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Powerful but Beautiful

Novel By: maymay497

Mika and her brother have just moved into her anuts house In La push Washington with her soon to be husband. After her dad is sent to jail for drug dealing. She is gonig though a hard time when she learns that everything in La push is not as it seems. He brother begins to grow apart and hangs with the La Push boys. She discovers she more powerful than she ever thought. Will she ever over come this? View table of contents...



Submitted:Mar 31, 2010    Reads: 109    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

Powerful butBeautiful

I walked into my Aunt Emily house, the frist thing I saw were hot guys, not just any hot guys shritlesss hot guys, not just any hot shrtiless guys, hot shritless guys with 6 packs hot shritless guys. I mean there where 8of them plus one girl making9 tall tan and strong looking people. "What the hell" My brother James said with a laugh, he turend to our Aunt emily "what do you own a striper bar" i smacked him "James!" i hissed. My eye grew wide as a hand was placed on my shoulder and scared me, i grabed it turns quick fliping the person over. "OH MY GOD!" I screamed looking down at a man with his eye closed he left out out a groan of pain. "Sam!!" Emily said rushing to him. " I'm sorry is a refleix " i said my face red. " I was in ninjutsu, and karate for 12 years it just hapends!!!" i said tears brimed my eye's. Everyone just burst into raging laughing. My face went red i turned around hiding my face in my hair. "shut up idots" My brother growled and grabed my hand. He pulled me up the stairs as Emily still hangover the man. We stopped in the hall. "I didnt mean to do that" I said. I am a very timid girl , i'm shy and extermly stroung. "it's ok those Idots shouldve have luaghed. Emily can runnig up the stairs "Mika" she said hugging me " it's o you didnt mean to. That man came up and smiled at me " You'll have to teach me that one day" he said smiling holding out his had "Sam Uley your soon to be uncle in law" I slowly shook his hand back.

I Walked down the stair with my brother with my goffy smile at him stil joking about the shritless guys, She giggled. The other boy looked up at her and smiled, Sam walked over to them "Mika James this is my friends" He took our hands to show us everyone "this is Pual, Jared, Quil, Embry, Seth, Leah, and last but no least Jacob Black" he said. Jacob black's eye went huge as if he won the lawdo or somthing, my brother look at him then to me and back at him, "Dude put your eye back in ther shoctes" James growled the other can pushes threw surounding him with luaghing and high fives. James spook up " DID WE MISS SOMETHING?!?!!?" he said

They all looked at us and then at me and smiled"No" they said and smiled huge.



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