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Courses in Marriage

Novel By: Mayleila

After a unforgetful Christmas party two couples end up sleeping together. They both felt the spark of attraction even at the Christmas party they felt the attraction but aside from that they decided to go their separate ways but fate loves to play in love therefore they meet each other again...you know what they say...once is coincidence...twice is destine....and a third time...well you get what I mean. An unexpected turn of events cause these two couples lives to intertwine... View table of contents...


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For those who have probably read this story before in my past writings in buzzle I am re-writing this story. I'm going to add probably a new twist and some new chapters. I have always wanted to do this but never had a chance to do so. Please do comment and rate.:)Hope to see you soon!


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Chapter 1
: The Christmas Party

Quote #1:
The test of a man or woman's breeding is how they behave in a quarrel.

My name is Giselle Sanders. I am Valerie's co-partner at Laces & Silk Industry. It was Christmas Eve and my best friend Valerie has asked me to plan a Christmas party. Everyone was super excited and anxious to come to the party tonight. This party was employee only. They had to come without their spouse. Spouses are excluded because even at a Christmas party there was talk on business.

I took a good look around the ballroom. It was decorated with Christmas lights, ice sculptures, small water fountains, strobe lights, and disco balls. There were also small tables and chairs set around on two sides of the room while the middle was open for a
dance floor. In the front of the ballroom was a small stage for my boss to give her opening speech.

This was perfect and I hope I did a good job. Now, just to let my boss/friend know I turned around and dialed her number. After four to five rings she picked up.

"Hello?" Valerie's voice came on the other end.

"Valerie? I got it. It's done!" I smiled as I told her.

"Wow! That's great! I can't wait! I know you would do a good job. Has the caterers come yet?" She asked me.

"Yep. They are setting things up right now as we talk." I replied. I headed out the door and into my
Toyota Camry. It was my turn to fix myself up for the party. Everybody is to wear formal wear and the best tonight.

"I know I can trust you to finish this. Thank you so much, Elle." She said on the other end.

"No problem, hun. I have to go now. I haven't fixed myself up yet." I added.

"Oh my god! How about you come over here? I need your help in picking a dress." She exclaimed.

"Oh all right but I need to pick out one for me too." I agreed and turned the car to her place.

"Mhmm. See you in a bit." With that she hanged up.

Valerie is pretty. Well not pretty but G O R G E O U S. Her long black hair and almond eyes she looked exactly like Megan Fox; not to mention her body as well. Everything about her was perfection. Men would die to get a chance with her but even if she's pretty she's not willing to let men fall for her looks.

When I arrived at her place I rolled down my window and I ringed the bell. The security activated the voice recognition.

"Who is it?" He asked.

"Giselle." I answered.

"Good afternoon, Miss Giselle. I would open the gates." The security guard said and let me in.

When I got inside the house Valerie came down the steps and hugged me. "Thank god you came!" She rasped out. "I'm havingso muchtrouble finding a dress." She pouted.

"You look good in that dress." I pointed out looking at the hot pink cascade tank dress that she has on at the moment. It has ruffles cascade mesh body at the bottom of the dress and a solid black lining in the middle of her stomach as well as a satin tie with a floral accent to it.

"Do I? I thought it would be a little too much." She smiled brightly at me.

"You look amazingly beautiful. You will definitely stand out and makeall thewomen at the party look dull, including me." I said to her.

"Whatever, Elle. You are beautiful yourself." She grinned at me. "C'mon lets get you ready."

She pushed me up the spiral stairs to her bedroom and to her large walk-in closet. All around the closet were clothes ranging from casual to partying. On the bottom of the shelves were her shoes also ranging from casual to partying with a wide variety. She became successful after she continued with her idea of lingerie and sleep wears.

"Here wear this." She handed me one of her dress. It was a bandage halter dress.

"This is too revealing. Take a look at my breast! I don't want them to show." I muttered.

"Oh, Giselle! You would look gorgeous in this." She said.

"Next." I smiled at her.

"Fine." She looked through her clothes. "I got it. I got it!" After a while she came out with a side snapped ribbed dress.

The dress was black and hugged my body showing off my curves. Even though it hugs my body tightly it has a slight stretchy feel to it. The polish metal snap gives the dress and extra flair. The top is sleeveless with v-neckline giving it also a sophisticated look. It was the perfect dress for me. I slipped it on.

"How do I look?" I twirled in the dress.

"Perfect!" She replied.

We quickly curled out hair. Valerie decided to bring in her curls and pin it up on her head leaving some strand fall around her face. I let my curled blonde hair fall around me. It was already 4:30 when we were done fixing our hair. I glossed my lips with a red glossy lipstick and brushed light pink blush on my cheeks. For the eye shadows I made my eyes smokey black. Smiling with the finishing products I sighed and leaned back.

"Ready?" Valerie asked and beamed with delight.

"Yep." I grabbed my purse and we headed into her car.

When we came to the party some people have already arrived. At the entrance people were given name tags and they walked around eating appetizers and drinking wine. Valerie led me to the alcohol beverage table and grabbed us both some martini.

"This is beautiful, Elle. You did such a great job." She perked and hugged me with one of her arms.

"Thanks." I smiled at her.

"Oh I almost forgot!" She turned towards me. "I hired a new employee today. He is our male model. He's going to be working in our industry and man I tell ya he's a hunk." She grinned devilishly at me.

I laughed. "So, Valerie Williams is finally finding the hots for a man?"

"What no! I was meaning you! He is handsome and damn sexy." She said.

"Oh really?" I lifted an eyebrow.

"Yes! His name is Damien Murray." Valerie mentioned.

My eyes widened. "You mean…you mean the Damien Murray?" He was very attractive. I use to look at the pictures in the magazines when I see him. He has been in the cosmopolitan magazine more than once. He is definitely a hunk.

"Yes him." She grinned and nodded her head.

"He is a hunk." I replied bluntly. We both started laughing.

"Yes he is, yes he is." She sipped her martini and looked around. People were starting to arrive.

"It's going to be one hell of a night. I hope people don't do anything they will regret tomorrow." I said.

"Miss. Young and Miss. Sanders everyone has arrived." One of the assistant walked up to us.

"Thank you, Miss. Cox." Valerie said professionally and we moved to stand on the stage. Everyone settled down and listen.

"Good evening everyone. Tonight we celebrate another year of well done work. We lost profit yet gained it back twice as much. In accordance to this celebration we are also going to announce our new models. Chelsea White and Damien Murray are our new lingerie models."

The spotlight flashed around until it came upon Chelsea White in a corner with a bunch of men and in the other side of the room was Damien Murray. He stood with a bunch of girls talking to him but he was staring straight at me. A shiver ran through me. Everyone clapped and unconsciously I began to clap with them.

"It's a pleasure to have you two in our industry and a cheer for a New Year and a New Year resolution!" Valerie lifted her cup. Everyone followed suit.

"However, As your boss,I notice that tonight that there is a wide variety of alcohol. I highly recommend someone to come to pick you up. You will not be let out of this party unless someone sober is here to verify that they are going to pick you up. This is only for safety purposes and I highly appreciate it if this is followed through. If someone decides to test this by tomorrow you can just come and pack your things in your office." Valerie announced and everyone nodded their understanding.

Soon everyone was bumping and grinding against each other. They were loud laughter. The singers that I have hired to play for us tonight were Lady Gaga and Mariah Carey. I was dancing with a co-worker of mine. He liked me a lot. We were dancing to Mariah Carey's song obsessed. I know, it matches the man I am dancing with. He has liked me since his first year working here as a project researcher.

When the song was over Lady Gaga sing the song Paparazzi but I was too tired to dance any further. I decided to go to the drink table and grab myself some punch. I didn't notice Damien next to me until his arm rubbed against mine.

"Have a drink?"He quirked and eyebrow at me as he held a mixed alcohol drink in his hand.

"Thank you."Ireplied and gently took it out of his hand feeling the rub of my finger against his.

"How is the party so far?"He asked me as he stood next to me drinking vodka. The thing is that he smelled of too much alcohol and so did I. We were both close to buzzing already.

"It's going great. Everything is working out fine."I shouted over the music. He chuckled.

"That's great.I love the ice sculpture. A beautiful addition." He gestured with his shoulder. He downed the vodka in one gulp and grabbed for another.

"Yeah. It's great. Val loves it."I looked at him under my eyelashes. "Congrats on being our male model."

"How about we drink up on it?" He grinned roguishly at me.

I scoffed. "Really?"

"Yeah, why not?" He murmured nonchalantly.

I marched over to the glass and picked up one and shot it down. The burn scorched my throat. I tried to not let him see it by forcing a smile at him. "Let's do it."

He grinned and walked over and picked up the vodka and shot it down. I smiled happily at accomplishing him to drink. My, he even more handsome up close I can smell his strong cologne and it's smells good.

We continue to down more and more shots to the point where I could see two of him…at least that's all I remember….


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