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Its Not Supposed to Be You

Novel By: MayMay819

Brianna and Megan have been best friends ever since they each moved to Philomath, Oregon. They each picture finding the perfect guy for them to live happily ever after with. But when Brianna's brother James comes back from a summer in Tennessee and a taste for revenge for his dad, Megan sees him differently. And NOT in the good way... What happens when she starts spending more time with him and finding out whats beneath all of that ego? And what happens when Brianna can't remember a night she spent with a boy she doesn't even know? See what happens when these boys and girls start falling for the wrong person! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 19, 2012    Reads: 104    Comments: 11    Likes: 1   

"Be ready in twenty minutes." My best friend Brianna Krenner said as soon as I picked up my phone.

I rubbed my eyes, trying to wake myself up. It was seven in the morning on a saturday. Brianna of all people, knows I don't function well before eight on weekends. Reluctantly, I crawled from the warm cocoon of my bed and pulled on a pair of jeans, cell phone placed inbetween my cheek and shoulder.

"Why?" I asked resisting the urge to yawn.

"I swear Megan, you have the memory of a goldfish. James is coming home from Tennessee!" She yelled so loud, my ears started ringing.

I'm positive I heard my brain click, or a lightbulb turned on above my head, or something like that. James! Brianna's younger brother by only ten months. He spent the summer in Tennessee. He was accused of stealing from a store and their dad totally lost it. He didn't of course, but their dad never gave him a chance. He called their mom's dad in Tennessee (you shouldn've seen her face when she found out, considering they are divorced) and set it up for James to spend the summer and part of the school year in Tennessee.

"Oh my god, I totally forgot! I guess it's been just so peacful around here I forgot all about him." I said sarcastically, she laughed making my ears ring from the volume of the sound. It just proves I shouldn't be awake yet.

"Okay well, dad and I will be there in fifteen minutes so hurry up and get ready. I don't want to be alone with these two. And... I need someone to keep everyone happy and your the best person for that." She said her voice in a rushed whisper. Country music played in the background. Shes trying to keep her dad from listening to the conversation.

"Why thank you, I feel so appreciated. I'll be ready, don't worry." I said and we hung up.

I put my 'Shamrocks' shirt on and slipped into one of my jackets. It's only September and the frost has set in. I slapped on some concealer and mascara to make me look more awake and headed downstairs. It didn't take long to eat breakfast and feed Scamp. I was finishing brushing my teeth when I heard her knocking.

"One second!" I yelled and quickly gave my mouth a rinse. Slipping on my shoes I opened the door to see Brianna practically bouncing in place.

"I am so happy James is coming home!" She yelled bursting with excitement, and hugging me.

"No, really? I didn't notice." I said sarcastically.

"Shut up, and lets go." She said with her signature smile.

Once in the car, we headed to the airport in Portland. This is going to be a fun two hours.


Brianna's dad didn't like me very much when we became friends three years ago. I moved from North Carolina, to Oregon all the way across the country and she had moved from Hartland to Philomath, three hours away and one the first day, we stuck together, the new kids. Although, she was terrefied of me when we first met, mostly because I had pink tips in my hair from a going away present. Pink fricken tips. And she was terrefied I was going to kill her and feed her to a crazy beast or something.

It was only when we got really close that he started to secretly hate me. I guess I'm a bad influence when I try and tell Brianna to branch out and try new things. They were'nt bad things either they were normal things, like parties and dances and going into town on your own, 'cause, guess what? We are sixteen and have drivers licenses, and a car, we can go places on our own now. But her dad didn't like that she wasn't his little maid anymore. Ever since then he hasn't liked me at all.

Most of the trip resided in Brianna and I talking about volleyball, and pretending I'm not seeing the glares, Mr. Ben is so graciously giving me. It was our second year on varsity. We were talented enough to make the varsity team last year when we were sophomores, the only ones on the team. Everyone on varsity took to us pretty easily, but everyone else in our grade-or anyone who wasn't on varsity- hated us. We don't take it for granted, we earned our spots, practicing all summer for try outs and going to every camp we can afford to go to. We lived and breathed volleyball. At least Mr. Ben was excited for one thing Brianna was doing. When he found out that Brianna had made varsity again he was so proud Brianna's whole family went out to celebrate (except James of course, he was in Tennessee). Brianna wanted to invite me into going too, but guess who said no? Mr. Ben. But that's okay, I had to celebrate with my mom and step dad and brother, Dean anyways.

"I just can't wait to see James! I wonder if he looks any different. Do you think Megan?" Brianna asked, turning to look at me.

"I don't know, he'll probably be tanner, maybe taller. His hair might be lighter from the sun, uhhh the little amount of freckles he has might stand out a little bit more. Probably the basics, Brianna. What do you expect? For him to look like a total stranger?" I said. She chuckled, her dad didn't.

"No, I just don't know what to expect. What do you think dad?"

"I think James is going to be the same old James." He said just magnifying the fact he didn't want James home. Despite myself I gave Mr. Ben a stare. No son should get that from his father, even a rebellious kid like James. I didn't expect this but Mr. Ben stared right back, as if this whole thing was my fault. I didn't even do anything! It's his own damn fault James is in Tennessee in the first place!

By the time we parked at the airport, an awkward silence had fallen over the three of us. We had run out of things to talk about and Mr. Ben's attitude really wasn't helping. Would it be wrong if I slapped him and shook his shoulders yelling "Come on man! Be happy for once!" Probably. Too bad. I think if it were up to Mr. Ben, Brianna would be on house arrest and James would be forgotten and stayed in Tennessee. I think I have a serious problem with Mr. Ben's parental perspective. He better be prepared because James is looking for revenge.

We watched his plane touchdown and Brianna couldn't stop fidgeting because she was so nervous. I, myself was anxious to see James again. Minutes passed, Brianna and I were pacing next to each other and Mr. Ben was looking at his watch with a bitter look on his face. I could almost read the accusations of how James caused something to stop people from boarding off the plane riding through his head. My anger rose, I was almost looking forward to the chaos James was going to cause once he's settled back at home.

I didn't have any time to plan anything James could use because right then the doors opened, and James was one of the first people to walk out of the door.


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