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Will you be my Groom? (COMPLETED)

Novel By: Mayleila

(COMPLETED) Kimberly's sister is getting married and she is the maid of honor. Kimberly is happy for her sister but want nothing more but to be left alone by her parents who are urging her to get married too. Coincidence is coincidence she meets the bridegroom's two handsome best man...
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Kimberly's POV

Sighing to myself I looked out the window of my floral shop. Tonight was the night that my parents wanted me to "dress up" for a special evening. My older sister was getting married to her fiancé, Mike and the dinner was to celebrate it everyone.

I set down my pen and locked my cash register as I headed outside closing and locking my shop. I got into my car and headed to my parents' home. I pulled into the driveway of my parents' home and saw that a bunch of people where standing outside already talking amongst themselves. When I pulled into the driveway my mom glanced up. She waved me over, I walked over to her.

"Hey sweetie." She hugged me tightly. "I'm so happy to see you again. You've been gone so long."

"Mom." I hugged her.

"Aren't you happy your sister is getting married?" She smiled sweetly at me but I knew where she was getting at.

"Mom…don't start it, not now." I mumbled.

"Kimmy!" My sister exclaimed as she jumped into my arms.

"Hey Grace." I hugged her.

"What's up, Kimmy?" My future brother in law stepped in and wrapped her arms around Grace.

"Nothing much really. I'm so happy for you guys, really." I smiled at them.

"Thank you." Grace said.

"And..um welcome to the family Mike!" I shouted and he grinned.

"Hey! Hey!" Someone slapped Mike behind the back.

My gaze moved over to the stranger and my…he's handsome with his cute dimples and brown short hair. He has the sexiest ocean blue eyes I have ever seen and you can tell he is a guy who likes to stay fit. He was well built.

"What's up?" Mike shook his hand and they turned toward us. "Oh I almost forgot!"

"This is my future sister in law, Kimberly. Kimberly, this is my best friend and best man Luke." He introduced.

"Nice to meet you." I said and shook his hand.

"Nice to meet you too." He winked. Our hands linger together for a while before I remembered where I was and took it back.

"Mike, c'mon the boys want you to join us in flag football." Luke added and turned away from me and looked at his friend.

"Cool." He turned toward Grace. "I'll be back, sweetie." He kissed her softly and left.

Grace sighed. "He's so romantic and sweet."

I laughed. "C'mon lets go watch them play."

Grace eyes lightened up in delight. "Let's go."

We went and sat on the edge as we watch the boys jumped, caught, fell, and tripped each other. It was exciting to watch because I love playing sports as well and I couldn't help but get worked up about it.

"Woot! Go boys!" I shouted and run

After a while of playing some of the boys went inside but Luke and Mike was still outside playing. I went up to them. I wanted to play against them.

"I want to play." I stated.

They looked at me surprised. "We don't think you can play. We might hurt you." Luke said.

"Hurt me?" I stepped up closer to him. "Try me."

He grinned devilishly. "I wouldn't mind." He laughed and I felt his hand go around my waist. I backed up to see that he had already strapped two flags around my waist. He winked at me and went back to the middle of the yard. Mike decided to sit out on this one and sat next to Grace as they watched us play. I had four boys on my team.

"C'mon, why do we have to have a girl on our side?" The boys complained.

"Watch me, boys." I said and turned to get ready. "I might be as good as you."

The game started as Mike threw the ball to one of his one team mates who automatically jumped and catched it. Mike ran passed me and flashed me another one of his sexy grin. "Catch up."

I took off my sandals and ran barefoot as I pulled a flag from the team mate. First down. I walked by Mike and tossed him the flag. He caught it and looked at me with a new profound interest. My team mate now has hope as they prepared again for another round.

This time Mike didn't throw the ball he let one of his teammate. His teammate threw the ball and everyone ran in all kinds of direction. I went for Mike. When he caught the football and started running I ran after him. I couldn't get closer to him. He moved away. Unfortunately, he scored a touch down.

"Hey sexy. Tired yet?" He retorted.

I growled. "Don't get too happy." I muttered.

The game went on for a while and we lost, we won, and we would lose again. It went on for a while until the final game. Mike's teammate threw the ball and it flew into the skies and Mike ran for it. I knew where he was going so I followed closely behind and when I saw him reach up for the ball I let him catch the football. When he did I used all my last energy and pushed myself forward as I pulled on to both of his strings and tripping him on the way. He fell flat on the floor and turned around to say something to me but I fell right on top of him. We stared at each other for a long minute. We both were panting.

"Admit I am good." I demanded him.

"I won't admit it but say that you have dirt on your nose." Then he twisted and he was on top of me and I was on bottom.

"Hey!" I shouted.

"Admit that I am good." He repeated the same thing back at me.

"Never." I retorted angrily.

"Then we will stay in this position until you say so." He threatened.

"I have to go get ready. I'm all dirty now and we have a special evening for Grace and Mike."

"I know." He smiled.

"Ok how about this…we both admit it." I smiled.

"Hm…sounds good." He nodded.

"Ok 1…2….3..." We both didn't say it but waited for the other to say it. When we finally realized that neither one of us was going to say it we both started laughing. He moved away from me and fell on the ground beside me. I flipped to my stomach and looked down at him.

"I'm still good either way and you know it." I got up on my feet and grabbed my sandals as I ran inside to go take a shower.


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