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Just One Smile

Novel By: MayMay819

After moving from Melbourne Florida Rhiannon finds herself in the small town of Elkton Oregon. She quickly befriends twins Matthew and Danielle Atwin. Matt, sweet caring Matt is always there for her and bubbly, artistic Dani has a cure for everything. But Rhiannon has a tragic past and a secret. Will this new life let her move on from her past? And... will she find love along the way? View table of contents...


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"Hey mom, where do I put this box?" I called into the maze of moving boxes.

"What does the label say sweetie?"She called back, the sound came from the "kitchen". More like a fish tank with a refrigerator if you ask me.

I turned the box around somehow managing not to drop it and read the label on it. "RHIANNON" was written in slanted black marker on the side.

"Never mind its mine." I said and maneuvered my way through half unpacked boxes and furniture to my new room. It was small, but really cozy. The walls were a soft rose colored that just radiated warmth. A window looked out towards the road with faded eggshell curtains. It reminded me of my old room back in Melbourne. Of course, my room wasn't as small as this one, but I kind of like it better. My room always felt empty, like I could never really fill it, but this I could fill and make it my own. It made my heart feel... almost full, something I haven't felt in a long time.

I set the box next to my bed (a.k.a. mattress on the floor) and sat down next to it. I blindly reached around me and found a pair of scissors that were lying near me. Taking an edge, I cut the tape off of the top of the box, and opened it, eager to see what was packed inside.

Inside, was everything photography. All of my different types of cameras, photo albums, picture frames, scrapbooks, all of my favorite memories. I picked up my large camera and turned it on. I slung the strap around my neck feeling the familiar weight against my skin. I held up the camera to my eyes and clicked a picture of my view outside my window. Then I snapped a few of my room; kind of like a before picture. I couldn't wait to put up some pictures and my favorite poster of a waterfall that I took last summer. It was a really beautiful picture of a random waterfall that my dad and I stumbled upon when we went on a hike. He's in the picture laughing the water cascading down the mossy rocks behind him into a deep blue pool that ventured off in a nearby by river going to who-knows-where. I closed my eyes for a moment remembering a happier time, before it happened. I took out various picture frames and photography books and set them into stacks. I was almost done when the door bell rung, a sweet little chime echoing throughout the house.

"Rhiannon, can you get that sweetie?" Mom called from somewhere in the house (her room maybe?).

"Yeah mom, sure." I called back, letting my camera rest against my chest I got up. I stretched my arms over my head, yawning. I glanced at the clock on the far wall above the T.V. It was 9:23 pm.

After fighting my way through the towers of boxes and furniture I reached the front door. After looking through the peep hole, I opened the door to the delivery guy holding a large pepperoni pizza, dad's favorite. The delivery guy was really tall with broad shoulders and had an olive complexion that the red shirt only complemented. He had dark brown hair shoved under a red cap, with deep brown eyes. I was a sucker for brown eyes.

"Um, Lillian and Rhiannon, right?" He said in a soft velvety voice as he quickly read the names on his receipt.

"Yep, that would be my mother and I." I said, half smiling. He smiled back, showing a mouth full of white teeth. He glanced behind me, only for a moment, before looking at me again with those deep brown eyes.

"New in town, huh?" He asked balancing the forgotten pizza with one hand while he readjusted his cap on his head.

"Can you tell?" I asked sarcastically, gesturing back inside.

"Well, you know small towns. Lots of gossip, everyone knows everyone, so when someone new shows up its kind of a big deal." He said, saying it like it was nothing. I nodded, playing along with a grin.

"Oh, and here I thought it was only because of the wall of moving boxes behind me and the moving van in the drive way." I said, and he laughed. He laughed a whole hearted laugh. It sounded real, like he laughed a lot. I laughed too, a real laugh. Something I haven't done in a long time either.

"I'm Matthew. Matthew Scott Atwin." He said holding out his hand for me to shake.

"I'm Rhiannon. Rhiannon Grace Grey." I said placing my hand in his. His hand was a lot bigger than mine but it fit perfectly in his palm. We kept shaking long after then was probably appropriate, and I looked into those deep brown eyes getting lost in them for just a moment.

"Hey Maddie!! I'm waiting!" yelled a voice from the car parked on the curb. We both jumped, our connection broken replaced with cold from the chilly weather.

I looked at the car and saw someone getting out and walking up the driveway. It was a girl, tall and pretty with really long dark brown hair almost black with the same dark complexion as um... Matthew. She had really cute fashionable glasses and a shoulder bag, wrapping a thin jacket around her small waste.

"Let's go my dear brother, I'm very cold if you haven't noticed-" She stopped mid-sentance and looked at me, then Matthew, then back at me again.

"Hi! You must be the new girl on the block. We don't get many newcomers here in Elkton. I see you've met my amazing dear brother Maddie!" She said as she stepped up the final steps to the door and squeezed Matthew's shoulders. Then she moved forward and hugged me, that was something I didn't expect. I smiled, a little surprised, and hugged her back.

"Rhiannon, this is my twin sister Danielle Atwin. She's a hugger if you haven't noticed." Matthew said once she was standing back next to him.

"Yep, good ol' Maddie and I are twins. Oh, and I go by Dani." She said leaning her face right next to his. I smiled, I could definitely see the resemblance.

"Matt, not Maddie." He said rolling his eyes at her. But I could tell he secretly loved that nickname.

"Well, you guys definitely look the part. May I, uh, take a picture. I mean you guys look a lot alike." I asked raising my camera.

"Sure." They both said, and leaned in close as I raised my camera to my face, squinted one eye and quickly snapped a shot of them.

"You like photography?" Dani asked pointing to my camera.

"Yeah, my dad taught me everything I know." I said smiling down at my camera.

"Dani is an artist herself. She's really good." Matt said nudging Dani a little. She smiled shyly. My eyes lit up.

"Oh really, my mom's an artist!" I said, excitedly, not a lot of people shared the same hobbies as my mom and I.

"Really? That's awesome! Maybe you could come over and see some of my paintings! I'd love to see some of your photography. You seem to really love it." She said, bouncing with delight. I guess she doesn't meet many people with the same interests either.

"Yeah, totally! Yeah, I really do love photography. I bring a camera everywhere I go." I said, holding my camera close to my heart.

"Same here, I always carry a sketch pad." She said reaching inside to bring out a small sketch book. Matthew was silently watching with a smile on his face. He must really believe in his sister. I smiled at him and he smiled back at me. It was a different smile then the one before. It was smaller, more intimate, maybe even shy. Meanwhile Dani was rambling on about charcoals.

"Well would you look at the time!" She finally said, glancing at her small wristwatch.

"It's almost nine forty! Maddie, we're going to be late we need to go now!" She said dropping the sketch book back in her bag and started pulling on Matt's sleeve.

"It was great to meet you Rhiannon, I'll show you around school tomorrow if you'd like. I'd really like to see some of your works." She said glancing back at me then back to her watch, as if watching it might slow the clock.

"Yeah, sure sounds great! I'll see you tomorrow." I said, I think I just made a new friend.

"Okay, cool but we really need to go now. Come on Maddie!" She pulling harder on his sleeve and going down the driveway.

"Hold on a sec, Dani! Just wait in the car." He said jerking his sleeve out of her grip. He walked back up to the door smiling that small shy smile.

"I figured you might want your pizza." He said, shrugging his shoulders like it was an idea that just popped into his head. I had totally forgotten about the pizza to be honest.

"Oh, yeah maybe. You might want your money too. Keep the change." I said, pulling fifteen dollars out of my pocket.

"Why thank you." He said as I slapped it into his open palm. He gave me the pizza and then stood there in front of me looking like he wanted to say something.

"MADDIE! LET'S GO ALREADY!" Dani yelled from the car, slamming on the car horn. Matt rolled his eyes.

"I'll see you tomorrow Matt." I said stepping back inside my house.

"Yeah, okay. Good night Rhiannon." He said and slowly backed off the steps and started for the car. Dani was still hollering and sure was waking up the neighborhood with that horn.

"Goodnight." I said even though no one could hear me and closed the door as they drove off.


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