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A Slave Girls Wants

Novel By: Meggie1495

Jayda Knight is a rich man, the next man to inherit the Knight Company of Industry, but his Father tells him the only way for him to get the company to get married, and have an heir.
That's where Saralyn Jae-Nel comes in, she was taken from her home planet of Delta, and encased in a, Outer Planetary Slave House, while her twin sister was taken away to a different planet.
Will Sara, and Jay find a love, and will she ever see her twin sister again?
Or will it all fall apart when the police find out Sara is an illegal alien? View table of contents...


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Chapter One
Jayda's POV

"Jayda you need a Wife, how are you to have an heir without a Wife?"

"I don't know, I could get one of my girlfriends pregnant."

"And have a grandchild of Maxwell Knight be a bastard from one of your whore woman? I do not think so Jayda Knight."

"Yes, Father, but how do I find a Wife?"

"Just leave that to me Jayda, leave that to me."
Saralyn's POV

"Stay her on the bed Sara darling, he will be here to see if your fit to be for him." I was laying on an old bed in just jean short, an open black button up shirt, and a white bra. I was a tall, curvy, dirty blonde with wavy tresses, wide hips, large breasts, and stormy grey eyes.

I was what this hell hole called a bred-able woman, meaning I was to be bought to be bred only, and that is because of my built. I was in a slave house kidnapped from my home planet of Delta, the other human world at the age of fifteen. This slave house kidnaps woman at a young age, and teaches them the ways of a sex slave.

Well, most of the woman here were sex slaves, I was a more defined type of slave, I was treated better, not used much because they wanted me not to get pregnant until whoever bought me was able to impregnate me. Also bred-able slaves would end up usually a better off slave, being bought by a very rich man for a Wife to bred, or just to rent so they could carry a man's child.

If I did ever have to become pregnant I hope to become a Wife so I could keep my baby. No matter what I'd have that baby, and even if I was still a slave at lest then I would be out of here.

"Yes, Mac I know, I'm the only bred-able woman who has been here for four years, a record." Mac a tall man with black skin chuckled.

"Your just too woman for many of theses men Sara, but don't worry someday you'll get out of here."

"Yeah hope before I'm rented to carry a child, I'm not sure if I could handle having to give my baby away." Mac sighed, sadly.

"I know Sara, many of the rented woman couldn't live with that, this is why we try to sell you, not rent you." With that he walked out of the room.

"Sure that, and the fact you get more money selling me, I'm the oldest here there forth more expensive, cause I'm more developed." Scowling at myself, I posed like I was taught to, and waited for the man to enter the room. Then the door slowly opened, in came an older man, he had pepper hair, the same color for the light stubble along his jaw, brown eyes, and tall. He had on a Rolex, and a wedding band; what the hell was going on? He looked at me, and smiled.

"So your Sara?" I tilted my chin up, and smiled politely at him.

"Yes, sir, and you are?"

"Maxwell Knight, it's very nice to met you. I think you may just be the one."

"No offense sir, but one aren't you too old to bred, and two your married, right?"

"Why yes to both, girl, but you'll be perfect for my son." He paused a moment. "Mr. Gannon?" Mac walked in, and smiled.

"So are you renting her sir?" I felt like growling at Mac.

"Sorry to disappoint Gentlemen, but I will not be rented for a reason, never had a child, just passed matured, and I'm very beautiful if I do say so myself. I will not be rented, and then separated from my child that I should bred, that isn't my style."

"Saralyn!" Mac exclaimed, but Maxwell put a hand up to stop Mac's rant.

"No, it's fine, I'm buying you Sara for my son to be his Wife." My face perked up, and I got off the bed, buttoning up my shirt, I turned back to Maxwell."

"Well, if your son is half as handsome as you are, I will most certainly be a happy Wife."

"He's more handsome than me Sara, does that help?" I smiled, and nodded slightly. I pulled on crisscross tan sole sandals with black straps.

"Let's go met my soon to be Husband." I stopped, and turn to look at Mac. "Bye Mac, tell Emily I'll text her when I get a phone." I turned again to Max. "Like I said Mr. Knight I'm expensive, but well worth it. You have spent your money well."

* * *

Jayda's POV

I paced my bedroom confines. Father said he would take care of it, that he would get me a Wife. Does that mean today? He does things as soon as possible, and he went out earlier today. Is he getting me a Wife? I kept asking myself that question until a knock came at my door, and Father opened it. I was upset that I didn't see a woman with him.

"Son, I have a surprise for you." I frowned, and started to tap my foot.

"Unless it's a Wife I'm not sure if I would care for it." He grinned at me, he knew I was a cheeky bastard.

"Well, then, your in luck. Sara come here." He pushed the door open more, and in stepped the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on, and ever will. Dirty blonde hair with a light wave to it. Deep, dark, and intense grey eyes. Tall, her legs that I speculated went right up to her ears, almost as tall as me. Huge breasts, at lest D's which of course my eyes lingered on, like a light breath, a soft loving caress. Her wide hips gave her an hourglass look, and I hardened there on the spot. Riding on those lovely hips were tight jean shorts that came halfway down her thighs, on her feet were black, and tan Greek style sandal. Covering her top half--which I had just realized--was a black woman's style button up shirt.

Only seconds had ticked by as I looked Sara over, and I wanted to pass out from it, dear Lord, she hasn't even said a word yet! "Saralyn this is my son Jayda, Son this is Sara. She has agreed to become your Wife." I lifted my eyebrow credible at Sara, and she grinned at me, before shrugging.

"I would like to know you first, but your Father set his foot down. Marry first, get to know later, of course he mention a child in the mix. He sure does know what he wants." I chuckled at Sara's bluntness.

"That he does, Father would you please leave, and let me have some time with Sara to see if we like each other." He nodded, and started out of the room, he winked at me before shutting the door.

"Well, now, he was watching me like a hawk." I nodded.

"He tends to do that, sorry. Why don't we sit down on the bed, and talk?" My room was painted a sandalwood color with white trimming, it had a work desk with a swirling black chair, a double bed made with black, and white sheets, and comforter, two dressers, and a walk in closet. Sara looked around, and sat down on the bed. I joined her, and she gave me a shy, friendly smile before brushing her hair back from her face.

"So how much did my Father pay you?" Sara gave me an appalled look, I frowned.

"Nothing, your Father got me at my old Slave House. I'm a breeding slave." I shook my head, and brushed Sara's beautiful blonde hair back as it had fallen forward again.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know, where did you come from?" Sara gave me a funny look, and quickly went on.

"I'm not from an Alien planet if that's what your thinking, I'm from the planet Delta." Delta was the only other human inhabited planet in the whole entire galaxy. I chuckled.

"I wasn't thinking you were an Alien, although your beauty is beyond human." Sara blushed like a little virgin, I winked at her. "How did they kidnap you?"

"They came to my town of Jenison, and stole every fifteen, to twenty-five year old girl in my town, including my twin sister." Sara's eyes shown sadness, I hugged Sara to me, comforting her, I pushed her hair away from her ear, and whispered,

"Where did your sister go?"

"I don't know, shortly after all the girls were split up into groups, I was in group A which was to go to Earth, and everyone else was spilt into even smaller groups to go to Alien planets, they put my sister in one of those, and I haven't seen, or heard from her since."

"How long ago was this?"

"I was kidnapped at the tender age of fifteen, so it was about three, almost four years ago." I stood up, and glanced at Sara, I started to pace.

"Those Slave Houses are so wrong, kidnapping woman like that, treating them badly, separating sisters, and family only to be used as a sex object." Sara's face was down looking at the floor before she quietly spoke up,

"Some girls are better off that way, and I got the better end of being a slave since I have a breeding physic."

"Yes, you were lucky, but what about others, and your sister? She might not be as good off as you are."

"I'm sure she's a breeding slave as well, she's slightly smaller than me in height, but other than that she's a perfect breeding woman."

"Still." I insist. "It maybe almost everything you have known, but it's still not right. I'm sorry if I'm getting worked up, we have totally gone off subject. Do you want to marry me Sara?" She licked her lips, and looked up at me with hopeful eyes.


"Good, I have one thing though. We can each have a rule for the other, maybe a condition, or something like that, mine is I wish for you to never lie to me, ever." Sara stood up, and walked up to me, she cupped my face tenderly in her hands, and kissed me. I wrapped my arms tight around her, and savored her lips, the taste, and the utter softness. We pulled away, and Sara looked deep into my eyes.

"I will never lie to you Jayda, as long as that rule goes both way." I grinned teasingly, and nodded my head.

"Of course Sara, what is your rule?" Her eyebrows creased in thought.

"Your not gonna get rid of me after when, and if I give you a baby?" I pulled away, and looked at her hurt.

"No, why would I do that!?" Sara looked down, fighting tears.

"I'm sorry if I offended you, I just want to make my rule carefully, if you were gonna get rid of me, I'd ask to have custody of the baby. If your not gonna get rid of me, then I'd like us to try, and have a real relationship."

"Like going out on dates, and talking?" I asked, secretly happy she wanted to be really together.

"Yeah." I grinned, amazed that this woman in front of me was such a venerable, and strong woman at the same time, she had been through so much, yet she stays sane, and understands that what she went through was bad, but not everyone is like that. She gets that, and I know she does because she wants us to work, to try, and be together.

I could just imagine Sara being the mother to my children, she would be patient, sweet, and caring, so very understanding, and loving. Wondering vaguely if our first child would turn out to have her hair, and eyes, I pulled Sara to me again, and kissed her gently.

"I would like that Sara, I want to give you something first before we tell my Father." I let Sara go reluctantly, and walked up to my Mother's use to be jewelry chest, and opened it, lying on the floor of the box was her engagement ring. It had two emeralds on the sides, and a purple sapphire in between them. The band was made of gold silver, and was beautiful shining in the dim light of the room. I turned back to Sara, she gasped when she saw the ring between my finger, and thumb.

I grabbed Sara's delicate left hand, and slipped it over her ring finger, she pulled her hand closer to her face to look at the ring more intently, tears shown in her eyes, and she glanced at me with a loving look.

"Oh, Jay, it's beautiful. Thank you!" She threw herself into my arms, and I let out a breath, and hugged her back tightly. She had liked it, I had been slightly nervous.

"Your welcome little Sara." We pulled away again, and I caught something in Sara's eyes, it was subtle, but I saw it. Desire. It had been there as the moon had been last night. I knew I was going to have her tonight, one way or another but it was nice to know she wanted me without me having to touch her sexually at all. "I need to tell my Father." I walked away from her, and opened the door to my Father leaning across the hall on the wall, and smiling slightly.

A smug look. I rolled my eyes at him, but nodded.

"Good! Now, when do you want it done?" I turned to Sara, and raised my eyebrow.

"Sara, honey?" Sara blushed brightly, and squeaked out,

"Could we just get it done with? I don't want a big celebration as I don't have my family with me."

"Of course. Would you be all right with tonight?" I asked, then sighed at myself, I had meant to say a week, or two, but I want her to be mine, now. My Wife.

"Y-yes. If that's what you want." Sara had blushed even more so, and I laughed gently, before turning to my Father.

"Tonight then, could you send for the preacher?"

"Yes, Jayda, I will. Why don't you find Beth, and have her help Sara get ready?" I nodded, and looked back at Sara.

"I'm going to go find my step mom, and send her here with a dress, or two for you to try on from my sister Nina's closet. I'll be back when I get dressed." I walked back in pressed my lips to Sara again, and turned. Walking out of my room without another word.

Saralyn's POV

Licking my lips after Jayda had left the room, I turned away from the door, and pushed aside the curtains from the windows above Jayda's desk. Glancing out to see a beautiful garden, I smiled, gorgeous flowers of red roses, golden magnolia, and my favorite flower called a Sarasacartis, I was named after the flower because it grows everywhere on my home planet. It's a bright blue flower with a stem going up, and tiny bell shape petals drooping down, they almost looked like a blue lilac, but they had tiny thorns on the stems.

The brown heavy oak door pushed open, and in stepped an older woman with bright auburn red hair, blue eyes, dressed in a purple pantsuit, her fingers adorned with delicate rings, and on her wrists were thin sliver bracelets.

"Hi, Saralyn, I'm Beth, Jayda's Stepmom." She shut the door, and held her hand out to me, I smiled at her, my dimples deepened, taking her hand, I shook it.

"Hi, Beth, it's nice to meet you, and if you wouldn't mind, call me Sara." Beth smiled back at me, and nodded.

"Of course. Now follow me to find a dress for you."

* * *

Ten minutes later we had found a dress, it was a wedding dress from Nina's wedding a couple years back, well one of them, she decided on another one at the last minute so she didn't really wear it to her wedding.

It was white, it came down to my knee caps having a thick white silk body, a stretchy band to hold my breasts, and a short gauze thin cover which covered my arms, and stopped to button underneath my breasts in the middle, where the clasps of my bra was. Wearing white flats, I twirled in the mirror, and grinned, turning back to Beth.

"You look beautiful Sara." I wrapped my arms around myself, and squeezed.

"I feel beautiful. I do say though, this isn't how I imagined my wedding." Beth's eyebrow quirked up.

"Oh? And how did you imagine it?"

"Well, because I was taken as a slave I assumed that I'd be marry a mean, older, and rich man, someone who would just use my body for a baby, then then throw me away. I'd imagined that I'd be crying uncontrollably on my wedding day."

"How do you feel now?"

"Wonderful, your son is a Gods send." I pursed my lips, and brushed my hair from my face, Beth handed me a hair clip, and I pulled a brush through my hair, and clipped my bangs back. "Beth?"

"Yes, Sara, dear?" I clicked my tongue, and turned to face Beth face on, I smiled, and gave her a curious look.

"What's it like to have a baby?" I asked, frowning slightly at the turn of my thoughts. Beth smiled, her eyes dreamy like, before she snapped back into the present.

"Fulling. You are happy, and scared at the same time, it's also painful at the end, but worth it, it's full of love for the baby, and motherly protection." My eyebrows lifted, surprised slightly.

"Was it all that you thought it would be?"

"And more Sara, creating a baby is the most wonderful miracle that can happen on this Earth." I nodded, and clapped my hands together, my thoughts resolved.

"That settles it, I promise that I will give Jayda a baby as soon as I can." Beth's lips twitched.

"That's a good present, a baby that is. Why in the world why would you want to give a man you just met something so precious?

"Because Jayda deserves it." Beth paused a moment before smiling at me gently.

"Your already in love with him." Before I could say a thing to that Jayda entered the room, he took my breath away. He was so tall, black hair comb haphazardly, dark hazel eyes, and copper skin. Dressed in a black tux with a white tie, he smiled at me, making my heart trip inside my chest.

"How do I look?" He asked, giving me that boyish smile that made me want to rip his clothes off, and kiss him everywhere.

"Debonair Bonds." Jayda's laugh rang through the room before the door opened once more, and in stepped Max, and a man dressed in a priest's cloak, purple colored meaning forever love. He stepped in more, holding a renewed bible. One which was made so anyone could marry, and everyone was loved. It was a newer religion, but still had the same basic Christianity, and Catholic beliefs. It was called Nebonare, it came from one of the Alien planets, who had believed in Nebonare since the beginning of their race.

The bible was a hard cover, with the world 'Bible' written in big, gold letter across the front. The priest was short, and stubby, but I could not depict the rest of his features for his face was hidden beneath the hood of the cloak.

"Should we get started then?" The priest asked, Jayda, and I both nodded, then he stepped beside me to take my hand, he squeezed it reassuringly, and smiled at me, I smiled back.

The ceremony went by without a hitch; besides us getting married. I giggled at my little joke in my head, Jayda gave me a curious look, I waved it aside, and mouthed "Private joke with myself." Jayda mouthed back, "Ah, I see." He wrapped his arms around my waist, and tugged me flush to him to press a kiss to my lips to seal the marriage. Holding out a marriage certificate, we signed it with our named, mine Saralyn Jae-Nel, and Jayda Knight.

"I now pronounce you Jayda, and Saralyn Knight, I bid you a happy, long, and love filled marriage." He bowed his head to us, and slipped out of the room a moment later, leaving all of us in a happy silence, well at lest mine was a happy one. Max clapped his hands, and laid his hand on both of our shoulders.

"Now you two, time for our wedding gift."

* * *

We had been ushered into a small car, packed with Jayda's bag, and other needs. The Knight's followed us in the other car, both of them driven by chauffeurs. We finally arrived at some beautiful house in the suburbs, painted white with light blue shutters, the house was two stories high, with a white fence along the green, and a garage next to the house, separately. In front of the garage was the driveway that we had pulled into.

I climbed out of the car, and dragged my glance around the neighborhood, little kids running around with chalk, and hulu hoops, teens throwing water balloons at each other, and the adults cooking out on their grills. I turned back to the house, and felt tears gather in my eyes, the Knights stepped up to us, smiling.

"Well, do you like it?" Beth asked, seeming anxious.

"I love it! Is it ours? Jayda, and I's?" When she nodded, I laughed, and threw myself at Jayda. "Jayda, we have a house. Isn't it cute?" He nodded.

"So you love it?" I nodded, and Jayda hugged me back, tightly.

"Then I love it too." I let go of Jayda, and started to tug him towards the door of the fence, once I opened that we walked on the cobble stone walkway, and to the door made of oak frame, and the rest glass window. Beth handed me the keys, and I handed Jayda a copy, pushing it into the lock, I opened the door, and it swung in.

I started to step in, but I was dragged back before completely walking over the threshold. "Um, excuse me Sara Knight, but the Husband has to carry his bride over the threshold." I giggled, and wrapped my arms around his neck, Jayda picked me up by putting his arms under my legs, and lifted up, he carried me gently through the door.

"My Jayda, where did you ever get these strong muscles?" I asked, flirting with him, his hazel eyes flashed, and his lips pulled into a dimpled smile. He set me down, and replied with,

"The gym, my dear." I kissed the cleft of his chin, and turned to see in front of me. There was a pair of stairs, to the right a dinning room with no furniture, and to the left the living room, also empty.

"We thought we'd only buy a bed, a refrigerator, a washer, and a dryer that way you two can decorate the way you want." Max said, facing back to them, he was holding onto Beth's hand, tightly.

"Thanks you so much." I pulled in Jayda more, and walked passed the fireplace in the living room. In the kitchen was a silver fridge, granite counter tops, a steal sink, and a black stone, in the middle of the kitchen was an island like bar with the same type of granite tops. There was in the back of the kitchen window double doors out to the patio, and to the right was another door, leading to a room.

Pushing the door open, I found a small laundry room, with a single bed on the left against the wall, a pull out ironing board at the end of the bed in the wall, and the washer, and dryer on the far back wall. There was a door, and I peeked in, to find the dinner room, closing it, I left the room by the door I entered in.

Walking passed Jay, gesturing to him with my hand to follow I went through the living room, and up the stairs. I turned to the right, and saw the first door, I entered it to see it was the master bedroom. It was furnished with a King size bed, made with white sheets, a blue comforter trimmed with gold, and white pillows with gold trim as well, a dresser with a mirror attached to it, one other normal dresser, and a master bathroom. It had a shower, toilet, sink, and a built in hot tub in the back corner of the bathroom in front of big bay windows covered with white curtains. The toilet behind the door, the sink in front of the door, and shower next to the toilet. The floor had white tile speckled with black decorative specks.

I whirled my body around only to bump into Jay.

"My parents left to give us privacy. Theres four other bedroom, and two more bathroom one in a room, and a guest bathroom." He took a breath, and gave me a glint in his hazel eyes. "The tour is now over Sara."


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