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The Devil Wears Playboy Boxers

Novel By: makemebreakme555

When a girl gets a complete makeover the hot guy is suppose to start liking her. Not Forrest Take, he merely said "nice outfit" and walked right pass me. I guess getting the school's notorious playboy to fall in love with me was going to be harder than I thought.
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Forrest Take. That name struck a cord that was never meant to be hit. Why? Because he made me, Spencer Adams, the school's tom-boy, have a sort of attractiveness toward him. That was unacceptable. Not because I soled myself to never have a relationship with boys, but because over the years I prided myself with the thought that I have never fallen for his looks.

Or his seductive tricks for that matter.

Forrest was the school's Playboy, that was for sure. He had almost every girl wrapped around his finger. Almost. Although I found him attractive I had yet to feel the urge to have sex with him. Unlike my older sister Amy, who blabbered about him 24/7.

Like now.

"And oh my goodness, those soft lips of his…" Amy closed her eyes and sighed with bliss. "They could do a girl wonders."

It was annoying really…and disturbing. When she talked about him she got a little too far and started expressing how it feels to have his manhood inside her woman one. Yeah, that's right, my sister had sex with Mr. Playboy. I remember how disgusted I felt when she told me about their "exciting activity".

"And did I tell you about the time we had sex last year during the school's annual hotel trip?"


"Enlighten me." I answered disdainfully, knowing fully well that if I had said yes she would've gone off explaining anyway.

"I told him it was my first time, and he said he was going to be really gentle. But oh god!" She gave a girlish giggle. "It definitely turned into more than that. I mean he-"

I tuned her out, not wanting to hear about her sexual activities with Forrest. Why couldn't my sister understand that Forrest was a player, that he was only using her to fulfill his lustful needs?

Not that Forrest chose just anyone, he was too high for that. If he was going to have sex then he was going to chose someone worthy of his beauty, or at least decent. My sister obviously made it to his chart.

With her shiny blond hair and expressive brown eyes, of course any guy would think of her as eye-candy. Not to mention her assets. She may not have been an butt person, but she certainly had the boobs, and those babies were easier to see than a good behind. Especially if you wore the tight spaghetti straps she did right now.

"-and when his mouth traveled down from my lips to my, well, you know what I mean… All I have to say is that he's really good at oral." Amy conveyed, praising him as she parked our red convertible into the school's parking lot.

My stomach churned at the details. "What a surprise, I never knew he had it in him." I stated awkwardly gathering my dirty blond hair and twisting it into a high ponytail.

"You'd be surpr- Oh my god! There he is!" Amy jumped, excited. She gave herself a quick once-over in the car's side view mirror. "Come on Spencer, walk me to him," she urged.

"Why can't you go there yourself?" I argued.

"Because you're friends with him, and he's with his buddies right now. Besides, it's not as if you have anything better to do." Seeing my unconvinced face she altered to begging. "Please, please, please Spencer. You hang out with him almost every period while I only have three with him."

I sighed, she was right, I didn't have anything better to do. And I did hang out with him much more than she did, but that was only because I spent my time hanging around boys than the female sex.

"You have a boyfriend," I reminded. Amy went out with James, some guy on the football team. He was fairly cute, why couldn't she be happy with him?

"Please Spence!" she persisted, ignoring my comment.

"Fine," I gave in, walking ahead of her.

"Yes! And next time, could you wear something appealing? Those stupid baggy jeans of yours and that hideous shirt do nothing to compliment your body. Or my status for that matter."

"Thanks mom." I said sarcastically. But we both knew I didn't affect her current popular status in the least. Having a not-as-pretty sister just made her look even better if she wanted to impress some boy I knew but wasn't as well acquainted with him to do so.

"Mom actually agrees with me. She said you should be more like me." She boasted. "You know, dress more feminine and try out for the cheerleading team like our mom's family did."

I snorted, earning a glare from her. Amy and mom have been trying to get me to dress girly since middle school, which hadn't succeeded so far. Also trying out to be a cheerleader like Amy, mom, grandma, and great-grandma had when they were in high school.

But cheerleaders were such sluts, sleeping with all the boys in the football team, yet they had the nerve to call any girl a whore if they did as much as hug one of their current boy interests. Doesn't something seem wrong here?So far Amy has had a one night stand with the school's main attractions: Theodore Scott, David Carson, and as you already know, Forrest.

Last year the cheerleading team had offered me a spot since I had wicked moves. But I declined saying that I didn't have any time-an excuse to avoid spending time with the beings I disliked the most. There was a reason I hung out with boys more often, they didn't have secrets or evil master plans to destroy you.

As we neared the boys their attention directed toward us, well…mostly Amy. She was wearing a skirt after all, which revealed her long, toned legs.

"Hey guys," Amy greeted flirtatiously.

"Hey babe," said Theodore, the school's biggest pervert.

His shaggy brown hair and honey colored eyes did nothing to drive the girls off. If anything they stuck to him like bees. David gave her a little wave, his black hair disheveled and gray eyes looking tired. My guess was that he had been more than a little preoccupied last night. Two so far this week, and still counting. Forrest said a small "hi", too busy typing on his cell to pay attention. Amy's dissatisfaction was evident.

I didn't pity her. Amy should have known Forrest's tactics. He had fun with a girl, then he disposed them like an old video game, only picking them up again when he needed entertainment.

The bell rang loudly, getting all students to enter the building. Forrest closed his cell and went to the building, completely walking past Amy as if she were a ghost. Feeling dejected, Amy ran to find one of her whorish friends to have a shoulder to cry on. I sighed, knowing this would happen. Maybe Amy would learn from her mistakes.

"Hey Spence, is your sister single?" Theodore asked, eying my sister from a distance.

"No Ted," I said, pronouncing one of the few nicknames I gave him. "Don't you remember, she goes out with James."

"Oh yeah," he recalled, recognition flashing threw his eyes. His gaze averted from my sister to a short blond, "damn, look at Katie's boobs! Those D's are out there."

"I bet I can have her faster than you can." David challenged, smiling mischievously.

Here we go again.

Theodore and David constantly competed on who could get the girl faster than the other. You could never tell which one was better than the other, each girl they chose had a different taste, whether I'd be Theodore's exotic look, or David's prince charming appearance.

They ran to flirt with her, my sister forgotten. This was their system, if they couldn't have one girl, they had no problem going after another. They took the "there's other fishes in the sea" memento and used it on a whole other level.

"I need a girl tonight, my needs have been held back for long enough. It's been three days." Forrest informed with his deep, husky voice, famous for making girls wet their panties.

His dark hair was gelled to spikes, making his icy blue eyes all the more noticeable. Gosh was he hot. I couldn't help but imagine wrapping my arms around his broad shoulders and met his full, ready-to-kiss lips with mine. Or maybe just one arm wrapped above his shoulders, the other would be occupied tracing the outline of his defined chest.

"What happened Spence, you wanna be the candidate for tonight?" He suggested, raising an eyebrow.

I turned my head and blushed, not realizing I was gawking. "No thanks. I'm fine."

"Didn't seem like it a few seconds ago when you were drooling." He smirked.

"I was not drooling!" I exclaimed, clenching my fists. "And besides, it wasn't you I was staring at."

"Then who?" he inquired, disbelieving.

T-the person behind you," I stuttered, uttering the first thing that came to my mind. Forrest turned his head and was faced with Robert Darin, known as the school's Psycho, and he was not attractive.


"Guys, Spence has something important to say to us." Forrest announced, getting our table's attention. It was lunch, and we were all eating pizza. We were a small group, consisting of Forrest, Theodore, David and I. But hell, we got more attention than we should. Especially since we sat in the middle.

"Forrest, drop it." I hissed, he has been bothering me about the whole Robert Darin crush the entire day. Forrest snickered.

"She likes Robert," He declared, laughing.

"You mean Robert the Psycho?" David questioned, scrunching his eyebrows. Forrest nodded to confirm. The entire table joined him in laughter. My grim lips showed I didn't share their jest.

"Didn't know you had a thing for Robert, but we all have our tastes." Teddy said, trying to constrain his laughter to make me feel comfortable. I rolled my eyes at Theodore's naïtivity, figures he'd actually believe Forrest.

"He's lying." I crossed my arms.

"So you admit that you were staring at me instead?" Forrest countered, a sly smile sneaking up on his lips. The little snake. Figures he would do this to prove he was right and I would admit some sort of crush towards him.

"Not all girls have to like you, you know. So if you had any plans with me don't even consider it."

"Trust me, you won't have to worry about that, you're too…too boyish for me. I like a girly girl. And you're not that good-looking. So you're safe Robert-lover."

My heart hit a crashing pause. When Amy had said I was too boyish I didn't mind, she was my sister after all. But hearing a guy say it- which to my misfortune turned out to be Forrest- made me feel a sadness I was not comfortable with.

"Fuck you!" I spat, using my anger to conceal my sadness.

"I knew you wanted me, but not so much as to fuck. Then again, what would you expect, I'm gorgeous aren't I? But try to understand sweetie, I'll probably never go out with you." I gripped the table fiercely as I aimed a glare at him.

"Ignore Forrest, he's too honest for his own good." Teddy intervened, halting an argument that was soon to ensure. His nonchalant tone made me believe Forrest had said this to many girls before and they'd reacted just about the same way I did.

"Its not as if I said you were ugly. Just that I don't find you as dating material," Forrest huffed, defending himself when he sensed my unwavering glare. "If it helps I think you're a high average." I rolled my eyes.

Bastard. And to think he was right, I did like him.

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