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Mystery of You

Novel By: maiden of evil

Indi is back in from Hidden Truths Beneath The Surface in the new mystery twist of her life The Mystery of You. Indi has the trouble of moving on in her new life especially when she is constantly reminded of Elijah with his fame and new song “You’re Eyes” which yet again is about Indi but Indi meets Riley a player who she has to put up with at her new work place as a waiter in a café. How will Indi move on and what happened to Inga View table of contents...


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Inga's Terror
Her eyes they were daring as if she planned this all along.
Did she really want to get caught?
"What's wrong Indi, aren't you going to talk to your sister?" Inga asked the terror of her voice shook through my fragile body.
I watched as she giggled and an evil smile spread across her face like she was proud I was scared of her.
"Guards" I screamed out hitting the wall behind me. The pain screeched through my body I hit the wall harder than I thought.
I heard the crashing sound of a ceramic cup full of a liquid substance hit the ground. I slid to the ground as Inga stood up slowly.
"Why are you here?" I asked her my voice was hard to keep steady.
"I wanted to see my sister" Inga replied and begun laughing. I felt weakness in my eyes. I felt trapped and I couldn't escape she was going to get me.
I didn't know where the hidden fear came from but I was terrified of Inga.
I threw my body up and I realised it was just a dream.
I was safe I was in my bed all sweaty. I got up I was in my tank top that was sticking to my body and my short shorts. I lived in an apartment with Greta she is a teacher and she has been looking after me since she found out I was the one that inspired her sister Angie out of the mental home.
It was a three bedroom place and it was brand spanking new. The kitchen and lounge room were like conjoined and the bathroom was big but the bedrooms were bigger. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed out a bottle of water and started drinking it.
"Be quite my roommate is asleep" I heard Greta say as she started jiggling around the keys and giggling.
The door finally opened and Greta looked at me shocked with a guy next to her.
"Indi, I didn't think you were up" Greta pointed out and I could tell she was drunk.
"I had a nightmare and I was about to go back to bed" I informed her. Greta was slim tall with long straight brown hair and brown eyes.
"Ok" Greta replied.
I walked back into my room and closed my eyes.
It didn't take long for the memories to come back.
I was feeling trapped again. Then the guards came in.
"You want to throw me away Indi I'm your sister Indi your sister" I heard Inga scream out as she was taken away I had my eyes closed and I was beginning to cry. I brought my knees up to my face and started crying as her scream echoed in my head.
I felt someone walk over to me and knelt in front of me.
"Indi it's alright she is gone" Dr. Barton informed me and I could tell she was the one who dropped the cup I looked up at her.
"She's there she's constantly around me her terror and I thought I was free of her when will I ever be free?" I asked her and I could tell I had terror in my eyes.
My alarm woke up. I got up to the smell of coffee. I had a hot shower then got ready for work. I walked down the stairs and onto the street. At the corner was a café and that's where I worked. Mark my boss was hardly ever there and I was his manger. I had to constantly be putting up with Riley his son who was with a different partner everyday. I opened up and the chefs were already cooking away.
The first of the regular customers came in.
"Hey Leanne the normal caramel latte?" I asked her and at that moment Cherry worked in she was one of the employers that once dated Riley but she doesn't have anything to do with him now. Cherry had short red hair with green eyes.
"Cherry can you make a caramel latte for Leanne" I ordered then went out back as I had paperwork to do.
Half way through the day Cherry came into the office frustrated.
"The only reason I'm still working here is for you and Mark I am sick of him" Cherry said and I knew she was talking about Riley so I hopped out and walked out behind the counter. I looked over to the customers lounge and tables. Riley was talking to a blonde with skinny legs.
"Riley" I yelled out and he looked up at me then came over.
"What?" Riley asked he was sick of me because I was younger then him by a couple of months and I was his boss.
"If I hear anymore complaints from Cherry or the staff I will ring your father" I told him and he wasn't impressed.
"Sorry Cherry it was just a joke" Riley told her. Riley was around Elijah's height, he had kind of black/brown hair that kind of spike up in one with brown eyes. Mark had short curly hair that was dark like Riley's hair colour. Pip had long loose curly hair with a box fringe her hair was kind of like a rusty brown like a brown but with red through it and dark brown eyes she was a little cutie she could be an actor.
"Hey Indi" Pip greeted grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge.
"On your father's tab?" I asked her it was usual.
"No I'm paying" Pip replied as she handed me the bottle to scan.
"So where's your friend Amber?" I asked her and right on queue Greta walked into the café whenever I started to talk about Amber for some reason.
"She's got a new friend at school" Pip complained then continued "Elijah is going on tour with the band and they say their new song 'Your Eyes' is the second half to Mystery girl it would be awesome to find out who that was."
Pip was my daily update of Elijah and if that wasn't bad enough his new song was on the radio. I never told anyone I was with Elijah not even Greta and she doesn't even know about Inga.
Inga of course was put away for life after I testified against her.
"Honey please I'm right here, Waiting for you" Greta started singing and Pip started laughing and grabbed out her phone that had the ringtone on it.
Honey please I'm right here
Waiting for you
Two years two years in isolation
But honey I'm still here waiting for you
Few lives lost a few lives here
But all I can see are your eyes
Your eyes your beautiful eyes
You told me to forget to forget you
But I can't all I remember is your eyes
Your eyes your beautiful eyes
I turned around and walked off into my lonesome office to get away, to get away from the music from him from Hannah's voice but most of all my old life.


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