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My best friend.....Or not

Novel By: MadyBabe

**THIS IS A ENTRY FOR SPARKLY PRINCESS FAIRY’S WELCOME TO SPRING COMPETITON AND I WOULD LIKE TO ENTER WITH QUOTE NUMBER 15: NOT SURE IF YOU’RE A BOY OR A GIRL** Abbie (Anastasia) Is your typical tom-boy girl. After a dreadful occurence she goes from girly-girl to tomboy and starts to wear baggy clothes, but no one know what this occurence is.

Then there's Aaron he's Abbie's best friend before he say's something he will regret for the rest of his life. He know she's hurting inside but wants to know why and what made her wear baggy clothes.

They also have something in common, they both are desperately in love with each other, except Abbie is too scared to admit it and Aaron doesn't want to hurt her.

Can a guy that doesn't believe in fairytale endings maybe get one with a girl that's too scared of more heartbreak?

Follow throught their jorney as Aaron discovers Abbies secret and finds the greatest love they have ever known. View table of contents...


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My name is Anstasia, before you ask no I'm not a long lost princess, but that would be a awesome relief from my own crappy life. You see I have a horrible past. I went from girly-girl to tomboy and no one know's....well besides me of course. Trust me if I told my friend's (not that I have much) they would ditch me because of all my extra baggage, and no I'm not being over dramatic. I'm not going to go into details though, instead I'm just going to live my life as if nothing ever happened, but that's just my wish, the nightmares I have every night prevent me from ever having a normal life.

Today was just a normal day, well other than the fact it was my parent's anniversary, except they are dead to enjoy it, but I know somewhere in heaven they are partying...I just wish I could be with them. I know I'm 19 and I still want my mom and dad, pathetic right? After crying for about an hour in bed I finally got up and looked in the mirror, and to be honest I'm surprised it didn't crack, not that I'm ugly I just happen to look like crap after crying for a hour. My natural brown hair was like a rat's nest from rolling around and sobbing so much (I happen to run my hands through my shoulder length hair a lot) even though I want to dye it I refuse to because my parent's said that they loved me and my hair....those were the last thing they said to me. My green eyes were foggy with tears. People often compared them with emeralds, but I didn't see it.

Sighing I got ready for the day, I decided to just go to my friend's Patricia's (Patty), I knew she would take my mind off thing's...let's just say she's a chatterbox. Dressing in my usually baggy clothes and leaving my hair straight I walked the block to her house. Luckily I brought my I-pod so I didn't have to think much about my parent's. You see my parent's died in a plane crash, but that's the not the worst part, the worst part is watching them die ten feet away from you but you can't do anything because the seatbelt is stuck and evryone else is uncouncious. The only thing you can do is scream their names and watch them slowly die and see them sending you a silent message with their eyes 'We love you'.

As I walked up to Patty's apartment I heard screaming voices. I recognizied Patty and Aaron's voice's. Aaron was my best guy friend. He was drop dead gorgeous, he had black hair with startling brown eyes with blue flecks in them. What made it worst I was in love with him, but he was a womanizer. And I wear baggy clothes, m chances are pretty slim.

"What the hell Aaron? How can you say that about her?! You know how much pain she's been through!" Patty screamed at him, I could imagine her with her flaming red hair and her blue eyes raging and her tiny fists clenched by her side's.

"How can I be when shee won't vent to me?! I can't do anything for her and it's fucking painful!" Aaron sounded broken hearted and angry at the same time.

"GET OUT!" I have never heard Patty's voice reach that high.

Before I knew it I see Aaron come storming out, as soon as he see's me his face drop's as he see's me standing there with tears in my eyes. "Abbie I---"

"You just had to make th worst day of my life more complicated didn't you?!" Seeing his confusion I got even more angry, "IT'S MY PARENT'S ANNIVERSARY AND THEY'RE NOT FUCKING HERE YOU FUCKING IDIOT!" I screamed my voice reaching as high as Patty's was mere moment's ago.

"Oh my god Anastasia--"

"DON'T YOU DARE!" I was trying really hard not to burst out sobbing.

"Please Abbie I had no idea." He begged.

"GET AWAY FROM ME! I HATE YOU!" I countinued to scream.

"FINE! I GIVE UP ON YOU I'M NOT SURE IF YOU'RE A BOY OR A GIRL!" He yelled before brushing past me.

"I HOPE YOU ROT IN HELL!" I screamed at his retreating figure. I waited until he rounded the corner before breaking down. I sobbed on the floor and curled into a helpless little ball, I wish the floor would swallow me up right then and there. Me and Aaron fought but never like that, he never sunk that low, I knew I could never forgive him.

"Abbie! I had no idea you were there, I'm so sorry, he was just caught up in the moment, he doesn't mean it." Patty said as she slowly uncurled me from my little ball.

"That's the problem Patty," I sniffled looking down, "he meant every part of it, I can't believe I was stupid enough to fall for him, stupid that's what I am."

"Come on Abbie you know he didn't."

"No I don't. I wish I could change, but I can't." I said looking down at my baggy clothes suddenly wishing they would disappear.

"Abbie I know for a fact your parent's wouldn't want you to live like this," as I opened my mouth to protest she rushed on, "Abbie listen to me! Your parent's were like my second parents, it hurt me when they died too, not as much as you but it still hurts, and they wouldn't want you to live like this, you need to come out of your shell. You know I'm right. That's why today, I'm hoping your parents will be doing a happy dance about this, I'm going to give you a makeover. You might not be able to change on the inside, btu you're sure as hell going to change on the outside."

"Are you sure about this?" I sniffled.

"Yes we are going to show Aaron what he just missed." I told Patty that I was in love with Aaron last year. "First you need some hot chocolate."

I wear to god this girl knew me too well.


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