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Senior Year Whirlwind (Revised)

Novel By: Mayleila

It's a senior year and Kacey is chief editor of the school newspaper but little does Kacey know her senior year might be her last year but it will be a total whirlwind when truth are revealed at the last minute! What should she do?! View table of contents...


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The class ended and soon it came to lunch time and I was standing in line with Caitlin. "I officially hate my math class. The teacher in there has a mono tone voice that can drive me to sleep." Caitlin complained. Her math class was AP Algebra.

"I haven't had my math class yet." I added.

"Well, hopefully you don't have my monotone math teacher. Caitlin mumbled and waved at a friend.

"I don't know I have to take a look at my schedule." I grabbed an able and took a bite in it. The juice was tasty and sweet.

"How was your English class?" Caitlin asked as we sat down in an open table.

"IT was fun. Only one downfall." I said sadly.

"And what is that?" Caitlin took a spoonful of macaroni in her mouth.

"It's not what, but who. Aaron is in my English Class." I frowned showing my disappointment.

Caitlin let out a giddy laugh. "That's funny!"

I groaned. "I wonder what other class he has with me."

"I'm thinking all of it." Caitlin laughed out loud.

"Don't jinx me!" I mumbled. It's bad enough to like him but to have him there all day makes my stomach twist with anticipation.

Believe it or not but Caitlin's jinx came true. After lunch Aaron was in my Agriculture and Forestation class. When he saw me again he winked at me and moved to sit next to me.

"Weird how I see you in every class." He said.

Tell me about it. "I know what you mean." I said gently and looked in the front.

"Welcome to Agri and Forestation! If you have wanted to learn about animals and plants you have come to the right class, if you not, you should probably go see your counselor." Mr. Mattis smiled and continued. "First off, we are lucky this year to be chosen to go to the School Forest. Does anybody know what that is?"

A boy in the front answered. "We go as teacher assistants and help little kids learn about the forest. Usually for two nights and three days."

"Exactly!" Mr. Mattis smile grew. He was truly excited. "I'll be handing out permission slips that I would like you to have your parents sign. Bring them back for points and we will plan on the way! Now, we are going to go to the school forest in about let say….two weeks? So, I sure hope you are ready. I'll give you a list of things you might need for the week. Oh and don't worry about your school work. We will be leaving on a Friday and be back on a Sunday…."

The class went on for a while and after it was done Damon caught up in the hallway with me. I wonder what he wants. He touched my shoulder to get my attention.

"How many more classes do you have for today?" He asked me.

"Hm, about two more." I answered him.

"Wanna go out afterwards? You know, and eat?" Damon smiled devilishly at me.

"Ah…um…" I didn't really know what to say. I never liked Damon that way before even though he is cute.

"C'mon! It won't hurt, at least I won't bite you." He encouraged.

"Oh all right. Can I bring my friend Caitlin along?" I asked hoping that having her there might give him a hint that it's not a date.

"Sure I'll invite a friend to come along too." Oh boy. He's going to make it a date.

"Um, yeah." I forced a smile on my face and walked away.

"I'll see you after school then? In the front?" He shouted.

"Yeah." I shouted back at him.

At the end of the day I met up with Caitlin. I told her about how Damon had stopped me in the hallway and asked me to go out to eat with him.

"You did what?" She exclaimed.

"Well, I didn't know what else to say. He asked me." I answered her quietly. She was leaning against the locker looking at me as I put my textbooks away.

"Oh my god, is he even cute?" Caitlin questioned me.

"I don't know. I don't know! Please Caty! Do this for me! I don't want to go alone. Please please please please please…" I begged her feeling desperate now.

"Oh all right but this better be fun and we better go to Red Lobster." She grumbled.

"Oh thank you thank you thank you!" I hugged her tightly. She smiled weakly at me.

"This is because I am your best friend that I let you do this to me. If you weren't I would of ditched you." She responded and together we walked out to meet Damon and his friend who were waiting by Damon's Honda Civic.

"Hey girls, are you two ready?" Damon asked and smiled sweetly at me.

"Hey Damon." I said and looked at Caty who was still looking at the hunk standing next to Damon. She leaned over to me.

"Oh la la, he's a sexy man. I guess, I wouldn't mind going on this date after all." She laughed. I nudged her and smile.

When we were in the car I sat next to Damon and Caty and his friend sat in the back. Damon turned towards me. "So this is my treat, where do you two want to go and eat?"

"Red Lobster." Caty giggled as she said that. Damon nodded his approval.

"Nice choice." Damon said and we headed for Red Lobster.

When we got there my cell phone went off. I picked it up. "Hello?"

"Kacey, honey where are you?" It was my mom.

"I'm out with Caitlin, mom. I'll be back tonight." I told her.

"Oh, all right. Well don't stay out so late, remember your curfew and don't do anything foolish." Her mother said on the other end. There was an edge. She didn't like it much when I go out.

"I know mom. I'm not like that. I'll be home soon. I promise. See ya." I hanged up.

"Whose that?" Damon wrapped his arms around my waist and we walked in. I felt uncomfortable with him doing that so I pulled back a little.

"It's my mom."

"Checking on her goody little angel?" He laughed. I didn't like him calling me that.

"No. Just asking where I was." I retorted and headed inside with him. To my surprise though, I saw Aaron with Melissa in the corner of the restaurant when he saw me with Damon his eyes darkened and he continue to stare at me. Oh lord, why did we have to come to Red Lobster? Now he's going to think I'm dating Damon.


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