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A Willing Captive

Novel By: madvwolf

Kidnapped by the seductive immortal Greyson Ledger, Carigan must face one of two futures; one that defies her captor, and one that proposes eternity. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 9, 2013    Reads: 218    Comments: 4    Likes: 5   

Carigan Williams trudged across the parking lot of the apartment complex with her husky puppy, Odin happily loping behind. The rain had been falling heavily for two weeks now, and showed no signs of letting up anytime soon. She was completely soaked to the bone by the time she had taken 3 steps outside of the complex's stairwell.
"You're lucky that I love you so much." she whispered testily at the loyal animal who just wagged his tail in return. If it hadn't been so cold, the rain wouldn't have bothered her much, but it was so cold, and so it did bother her that much.
The sky was an inky grey, just as it had been on the days before. The color, or lack thereof, drained the usually vivid scenery of all life with the exception of the rose garden which was tended to by the complex's caregivers on a daily basis. It made no real sense to her that so much effort be put into something that wasn't even personal for the gardeners, but the brilliant red was a welcomed change from the endless shades of darkness that blanketed the entire city as of late.
Although her sweater was all but useless by this point, Carigan clutched it tightly around her torso as an unearthly chill crept over her entire being. The sky flashed white followed by an immediate clap of thunder and in the millisecond between flashes, she flinched at the sight of a figure standing in the center of the clearing, but it was gone as soon as it had appeared.
Superstition outshone her reason and she called out in the direction the shape had been standing.
"Hello?" her voice resounded, stronger than she felt. "Are you okay? Do you need help?"
Squinting against the slanted rain, she strained to see any presence of life. Her soaked hair dripping around her shoulders, yshe allowed her instincts to take over, turning on her heel to pick up the dog who was lying obliviously at her feet. "Let's go inside." she whispered, more to herself than to the puppy.
After setting the animal down inside her apartment and locking the door, she proceeded to the window and the sight she captured sent unreasonable fear down her spine. The masculine figure had returned to the field, standing as still as a stone. It's hair dripping around it's face; his eyes fixed on her window.
Carigan reached for the blinds, pulling them shut, before walking to the kitchen cabinet, pulling out the benedryl and taking two. Her curiosity getting the best of her, she inhaled deeply before walking back to the window and peeking between the blinds in the direction of the shadow. She sighed in relief when she found it to be empty. Although her instinctual fear demanded to be felt, she pushed the emotion behind a mental door, making sure to lock it before heading to the bathroom for her nightly routine.
She had been living on her own for 3 years now, and at twenty-one years old it was high time she put the monsters of childhood dreams to rest. Normal people didn't let shadows in the night get the best of them. Grownups didn't believe scary stories.
Greyson Ledger paced swiftly through his ancestral home, growing increasingly impatient with the grandfather clock at the bottom of the stairwell, which had seemingly read 2:56 for the past three hours. After nine hundred years, one would have thought he would find a way to escape impatience, but with eternal youth came the preservation of all youthful habits.
"Winterly!" he called out anxiously. The decrepit butler rounded the corner only a moment later, his snowy eyebrows knit together in askance. "Yes, my lord?" he questioned.
"You are positive her chamber is prepared to my approval?"
The elderly man chuckled inwardly. For all his stern exterior, it was painfully obvious that his master wanted to make an altogether impressive display of his wealth for the new guest.
"Yes, my lord. Everything has been arranged to your liking."
Greyson tugged on the sleeves of his black fitted jacket, turning to assess his appearance in the large gilded mirror which occupied the majority of the wall adjacent to the stairwell.
"Close enough." he muttered. His reflection looked infinitely more confident than he felt.
Today was the day he welcomed his love into her rightful home..
Just as his father had his mother before him, and just as his grandfather had, it was his duty to fullfill the legacy left by his ancestors. As the eldest of five siblings, it was his duty to provide an heir to the throne. He had known that since his youth.
But there was admittedly something more to it. Underneath his ruthless exterior, or even his smiles which were reserved for his family, there lay an emptiness. The feeling had started as nothing more than a thought, but had quickly grown into a full time occupant of the darkest corners of his mind. His loneliness had consumed him for the better part of a century, turning the usual occasional tryst with the village beauty into an endless search for something more. Night after night he had lost himself in alcohol, women, dancing, drugs.
Eventually he had grown tired of searching for purpose. As a last resort, he had chosen to visit the one person who knew him better than he knew himself. His father. It was then that he was told the truth behind his restlessness. He desired a partner. A mate, as some would call it.
His father, reborn into immortality during the late 2nd century, had brought his rather unwilling mother home to his ancestral seat in much the same way as would proceed during the day's events. Finally, his loneliness would come to an end.
On one hand, he began to think that he should worry over his lovely's inevitable reluctance to join him for eternity. He had known Carigan all of her life, having kept track of her through documents and familial friends whose discretion in collecting information of the unknown was most remarkable. No one could have suspected that it would take him nearly a millennium to at last discover his beloved's existence, but the lovely thing about immortality was the decided missing sense of time. Years melted together, and all in all, were no longer a cause of alarm to those who paid them no heed.
He thought on his beloved for a moment, frowning when a vision from the day before assaulted his memory. It had been torture to see her in the rain, cold and scared. His lack of discretion in the clearing by her home had caused her alarm, and he closed his eyes tightly against the memory. Ah, she would have never admitted her fear, but he had felt it in the spaces that stretched between them. He might have stayed away, but he simply could not wait to show himself to her, with only hours between the time when they should be united.
A sliver of doubt coiled itself around his mind, questioning the unthinkable possibility that she may not wish to be with him, after all. He quickly squelched it as the clock chimed the hour of three. Darkness still hung heavy in the hours between night and day, the rain falling heavier than it had the days before. It was unthinkable to even imagine that she would not be accepting of the fortune, safety and splendor he would shower her with. Only a fool would not be a willing participant in the life he had so carefully maintained.
He was the next in line to the closest thing his kind had to a throne; he was practically royalty. Certainly the most revered and respected of the greater unknown species. If anything, he truly expected his companion to be honored that she would have been so lucky to enjoy such a fate as this.
With his shoulders squared arrogantly, his pride growing as his steps resounded through the massive hall, it seemed as though nothing could deny him the satisfaction that would undoubtedly be his after his bride tossed herself wholeheartedly into his awaiting arms.


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