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A Kidnap to Private Island

Novel By: Mayleila

Kendrick Sommerfeldt’s anger got the best of him! His best friend Matt Hunter was seriously heart broken by a girl name Maggie McPherson. In anger he made an evil plan to capture Maggie McPherson and give her what she needed—a good lesson! However, because of his plan he missed some loopholes and he accidentally kidnaps Maggie’s twin and has already taken her to a private island!

Gemma couldn’t figure out how she ended up in a car with a man she doesn’t even know that is extremely hot. What she learns after that incident is that her twin sister, Maggie has abandoned her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s best friend is taking revenge. What is wrong about this plan? She’s not Maggie! Either way, she can’t ignore the fact that Kendrick Sommerfeldt isn’t a total hot, tall, dark, and handsome man. How the hell is she going to convince him that she’s not Maggie?
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It was late. His best friend Matt has called him over. He was crying in the phone like a little baby. He had told Kendrick that he was terribly in love with her but she had dumped him. They have been dating for almost two years. To make things worst his friend has started drinking the minute she left his house. Kendrick arrived shortly after and had been with him since.

Kendrick felt his blood boil as his friend sat in front of him drinking more than he had ever drunk. His friend is never like this. He knows his limits and always somber. Just recently he just got dumped by his blonde hair girlfriend, Maggie. She said she wasn't as committed as him and he is moving too fast. TOO FAST!

"Matt, that's enough drinking." Kendrick demanded and tried to remove the bottle of beer out of his reach.

"She dumped me." Matt's face drooped and his eyes were bloodshot red. "Why?" He looked up at Kendrick.

"Why did she dump me?" He repeated to Kendrick.

"She doesn't deserve you anyway, Matt. C'mon get off your feet. I'll take you out clubbing, find you a new girl or something." Kendrick suggested as he try to pry the beer bottle out of his friend's hand.

"No." His friend looked up. "Please let me be, Ken. I can't take it. I need to be alone." A tear slipped from his eyes.

"Seriously!" Kendrick threw up his hand. This is why he never gets serious with girls. They are a pain in the ass. "You need to be surrounded by loved ones. Right now, you are freaking out."

"No." Matt shook his head.

"Yes." Kendrick felt like he's speaking to a little kid. "I'm calling your sisters."

"Wait…don't." Matt's voice began to slur.

Kendrick whipped out his phone and dialed Matt's sister, Eloise on the other end. After two rings she picked up.

"Hello?" She said.

"Eloise, this is Ken. Hey come over to your…" Matt said something loudly but it was slurred and erratic. "Your brother is drunk and his girlfriend Maggie dumped him."

"Oh dear."

"Yeah, I know. Tell me about it." Kendrick closed his eyes at the aching migraine that was starting.

"Is he all right?" She asked worried but there were already shuffling. "Laura, Kassie, Matt needs us." She shouted in the phone.

"No. He's fucking drunk." Kendrick muttered.

"Ok, we will be right over then."

Kendrick hanged up and looked at his best friend Matt. He's so outgoing and laid back. Maggie did this to him. Maggie hurt him. Kendrick could feel himself getting more and angrier each second. She acted as if Matt was just a small man doll to her. She tossed him aside and moved on.

"Ken…I loved her." He said.

"I know, man. I know." Kendrick murmured.

"I can't live without her." He said sleepily.

"Promise me something." Kendrick looked at him.

He looked up for a brief second. "What?"

"Promise me you will get back on your feet and move on." Kendrick told him. "Seriously. She doesn't deserve you."

"You don't understand…" Matt countered it.

"Promise me." Kendrick demanded.

"Fine. Whatever." Matt murmured and laid his head on the table.

Kendrick looked at his friend sadly and felt anger rise up in him. His friend was not like this back then until he met Maggie. They met at a friend's party and hit it off right away. At first, Matt only wanted to sleep with her but then he kept going out with her and soon they were going mainstream. Kendrick tried stopping him but knew it was worthless. His friend has fallen hopelessly in love.

He turned away and walked to the living room where he sat in the sofa and glared at the T.V. as if it was the one to blame. Kendrick is going to teach Maggie McPherson a lesson. She's going to regret what she did to his friend and he's going to ruin her completely even if it was the last thing he would do.

Finally, Matt's sister arrived and eagerly helped him. They came over and thanked Kendrick as Kendrick stood up to leave. He had some business to take care of.

"Later, Matt." Kendrick he came over to slap his friend on the back lightly.

"Thanks for coming, Ken."

"No problem." Kendrick replied as he opened the door and walked out.

Kendrick had one purpose in his mind and that is to kidnap Maggie McPherson. He's going to teach her a lesson she will learn and to realize that love isn't to be played with. Today, he's going to meet her at her house before she leaves to go on her job. He's going to intercept her and make her pay dearly for what she did.


Gemma woke up early and hurried to get dress. She dressed herself in a light blue Capri and a white blouse with a gray cardigan over and a belt across her waist. She was supposed to meet her book club today at nine o'clock and its seven now. She glanced into her sister's room to find her sleeping soundly in bed. Then she walked out to the kitchen and made herself a cup of coffee and sat down by the table drinking quietly. She thought back to her twin sister.

Maggie's beautiful with her long blonde hair that is curly and her beautiful blue eyes. She's already in trend and clearly every man wanted her. She's the pretty one and well Gemma is the total opposite. Gemma sighed heavily as she stood up and set her cup of coffee in the sink before heading out.

When she walked out she didn't expect to be immediately blinded with a black bag over her head. She let out a surprised gasp as she felt strong arms lift her up into the air and she found herself being carried over the shoulder by a stranger. She thrashed and screamed but before she could go any further in screaming she was plopped into a car. She kicked the air to see if she can hit him but he had slammed the door shut and there was a moment of silence before she heard the front door opened. Dread began to well up inside of her. She has seen these things happen in movies and it isn't good. What is this stranger going to do with her? Rape her? Kill her? She gasped. What if he wanted to do evil things to her?

"W-what are you going to do with me?" Her voice came out barely a whisper. She was breathing heavily.

The kidnapper didn't answer her but made a sharp turn making her fall straight to her right and she had to put her hands out to stop herself from hitting the window. Dear lord, she's going to die and she's not even married yet. She has read about these moments when the kidnapper catches the heroine and then he does bad things to her. He takes her to a bad place that is isolated. Oh god. She's going to die. She wanted to cry.

"What are you going to do with me?" She said a little bit louder.

"You should know." A husky manly voice spoke. She blinked.

"What do you mean?"

"You're a bitch, Maggie. You shouldn't have hurt him. Now, you are going to pay for what you did." The man's voice held anger.

Maggie?! Wait! Wait a minute here. She's not Maggie. Surely if she explained to him he will let her go. "I'm not Maggie. I'm her sister, Gemma."

The kidnapper scoffed. "Yeah right. You think I'm that stupid to believe that Maggie has a twin sister?"

"It's true. I am her twin sister!" Gemma demanded feeling quite frustrated.

"Yeah right and I have a twin too." The man shouted.

"You have to believe me! I am her sister! I will never lie to you!" She cried out.

"Even if you are her twin sister, she never mentioned you." The man replied.

She groaned in frustration. She will just have to convince him someway somehow and besides she's curious as to whom this brainless stranger is. If she can convince him then he won't harm her at all. He will return her safely back home to her safe life.


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