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Accidental Romance

Novel By: Mayleila

After years of lies and deceit Leila is about fed up and finished with love. Then her childhood friend Duncan sweeps in and declares he can help her find true love if only she does not give up on it. She hesitated at the thought of being taught by him but when he finally convinced her--she is being revealed to another whole new world where books do not always have the truth but the heart holds it all along.

This novel contains vulgarity, sexuality, and minor/futile violence. Read at your own consent. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Mar 16, 2010    Reads: 1,405    Comments: 12    Likes: 4   

It was early morning when Leila woke up finding that there was a voice message on her answering machine. She smiled and walked over to flip it on. She hurried into the kitchen to prepare her breakfast because she wanted to surprise her boyfriend at work today in time before he leaves to go to Paris. She hummed softly as she listen to her answering her machine go.

"You have one new message. The number is 987-365-7831 sent yesterday at 11:13 p.m." The machine went on.

Leila realizes that is her boyfriend who was calling and gleefully sat in a chair waiting for the voice message. She hasn't been in a long relationship for a while but when she met Joey and the relationship last longer than what she thought it would be. Leila's heart did a normal flip.

"Hey sweetie….uh this is Joey." There are muffled noises in the background and a huge amount of groaning but Leila shrugged it aside. "Oh god…uh I'm just calling to tell you that I'm…" There was a moment of pause and Leila continues to hear a huge amount of groaning in the background. "Well here is the thing; I think I'm breaking up with you. We aren't meant to be. I'm sorry, honey. I know you are crying right now but I got a lot of things on my mind and you aren't one of them." Then there are more moaning and it clicked ending the message.

"No…" Leila said quietly as a tear slipped from the corner of her eyes. She quickly wiped it away. "No…this isn't it. He probably means something else."

It's hard to be heart broken and the man you thought who is really going to be the one turns out not to be the one. Leila crumbled into her chair not feeling the appetite to eat any more. She started crying.

She met Joe at her friend's house. It was suppose to be a hook up party. Yes, she was desperate enough to go and when she met Joe and the way he looked at her made her knees go weak. She thought that he is really going to be the one for her. He took her out into series of dates and wooing and recently they finally did it together in bed and now that jerk has the right to break her heart like the rest. She hit the phone making it fall onto the ground with a hard noise. She stood up and wiped her tears and went to her bedroom to get dressed.

She will teach him a lesson she's going to go over to his stupid apartment and demand and explanation as to why he is breaking up with her. She marched into the bedroom and slipped on a black t-shirt and a pair of skinny destroyed jeans and pulled hair into a ponytail before she headed out to her car.

When she arrived at his apartment she slammed her door and marched up the steps to his apartment door where she used the spare key to open the door and walked in. She heard noises in the bedroom so she hurried over to the bedroom. The door was opened a fraction and she saw small movements on the bed. She opened it only to find that a woman was riding Joey on the bed and hearing him groan made her inside curl but she let out a small gasp and Joey and the girl stilled only to look at her.

"Leila?" He said surprised."What are you doing here? Didn't you get my message?"

She walked over to him and she slapped him then. "Yes, I did get your message, you prick. You didn't even have the nerves to tell me face to face you had to do it over the phone."

"Sorry, honey. I didn't have time. Things changed abruptly." The girl wrapped the blanket softly around her before turning to look at Leila.

She reached Joey's shoulder and she had long blonde hair that fell loosely around her shoulder in a mess. You can tell she stayed over night with him. Leila wanted to pull on the girl's hair and punch her in the face but she forced herself to be calm.

"Things changed?" Leila looked at him hurt. "So this is your meaning of change? By sleeping with a slut?!"

"She's not a slut, Leila. She's my fiancée." Joey murmured.

"What?! How?! You have been dating me all the while and this…this is not what I'm thinking. You have been cheating on me, haven't you?" She glared her hands curled up into a fist.

"Yes, he has. While he was fucking you, he was fucking me better." The girl purred as she lifted up a little and back down drawing another groan out of Joey.

That's it. That did it. Leila's fist went straight into the girl's face and she covered her nose.

"You bitch!" The girl screamed. "You broke my nose!"

"Shut up, you whore." Leila shouted.

"Get out, Leila!" Joey shouted. "You don't go beating people down."

"Oh you so don't have the right to yell at me, Joey!" Leila said tears falling from her eyes. "I can't believe you would do this to me. You could have broken up with me a long time ago but you decided to lead me on. You are a jerk to break my heart like that, you prick. I hate you." Leila pushed against his chest with all her force and headed out of his apartment.

She didn't turn back to look at him. She hurried down the steps and without looking back tears began streaming down blurring her vision. The thought of them in bed together nearly outdone her and she nearly murdered them (not literally) right there but she wasn't that type of person. She is a person who forgives and forgets-although it is so hard to.

She threw open the apartment entrance door and stepped out into the cruel world only to bump into someone. She pushed against the chest shrugging him off not looking at the person she bumped into in fear that he or she might see her tears.

"Leila?" A familiar voice said.


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