now don't you worry about that missy", the father reassured, "we phoned them while you were asleep telling them you are staying a few nights and explained the situation."

I'm now so confused.
The thought of mom pacing back and forth hyperventilating into one of her brown paper bags she always keeps aside in case of crazy situations she can't handle.
"What? You just told them a clan of vampires are out to kill me because I witnessed a meeting I wasn't supposed to?!"

Just kill me now!

"No.", the mother said sternly "we told them what happened and they understood perfectly. They will be here soon. An hour." Then she stalked in to the kitchen. I feel my eye-brows etch together in even more confusion.

"We'll explain it more when your parents arrive" says the father, "but for now, I'm Maximus Hussain, in the kitchen there is my wife Nicolette Hussain and," he gesture to the eight gorgeous males behind him, "these are my sons, Finn, Drake, Stark ,Cole, Wayne, Malcolm," then gestures to the three on the sofa in front of him, "Trevor, Jacob and Sam."

Each one of them nodded at me as their names were mentioned. I studied them slowly. Malcolm was the tallest standing at about six-foot five or more, Finn bared a scar on the right side of his face reaching down from the side of his eyes to the corner of his mouth making him look tough and manly, Drake and Wayne were twins, one wore their hair longer than the other, but looked equally as delectable as the other. Stark with a blond streak stood grim-mouthed in an effortlessly sexy way while Sam, Jacob and Trevor slouched on the enormous sofa in front of me.

Though they all had the same eye colouring, black. Not as in beady black eyes where everything was black. Just the part where it's supposed to be coloured.

As I lean back into the sofa I see Nicolette rounding the bench with a plate stacked with croissants so fresh I see the steam drifting into the air.

"You are starving for these croissants.", I hear her say, "I can hear your heart beating rapidly." Now that was creepy.


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